Some Classic Lies the Rich Use to Justify Their Unearned Wealth

A commenter who comes from a wealthy background lists some of the nonsense that elites peddle to try to justify their typically undeserved riches:

High IQ is not always proportional to high income and success.

For instance many graduates from state universities who majored in business or those who have practical degrees from trade schools are earning as much or more than an ivy league graduate in liberal arts or fine arts.

Blacks and lesser educated whites are just more likely to spend it on materialistic things. Inner city blacks often drive fancy cars, wear designer shoes, and have the latest gadgets. They prefer to remain in the ghetto or their old neighborhoods.

These are classic lies used by the upper classes to justify their typically unearned wealth.

“IQ and wealth are not correlated.”

LOL, pull yourself by your bootstraps, eh? Horatio Alger did it, why not?

The relationship between IQ and wealth is .73. That’s as good as gold in social science. You can nearly take a correlation like that to the bank and cash it in.

Education and wealth are not correlated, or why bother going to college?

The relationship between wealth and educational level is also quite good, no matter how many dipshit, sour grapes, older businessmen who never went to college and hate education try to brainwash you otherwise. The relationship is only getting worse. When my cousin got into IT, you didn’t even need a degree. All you had to be is a good coder. Now they won’t even talk to you without an BA in Computer Science. Many entry level decent jobs nowadays are requiring a BA in anything.

“The reason the poor are poor is because they blow all their $. We are rich because we saved and did not blow our $. If the poor saved like we do, they too would be rich.”

LOL. Only an idiot would believe something as dumb as this. Do the rich think we are morons? Do the rich themselves actually believe this BS? If they do, then I’m either disappointed, or the human capacity for self-delusion is an amazing thing. Anyway, it’s not true. The poor are poor not because they spent all their riches, but because they never got any in the first place. They are poor because they made less money. The rich are rich because they made more money. Think about it.

“Niggers live in ghettos because they feel like home sweet home.”

LOL, OK, there is a certain amount of truth to this, but not a tremendous amount.

Poor people in general do not “prefer” to live in shitty neighborhoods. A lot of folks are living there because that’s the only thing they can afford. Think about it.

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7 thoughts on “Some Classic Lies the Rich Use to Justify Their Unearned Wealth”

  1. Well high IQ is strongly associated with low time preference/high delay of gratification, so that would argue against the theory that the rich don’t save their money and the poor do. That’s an overgeneralization of course, but it’s easily confirmed empirically that the rich do tend to save more and the poor tend to save less. Have you never walked into a 711 and seen poor people blowing their whole paycheck on lotto tickets, cigarettes and booze? Like I said, it’s an overgeneralization, but for the most part the wealthy do save more than the poor.

  2. The rich have exported so many “well paying” working class jobs that all is left is fast food, and nobody can live on it.

    But then the rich will say “Oh the poor are pussies, they should get off their ass and work harder, or the poor have a low IQ so that’s how God designed things, or the poor are foolish and blow all their money on dope and booze, either by choice, or cause they have a low IQ and can’t help it.”

  3. There’s a difference between financial IQ, street smarts, and intellectual IQ. Some people might be good at dealing with money, while others with a high IQ might be good at music, history, science, literature etc…

    1. Since the world runs on money, there’s a good chance those who are smart with money, will have a lot, while incredibly smart painters (starving artists) will have nothing.

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