The Rich Are the Enemy (Always and Forever)

“Behind every great fortune is a great theft.”

-Honore de Balzac.

Well of course. The greatest French caffeine addict of all time was onto something.

Marx hinted at the same. If you read Marx carefully, it’s apparent that every bill in your billfold has a history drenched in blood. Blood, theft, mass murder, conquest, genocide, slavery. But no! The rich earned every penny. Earned it with whips, bullets, swords and mass graves, sure.

I keep getting fascists trying to recruit me to fascism. I guess they don’t understand the meaning of the word socialist. Socialism is all about democracy, if not politically, then at least economically, or a movement towards a more egalitarian distribution of income. Fascism at its best is pro-elite and pro-aristocracy. Fascism can never be democratic either economically or politically, though the jury is still out on the Third Positionists.

And why would I support Third Positionism? Third Positionism is racist socialism at best. It’s socialism for Whites. Fuck that. I’m a liberal for Chrissake. We don’t do racist hate, socialist or otherwise. Take it somewhere else!

The rich will always and forever be the enemies of the socialists.

Socialists who make alliance with the rich, the class enemy, have left the fold.

The Socialist International is full of these fake socialists nowadays. This fake bourgeois socialism, the socialism of APRA in Peru, Frelimo in Mozambique and the outrage called New Labor in the UK, is the “socialism” of Obama. In other words, Obama’s socialism is not even socialism at all. It’s not even liberalism. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s an attempt at pro-corporate liberalism, which is a joke on its face, as it’s impossible.

This is Obamanomics in a nutshell:

Obama: Hey! I have a plan!

Liberals: What is it, oh Godhead?

Obama: Look! Let’s get the rich and the corporations to work with us to redistribute income and create a more just society! I talk to them all the time! I can get them to go along with my plan! I promise.

Smart liberals: WTF.

Dumb liberals: Show us the way, master!

Look Obama, you dipshit, if your goal is progress (progressive politics), you don’t enlist your class enemies in the project. Hint: They aren’t on board for the ride.

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11 thoughts on “The Rich Are the Enemy (Always and Forever)”

  1. Egalitarianism, democracy, anarchy–basically “flat” systems of rule require a low variance in abilities. That’s why socialism tends to work in ethnically homogeneous places but not elsewhere.

    When you have large variance in abilities due mainly to genetics, you get hierarchical systems with a similarly large variance in power, money, etc.. American liberals are fools because they’ve let in the wide diversity of immigrants that will cement the US being a stratified society.

      1. How the FUCK is he “correct”?
        He just basically stated that different races are “genetically inferior or superior due to their race”.
        How are you a LIBERAL??

  2. Is it really a wrong to be wealthy? What if you generate a large income by doing something you believe in? By following your dreams? I see nothing wrong with that. Nobody gets hurt, except through their own envy. Also, as for the rich born rich, they’re no worse than the poor born poor, who have no choice but to live according to their class. If we can’t be blamed for having inborn traits, and can’t be blamed for being born into the class that moulds us, that should include the rich. Not meant to be an apologetic for evil rich people, but just a reminder that they’re people too and need to be forgiven as much as anyone else.

    1. He’s a young guy in his 20’s with little or no money AFAICT.

      His refusal to identify with his class or fight for it is quite typical of young White American college grads. They aren’t rich now, but they will or may be in the future, so they adopt the class politics of their future idealized selves.

  3. I guess by rich, you mean the people who control the money supply and have the power to create wealth through their influence and financial capital.

    Because I think that people like Bill Cosby, Eminem, and other affluent/wealthy people who grew up dirt poor but made it big are not necessarily the enemy. They didn’t have to kill anyone or cheat anyone in order to make it.

    (though who knows? Perhaps Eminem smoked someone back in the day! ;-))

    1. Depends on their politics. Most of those arts, movie, music crowd folks just got rich by people loving their work and patronizing their TV shows or their music CD’s and shows. That’s hardly exploitation. Anyway, their politics is usually progressive, and that’s all that matters. The problem is with the rich who vote their class interests and who run political campaigns promoting their class interests and harming workers, consumers, society at large, the environment and the bottom 80% of the population.

  4. Look Obama, you dipshit, if your goal is progress (progressive politics), you don’t enlist your class enemies in the project. Hint: They aren’t on board for the ride.


    But unfortunately, Obama, like those before him, is controlled by special interests and the money men.

  5. check out the song Cocaine Socialism by Pulp for a neat take on Blair’s Labour Party.

    man that guy is looking worse everyday.

  6. According to the Finnish social scientist who wrote the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, as a rule, the higher the average IQ, the more equal the income distribution. Ethnic homogeneity may be less important than average IQ.
    If the average IQ is low, then there are a lot of low-IQ people who may have a harder time defending their interests. JS

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