The New York Lies, the Nation’s Liespaper of Record, Bashes Chavez with the Crime Stick Again

This article is a crock of lies. Just the US capitalist dogs, lying like they always do. This time they have the Venezuelan capitalist worms as a backup chorus.

First of all, crime is pretty much the same as pre-Chavez. Only homicide has gone up. And there are several nations in the Americas, all strong allies of the US, that have homicide rates as high as Venezuela’s. Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala…

Caribbean? Africa? Let’s not go there.

There is tons of crime in Latin America, and tons of homicide. Been that way forever, or at least for my lifetime.

What has increased under Chavez is not crime overall, but homicide. No one knows why, but the drug trade is usually suggested as the major culprit. Due to regional conditions, the drug trade has expanded into Venezuela a great deal under Chavez.

Nations with wild crime statistics are almost always Washington allies. Hence, Simon Romero and his rag, the New York Lies, never discuss that. I’ve never heard the US press blame a high crime rate on an existing government in my life.

Until Hugo Chavez showed up.

Chavez has the misfortune of being a leftwinger in a nation that is undergoing a crime wave, so the US media has decided, for the first time ever, to blame a government for crime.

The New York Lies bashes the government for not closing the gap between the rich and the poor. Yet the NYL is dedicated towards an agenda around the world to expand the rich-poor gap. Any nation that tries to reduce it gets pounded incessantly by the rats at the Lies. Chavez has made this the raison d etre of his government since he got in. This is the whole reason for the Lies‘ propaganda war against him.

The article mentions that Venezuela is experiencing an economic downturn in the past couple of years. It’s true, after years of explosive growth under Chavez. Last time I checked, the economies of most of the world were underwater, right? All because of the NY Lies’ buddies on Wall Street, who blew up the world economy. Ever hear the NY Lies blame any other country for the local effects of the downturn? Course not. It’s not their fault. But when the global Depression hits Venezuela, it’s all Chavez’ fault.

The article mentions inflation in Venezuela, said to be the highest in the region. Venezuela has had high inflation for decades. It was actually much higher when the opposition was in office. It’s dropped quite a bit under Chavez.

All of the opposition clowns quoted in the piece are well-known opposition losers and jokers. Nearly every thing they say is dishonest on some level.

Contrary to the piece, Venezuela has had a horrendous crime rate for decades, as far back as anyone can remember. The rich don’t even care about crime, and they never did in the past, because almost all of the crime and homicide is in the horrible slums that Chavez is trying to get rid of.

Chavez did not cause the murder rate to go up, and out of control crime rates are not so easy to solve. Ask governments in parts of the world where crime has been terrible for decades whether it’s their fault and what they can do about it. It’s not their fault, and no one knows how to fix it.

Really, it’s just the poor massacring each other, so the rich don’t even care. This is just another club to beat Chavez with.

Chavez has been trying to deal with the problem. He’s hired a lot more cops, and he is retraining a lot of the police force. He also boosted their wages significantly.

One major problem is that the police and the criminals are all too often the same folks. So no one trust the cops, and the cops commit tons of crime themselves. In part, this is why crimes are not solved. People don’t cooperate with the cops.

Oh, and about that figure: 90% of homicides are not solved. Terrible, huh? No wait. Let’s go next door to Colombia. It’s 98% there! But the New York Lies won’t tell us this, because the Colombian fascist regime is best buddies with the US state and editorial board of the Lies.

The opposition has no plan, repeat no plan, to deal with crime. Crime was insane and out of control the whole time the opposition was in office, and they were never able to get a handle on it.

The main agenda of the opposition is to stop closing the gap between the rich and poor and to start widening it again, zero out all the social spending, and start reshifting income from the bottom to the top again, the way it was in Venezuela from 1823-1989. Impoverish the working people to enrich the wealthy. Declare war on labor (the working people). Great agenda. Ought to do wonders for that crime rate.


It’s also a lie that Chavez has not reduced the rich-poor gap. He’s done a better job of it than nearly anyone else in Latin America. The poverty rate was near 80% when he got in. Now it’s 23%. Solidarity!

