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Pretty amazing find. Joran van der Sloot made a video of his coffee shop in Thailand and posted it to Youtube!

He went to Thailand and opened up his own coffee shop very quickly. You can see him at 2:43 in the video, surrounded by friends, holding a drink, wearing a baseball cap backwards, with a white shirt and green shorts. He made a bunch of good friends very quickly after landing in Thailand. Typical of a psychopath. They can make many friends very quickly anywhere they go. Their friends often like them very much and hang around with them due to the confidence and charm of the psychopath and the fringe benefits hanging around him gets you.

He bought the coffee shop with money he made trafficking Thai girls. Students hung out there, and he used the coffee shop to recruit new girls to prostitution.

In Thailand, he apparently enrolled at Rangsit University as a cover, then set up a company called DD Consulting, a fake modeling agency apparently designed to recruit underage Thai women into prostitution. By day, he played the role of a student, complete with a student visa, but it was all fake. At night, he prowled the bars with his business cards finding girls to prostitute. He even had business cards printed up with his company on them.

He then apparently trafficked them to the Netherlands on fake promises of being strippers in the best clubs in the Netherlands. He told the girls they would get $15,000/month once they were in the Netherlands. They never saw a dime. Once there, they were trafficked as sex slaves. He received a $13,000 finder’s fee for each one. In Thailand, he went by a fake name, Murphy Jenkins. So the man is also a sex trafficker.


Here is a video of him trying to trick two Thai women into prostitution. He has two Dutch male accomplices with him.

Two of the Thai women that he trafficked have vanished, and no one knows where they are. They may be dead.

Thai police are investigating him in relation to the two disappeared Thai girls and have requested access to him in the Peruvian prison where he now resides.

Dutch police investigated him for sex trafficking, but dropped the investigation due to lack of evidence. This is typical of a true psychopath, almost worming away from the law. They are very good at covering their tracks and can often lie their way out of trouble. They pay off people, change their story so much that even the cops can’t think straight anymore, do whatever it takes. Then they dash to other parts of the globe, get a fake name and vanish again.

He spent most of 2009 flitting around the globe playing in poker tournaments. He won $12,000 at a tournament in Macau. He met a young woman in the casino and invited her back up to his room, where he assaulted her. Sound familiar? She is now cooperating with Macau police, and the Macau cops are working with their colleagues in Peru.

Here is Joran van der Sloot’s Youtube page! Amazing. Criminals have their own Youtube pages. Too much, man. There are plenty of comments on the page, including some from beautiful young women telling him how much they like or love him. These charismatic psychopaths often have hoards of female followers, and they can get women anywhere they go. If you go to Ted Bundy videos on Youtube, you will see many comments by young women saying that they love him or that they would have sex with him if he were alive. One said she would do him, but only if she had a weapon with her.

Is Joran van der Sloot a psychopath or a sociopath? He is clearly a psychopath, not a sociopath. His psychopathy is a result either of being born that way or a combination of that and something in his early environment.

Let’s look at his Youtube page for clues about his psychopathy:

If I would have to describe myself as an animal it would be a snake however I want to be a lion and one day I will be a lion.

Of course. A snake, then a lion. Psychopath. Sure he’s a snake. All psychopaths are. Sure he wants to be a lion and rule the roost. All psychopaths do.

Favorite TV shows are crime shows. Of course. Favorite music? Gangsta rap. Sure. If you read the short intro, you will see that there is a certain slickness, phoniness, and lack of depth to his prose. This is a characteristic of the psychopath. They literally make it up as they go along, and they are about as “deep” as any other wild animal.

In the Peruvian case, it looks like he slipped her a date rape drug, GHB. An empty packet of the drug was found in her car. Then he probably led her up to his room and tried to assault her. She was just coming out as a lesbian, and she probably did not want to do it, so he probably got furious and killed her. He may have also killed her for her money, since she won a lot gambling that night. The story about her finding stories about him on his computer and locking him out of his room are probably just more in the endless series of Joran lies.

I figure with Natalie Holloway, it was the same MO. Met her at a casino, got her drunk and slipped her a date rape drug. On the beach, she may well have gone into seizures from the GHB combined with the alcohol. Then she died on the beach. He freaked out because he caused her death by slipping her the GHB when she was drunk, so he disposed of the body at sea with the help of his buddies. She’s sleeping with the fishes and will never be found. The ocean is a damn fucking good place to dump a body! Can hardly think of a better one. Large lakes like the Great Lakes are pretty good too.

He didn’t exactly murder Natalie, but he’s responsible for her death by slipping her the dangerous GHB which killed her.

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6 thoughts on “More on Joran van der Sloot”

  1. It’s nice to see the proliferation of so many smart looking new WTJ! (What the Jew!) sites. Back in the day, there was only a few and was one of the most entertaining because it wasn’t hosted by Israel Shamir, Brother Nathaniel or Gilad Atzmon, The Three Amigos of Anti-Zionism. is a Jello shot of 80 proof Goyfire
    often misinformed, but always full of fun pix of Jews harvesting organs, collapsing economies, robbing pension funds, pushing drugs, celebrating perversity, and raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. One of the things “Skunk” got right there was the Jortan Van der Sloot cover-up on Aruba. It was an extensive expose´of sun bleached perfidy that no other hate site had put together yet. Unfortunately, he can’t always be counted on for such perspicasity, but don’t let that deter you from dropping by to see what sort of anti-Semitic hijinx ol’ “Skunk” is up to this week:

  2. “what the jew sites” – LOL…

    Agreed about judicial’s hit and miss record.. but I miss the regular posts from him – someone pay that guy!

    Birdman Bryant’s was my first stop every morning, always lots of interest from philosophy, science, “what the Jew”, and his weekly letters were highly amusing.

    What are your favorites lately?

    There aren’t any that can be counted on to be commenting on the latest Zio psyop featuring “Islamic radicals”.

    Zionistgoldreport on wordpress is pretty good for covering nearly everything, but he needs a research staff. Someone pay that guy!

  3. @anracore

    I miss Birdman Bryant and Podblanc. Many censored WTJ! You Tube videos were archived at Podblanc for repeated viewings. What joy! It was too good to be true and couldn’t last with Craig Cobb getting deported from Estonia, Sweden and now Canada, I guess. Somebody marry that guy!

    My current fave WTJ! sites are:

    1. Tanstaafl’s (aka “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”) Age of Treason.

    2. Brian Alkira’s What Do You Believe?

    3. INGOC MAN’s “Sick of the BS”

    4. Dreadnaught and Tuk Tuk

    No. 4 is kinda mysterious and cliquey. Insider what, though? I don’t know… NWO Asian colonization? Jane’s Information Group fighting ships? Machinations of the Sanhedrin? You tell me.

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