No Shit, Sherlock

Atkins diet kills you. People on the stupid Atkins Diet had a 14 percent increased risk of dying from heart disease and a 28 percent increased risk of dying from cancer.

I’m surprised it’s that low. Didn’t that dipshit Atkins himself die of a massive heart attack? That should have been a warning.

I have known so many tards, all middle class Whites, on this dumbass diet. All women, all stupid.

The study has good news for the non-stupid. High-protein diets are no big deal. Just don’t get them from animals. Get them from plants instead. High-protein plant diets conferred a 20 percent lower death rate and a 23 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease.

Before the moron Atkins died and assisted humanity in doing so, tragically, he formed a corporation to disseminate his deadly dufus notions. Atkins Pharmaceuticals is incorporated and makes a mint every year selling poisonous nutrition advice to stupid Whites.

There is a method to their madness. A high-fat diet like these fools recommend is going to fill your stomach for the whole day. That’s how it makes you lose weight! You’re too full to eat anything else! Doh!

“Carbs” don’t make you fat, dummies.

There are tribes in Venezuela and the Solomon Islands who eat almost nothing but carbs. All carbs, all the time.

Their obesity rate is this:

Their high blood pressure rate is this:

Secret? They eat almost no salt and very little fat.

Obesity is caused by:

  1. Salt.
  2. Fat.
  3. Stuffing your fat pie all day.

Lots of animals eat nothing but those evil “carbs”: Bighorns, deer, elk, rabbits, goats, need I go on? Are any of them hobbling porkers, last time you checked? Of course not.

I’ve seen deer and bighorns in the wild. They never stop eating those evil carbs. There’s not much in a “carb,” so you have to eat them all day to keep being mobile.

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11 thoughts on “No Shit, Sherlock”

  1. The Solomon Islanders were very well known for feasing exclusively on human flesh – there being very little other ‘meat’ on their islands, save for rats – until the practice was stamped out surprisingly recently.Perhaps it still goes on surreptitiously.
    White man was called ‘long-pig’.
    Perhaps a human-flesh only diet is the secret.

  2. I would only consider doing Atkins if I wanted to lose weight in a hurry, and then only temporarily. The best diet for weight loss is the all raw diet, again only as a temporary measure. I know several people who go all raw for a month or so a few times a year, and not only are none of them anything close to overweight, they all look about half their real age. The medical establishment may not recognize it, but my eyes and ears tell me there’s something to this.

  3. Obesity comes from sugar and carbohydrates with a glycemic index that approaches sugar. These are the things that obese cultures eat a lot of more of. They don’t eat much more fat. It’s that sugary coca cola habit that’ll makes you a porker, not that French cheese.

    Even this article itself (which is on a junk study) says

    “People are just over-carbing,” she added. “Cereal bowls look like bowls for a casserole. People eat granola bars all day. They get into carbs without even realizing it. Because heart disease is so prevalent, anything we can do to lower the risk, the mortality” is important.”

    You can be thin on a proportionally carb heavy diet, you just can’t have much sugar or much food overall. See Japan. This might be more sustainable for the world. But whether people who are less repressed (or put nicely conscientious) than the Japanese will be able to achieve it is something I’m skeptical of.

    At the very least, an unlimited plant fat based diet equals or trumps a calorie restricted carbohydrate based one in terms of health. Every study that has been done on a proper basis shows this. Whether this generalises to meat is a tricky thing, but for obesity vegetable fats at least are better than carbs, so blanket condemnations of fat are just wrong.

  4. It’s pretty well documented that a diet rich on refined carbs causes an increase in fat mass and diabetes. To cut down on whitebread, sugar, soda and starchy stuff like potatoes is never a stupid thing to do. Atkins went overboard the other way.

    Anyway, many people have different ancestry. East Asians do better on carbs than, say, black Africans or Europeans. Lapps can digest meat better; the Irish react badly to alcohol, Jews and Italians better. There are many differences. Isolated tribes may tell something, but not everything. Amerindians get fat on starchy agicultural foods quickly; they’d better watch their intake.

    I’d also think people should think better about certain foods. Soybeans, for example, have certain toxins, like lectins, that work as deterrent from them being eating by wild predators. This is pretty much standard evolution; plants that get eaten constantly have less chance of survival than plants that have a defense mechanism. That’s why some plants are toxic for humans. Soybeans can cause chronic disease-like complaints in humans.

    There are many other types of foods that may not be wise to eat by people or, at least, make people think about how much they take in of it.

    1. This is absurd. Potatoes are just fine as long as you don’t fry them in oil.

      Blacks and Europeans have been living off carbs and not a whole lot else forever. Never gave anyone diabetes. Incas live off potatoes and they don’t get fat.

  5. “East Asians do better on carbs than, say, black Africans or Europeans.”

    This isn’t true. Europeans probably do better on carbs than East Asians. East Asians did ok on their traditional diets with rice as the sole/main starch. Their diabetes rates are skyrocketing with the introduction of Western foods such as bread, potatoes, etc., despite remaining pretty thin.

    1. You’re right. I meant rice. They do a bit better on rice. Nobody does good on refined carbs, like sugar and whitebread — but, let’s not forget, rice has a very high glycemic index.

      The Japanese also have quite a high stroke risk.

      1. The strokes are from all the sodium. It gives them high blood pressure. Their diabetes rate is extremely low, but lately it is going up with a Western diet. They’ve been eating white rice forever. How come all that white rice never gave them diabetes, low carb guys?

        1. “The strokes are from all the sodium. It gives them high blood pressure.”

          That’s one possible explanation. Not all scientists believe this. High blood pressure could very well be caused by other factors as well. Nobody’s arguing for more salt, btw.

          “Their diabetes rate is extremely low, but lately it is going up with a Western diet.”

          True. I believe there to be a relation too, but what aspects of the Western diet causes the rise is an open question.

    2. Potatoes don’t give you diabetes unless you deep fat fry them as a french fry, or fry them in fat. Did the Irish and the Incas used to get diabetes? You low carb guys missed the Clue Train. 🙁

      Bread doesn’t give you diabetes either, unless it’s white bread, which is just about sugar. Whole grain bread is good for you, that’s what humans have been eating forever, and no one ever got any diabetes from it.

      1. Humans have not been eating grains forever. That’s simply not true. We’ve been eating grains since agriculture appeared on the horizon, ~10000 years ago.

        ‘You low-carb guys’ is exactly the wrong way to look at it. Why do you even assume I am pro-low carb? I love stuff like bread, pasta, cookies and potatoes. I eat tons of fruits and veggies everyday. That said, there have been plenty of studies that confirmed weight gain and diabetes, because of too high intake of refined carbs and starchy foods. It’s not a pro- or anti-low carb PoV, it’s just a fact.

        The Incas and the Irish have been introduced to refined carbs at different later times in their history, Italians much sooner. Therefore, one would expect Italians to react a little bit better to it, than the Irish (say, alcoholism rates) and the descendants of the Incas (obesity, diabetes) today.

        Thing is, nutrition science is hugely complex; many people say wildly contradictory things. I’m open to as many views as there are, for the simple reason that I like to stay healthy; that’s all I care about. Anyone’s free to estimate whether they prosper on their current diet or if they might do better.

        “Whole grain bread is good for you, that’s what humans have been eating forever, and no one ever got any diabetes from it.”

        It’s impossible to proof this, but if you can, I’d go public, you’d win a Nobel.

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