What will the opposition liars scum do about the rich-poor gap they bash Chavez with? Nothing. No wait, a lot. They will make it much worse. The NY Lies forgot to tell you that.

I will add that the government’s attempts at censorship are lamentable though.

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14 thoughts on “The New York Lies, the Nation’s Liespaper of Record, Bashes Chavez with the Crime Stick Again”

    1. The article makes no sense. Socialism causes crime! That’s why Venezuela’s murder rate is skyrocketing.

      And why is Cuba’s rate the lowest? Socialism causes crime, right?

      The article may make some valid points. If cops were reduced to opposition states, this was wrong.

      It’s not true that the government is not trying to do anything about it, but what can you do?

      Anyway, the middle and upper class areas are safe last time I checked. This is all due to the drug trade. There’s mass homicides due to the drug trade. Sound familiar?

      1. Yes. But what can you do about it in the short run besides crack down hard on criminals? A full scale societal change takes a generation.

        I’m really puzzled. There’s so much information out there. I don’t know what’s best for the third world. I don’t even know what’s best for us.

  1. Why do you believe lies/stories in the mass media about Russia and China especially with Russia seeing how he went against the Oligarchs who are blood brothers to the elites in Washington, London and Tel Aviv and sank there stolen money in western media to attack Putin and the Rothschild media Empire who owns large percentage of the media here in Britain through his Guardian media group who Putin dissolved his main asset in Russia YUKOS oil company and arrested his front man Khoderkovsky when before the Iraq war he was about to outsource and sign over contract agreements to Chevron Texaco in the US out of Russian control essentially outsource the main base of Russia’s economy.

    1. I am glad that Putin went after Khodorovsky. Yes he is in with the Rothschilds, the Richard Perles and other Jewish fat cat scum. He shifted his stolen money to his Jewish punk buddy Rothschild, and the rest of it to more of his ethnic rats in Israel.

      Richard Perle used his post he obtained after infiltrating the US government as an Israeli agent to threaten Russia with the US military for going after Khodorovsky the Jew. Apparently Perle thought the US state was a fully owned subsidiary of International Jewry.

      Perle and his punk buddies also went after Bobby Fischer and had him arrested in Japan on trumped up charges for being an enemy of the Jews. Some Jews are real scumbags. Looking at the antics of Khodorovsky, Perle and the Rothschilds would make any sane person flirt with anti-Semitism.

      Power Jews are real rats!

      1. During the 90’s the entire country was controlled by Jews most dual Israeli citizens just like after the predominantly Jewish Bolshevik revolution who engineered the Soros lead shock therapy worst is there treason were they conspired with Islamic jihadists and separatist in Chechnya as the USSR was falling apart to annex the whole Caucasus region and genocide the ethnic Russian population which they achieved in Chechnya so they could have a vassal state who would control the Caspian oil Basin under US control which the Britain, France Turkey the US and Saudi Arabia set up criminal networks in Russia to Chechnya and training, false passports, etc.

        And there not just some Jewish indivisuals they are linked to powerful international Jewish organisations.

        There was a Russian documentary about its only in Russian.

        It was averted by the “fascist” Putin who was able to fight of the forces of a 50 nation, billion dollar international mercenary movement.

  2. I take it you also believe the lies which have now been debunked about Yugoslavia and the Serbs and probably support the theft of Kosovo from the Serbs?

    1. Yes I do support the truths about the Serbs, of course. The Serbian state has been fascist since 1991 or so. Of course I support self-determination of Kosovo as a Leftist principle. Real nations have a right to self-determination, including secession, in some cases. Kosovo is one such case.

      To force these nations to remain in a state they don’t want to is clearly fascist thinking. As you can see, most of the world is run by fascist-like state in that regard. A good principled Left anti-fascist position supports national liberation and even secession in some cases. Repression of minorities and their forced assimilation is a fascist principle that must be opposed.

      You’re either pro-fascist and opposed to national liberation or you’re anti-fascist and you support the liberation of nations. Which will it be?

