The Enemies of the Jews Lie Too

Sure, Jews lie like rugs, but so do their enemies! In fact, anti-Semites are in many ways like the mirror images of the Jews that they hate so much. Anti-Semites, like Jews, have gotten the lying thing down pat.

Anti-Semitism is a tough one. At base, many of the charges have a ring or bit of truth to them, but then the anti-Semites drag the charges out so ridiculously that most of the charges end up being baldfaced lies.

Jews poisoning wells? Lie. Jewish ritual murder? There were a few cases, but it’s not nearly the problem the anti-Semites say it was. Jewish religion? Mostly hyperbolic lies about the Synagogue of Satan. Protocols? Lies cooked up by the Czar.

Jews making matzo out of Christian children’s blood? Don’t think so. Jews controlling the banks? Not anymore. Nazi accusations against Jews? Mostly lies. The Jews stabbed us in the back? Don’t think so. Communism is a Jewish plot to take over Europe and the world? Nah. Capitalism is Jewish? Come on. Jews are behind feminism, gay rights, porn and promiscuity as plot to destroy White families? Give it up. Jews are behind the drug trade? Please. Jews manufactured the made-up story of the Holohoax, faking 6 million of their deaths in the greatest disappearing act since Houdini. You’re kidding.

Israel wants to conquer the Euphrates to the Nile? Not really. Neoconservatism, PC, and Critical Race Theory are all Jewish? Not anymore. Jews promoted civil rights to divide and conquer the Gentile Whites? Dubious. Jews ran the slave trade? Huh? Jews plot to destroy the White race? Get real. Jews are behind mass non-White immigration and illegal immigration? Get out. The USSR was a Jewish state? Tell us now. The Jews caused the financial collapse and are laughing all the way to the bank? Nope.

4,000 Jews stayed home from the World Trade Center that day? Yeah, that why 1

Jews say the Kol Nidre once a year, which enables them to lie for a whole year and get off scot free? Come off it. Jews are an organized crime gang? Well, not most of them anyway. Zionism was a European plot to divide the Muslim and Arab World and thereby control it? Dubious. Jews ladled the ruinous reparations on Germany at Versailles. Doubtful. Jews are genetically evil? Yeah, that’s why their street crime rate is so low. Jewish women are sluts and whores? Uh huh, that’s why they are the latest to lose their virginity in the US.

Jews are hideously ugly? Nah, a lot of the women are hot. Jews control the media? Not all of it. Jews run Hollywood? Same thing. Jews run Wall Street? Don’t think so, I bet there are more Greeks and Italians than Jews anymore.

What’s hilarious is that one of their biggest accusations against Jews is that they lie like rugs. Maybe so, but you anti-Semites don’t. Look in the mirror, Judeophobes.

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5 thoughts on “The Enemies of the Jews Lie Too”

  1. Neoconservatism, PC, and Critical Race Theory are all Jewish? Not anymore.

    What?! Absolutely these things are Jewish! Sure, non-Jews now buy into it to, but Jews created these things.

    Jews run Hollywood? Same thing.

    Please tell me you’re joking. Jews COMPLETELY run Hollywood. Even many mainstream Jews are open about that fact.

    Jews control the media? Not all of it.

    But most of it. And far more than 2% of the population ought to control.

    Do me a favor. Go to google and type in Joel Stein ‘Who Runs Hollywood?’

    Jews are behind mass non-White immigration and illegal immigration? Get out.

    Robert, Robert, Robert. Jews are absolutely gung ho in favor of mass non-white immigration. They were at the very beginning. This is well documented.

    Even today, organizations such as the ADL denounce Arizona and other anti-immigrants.

    (ironic considering the fact that they support the apartheid state of Israel)

    Jews promoted civil rights to divide and conquer the Gentile Whites?

    Well, Malcolm X hinted at that. They certainly didn’t promote civil rights out of any love for blacks.

    Jews plot to destroy the White race? Get real.

    Let’s see…Cultura Marxism, Critical Theory, promotion of mass non-white immigration, heavy promotion of interracial marriage (for others, not themselves), the primary purveyor of the white bashing media and film industry.

    I’m sorry Robert, but philo-Semites really have a poor case.

  2. Robert, I honestly don’t see how someone like you, who claims to be a white advocate, can have a ton of love for the Jews.

    Sure, not saying you have to hate them. Even I don’t hate them (though I sure as hell get pissed at them).

    But seriously, if you’re upset about all the CRT and “whites are evil” and “western culture is inherently racist and pathological” BS, Jews had much to do with that.

  3. I mean, Robert, when talking about Jews a while back (and these are YOUR WORDS, not mine), you said (or at least said something to that effect): “Jews are like Armenians in many ways. They’re white, and yet they absolutely hate whites!”

    Robert, your views on Jews are interesting. At one point, you’re heavily critical of them. At another, you become a Guy White style philo-Semite.

    Your views on the Jewish Question are certainly worthy of a question mark.

  4. Anyway, I want to relax for the rest of the night. Discussing the Jewish Question can get me worked up at times.

    Good night, and see ya tomorrow! You can discuss the Jewish Question without me. 😉

    (Too bad FPY isn’t here)

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