Joran van der Sloot is a Jewish Ritual Murderer

From one of the most flipped out anti-Semitic sites of them all, Subverted Nation. What idiots!

Jewish ritual murder is where the Jews go around murdering Christians, sometimes to steal their blood and make matsos. Whether Joran is a Jew or not, I doubt if that was his motive!

So is van der Sloot a Jew or what? Wikipedia says nothing about it, even on the Discussion page, but various websites say that van der Sloot surname is Dutch Jewish. But Dutch Jews are some of the most assimilated on Earth. I imagine a lot of them have been converting and marrying out for some time now.

Ever hear the name Hollander? That’s a Dutch Jewish name. Xaviera Hollander, slut author, whore and madam? Dutch Jew. Bobby Hollander, super-sleazy porn merchant from the 1980’s, now dead of emphysema? Dutch Jew.

Sorry about the examples, but I don’t mind porn people too much (I’ve consumed a ton of porn in my life), though of course they are generally slimeballs. You won’t last long in that business if you have any decency. The real slimers are the ones who run the show. The actors and actresses are in many cases not bad people, though in other cases they are. Whores don’t usually have hearts of gold, and female porn stars are golddiggers extraordinaire. The male stars often have sociopathic tendencies. Who else would do such a thing?

But there are healthy people in the industry. At bottom I feel that many of the stars, male and female, are more victims than anything else. Victims of the sleazy and shitty industry. Victims of life in general. They have a high suicide rate and apparently die about 20 years before the rest of us do due to all sorts of causes.

I’ve never known any female porn stars, though I dated a woman once who wanted me to get her into the industry. Former call girl. Figures. She was also a crack addict. I got pissed at her one night and left her in the Wilshire District many miles from her home with no way to get home. She was mad at me that I wouldn’t buy her any more crack for the night. I went off with some other Black chick instead. Her Mom called me at 3 AM demanding to know if I had murdered her daughter and left her in a ditch. She was Black and lived in South Central LA.

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2 thoughts on “Joran van der Sloot is a Jewish Ritual Murderer”

  1. Yep the guy is a moron, but entertaining… he’s still mad at me for pointing out that his article about J-ws getting better -Kosher- food and poisoning the rest of us was BS.

    Still no sign of who this jew anarchore is? Can’t show your face when you’re a JEW pretending to be “anti-zionist” and talking shit about everyone else. It’s been over a year now anarchore. Where is your photo? Surely you can post one just to prove you yourself are not a lying JEW shill, right? I kind of like the whole bit where you make up new accounts and post responses to yourself on here, that’s sort of funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

    LET US SEE YOUR FACE JEW…surely you have nothing to hide, right? You’re so legitimate, showing your face would only help you, wouldn’t it? People could finally say, “see, anarchore is not a jew” right? Have fun posting your BS from Tel Aviv anarchistwhore.

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