      1. Completely clueless.

        You obviously don’t know the truth about Serbia.

        You can read all of Milosevic’s speeches at Andy Wilcox site none of which were nationalist unlike Tudgeman and his Ustashi government and Alija Izetbegovic who wanted to create an Islamic state in Bosnia working with and giving a base to Bin Ladin and international terrorism the result of which is every single terror attack in Europe and the US since 9/11.

        The Serbs were not trying to keep the state alive they were trying to keep safety and territory of Serb regions under Croat and Bosnia control and the separatists and terrorist were supported by US, NATO and Muslim countries.

        The Serbs were fighting US and western trained terrorist like the KLA (who the US even listed as a terrorist group in 98 involved in drug smuggling and everything else) and the jihadists in Bosnia as counter terrorism operations who were attacking Yugoslav police units and civilian population.

        And Kosovo is and always was Serbian due to mass illegal mimmigration, terrorism and ethnic cleansing and under US lead pressure it was declared an independent state.

        Would you support part of US breaking off and choosing to join Mexico if they wanted by the large Mexican populations in the South?

        1. The Latinos of the US South do not qualify as a nation deserving of liberation. Anyway, they just want revanchism and irredentism. Kosovo was 90% Albanian. Had been for a very, very, very long time. It was only 10% Serb. The Serbs were repressing the Albanians in the most horrible way. As Kosovo had been majority Albanian for a very long time, it was a nation deserving liberation.

          The Latinos in the SW are mostly recent immigrants. They don’t qualify as a nation deserving liberation at all. It’s only Mexican revanchism and irredentism that wants to reclaim lands lost in a war. We don’t support revanchism and irridentism. Revanchism and irredentism are not national liberation. They are fascist. One nation is trying to reclaim lands it lost, usually in a war. We can’t allow nations to go on fighting wars to reclaim lost lands. There would be wars breaking out all over the globe.

          In the US, the only nations deserving national liberation would be the Native Americans or the Hawaiians and there are not enough of them. In the rest of the Americas, there are no nations who deserve national liberation.

        2. @Robert Lindsay

          Pure hypocrisy.

          Separatist and terrorist supported by the US OK but separatist who are not is not.

          US is oppressing Mexican they are only in the US as slave labour because the US destroyed their country in the 70’s by deliberately collapsing there economy so they wouldn’t have children as birth control and control the drug cartels in the country.

          And least that used to be Mexican territory seized by the US after the Mexican war.

          “Kosovo was 90% Albanian. Had been for a very, very, very long time. It was only 10% Serb. The Serbs were repressing the Albanians in the most horrible way. As Kosovo had been majority Albanian for a very long time, it was a nation deserving liberation.”
          No it hasn’t before WW1 it was 90% Serbian then gradually through different regimes their numbers reduced. It became 90% Albanian because of mass illegal immigration and KLA terrorist attacks on non-Albanian population during the 90’s who conducted an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Serb population about 100,00 – 200,000 with the minority left living in ghettos and daily attacks and pogroms by government linked militias.

          Kosovo itself has been the European capital and perhaps the world for organised crime, sex, drug and even organ trafficking where Albanian gangs dominate organised crime in Europe.
          Afghan drugs come through Kosovo distributed into Europe by Albanian gangs.

          Stories in the 80’s in western newspaper tell stories about Albanian s attacking Serbs.

          The KLA itself originated as a drug smuggling organised crime group supported initially by Germany then by US and NATO who were being trained in camps in the US and by British SAS in military camps in Turkey who were given one ton of weaponry by NATO in 98 violating a peace treaty.

          Terrorist camps today are still active and Islamic/Albanian terrorism and camps are spreading into Southern Serbia and Macedonia.

          The London bombers using connecting in Kosovo were able to get explosives from the Balkans which they smuggled into Britain.

          Serb repression has been totally debunked with only 2,000 KLA fighters killed against Serb anti-terrorist forces and civilians killed due to NATO bombing who were co-ordinating attacks with the KLA which also had private US mercenaries in its units.

          Maybe you should actually do some research like read the Hague trial reports and transcripts.

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