Stupid Site

PUA Hate.

The site is all chicks, run by chicks, and nothing but hate for the Game and PUA community.

There’s nothing wrong with showing how these PUA/Game guys might be wrong, but it’s definitely the case that some guys do better than others when it comes to women. It makes sense to try to figure out what these guys are doing right and tell the guys who are not doing well what they are doing wrong.

These dumb cunts’ attitude is that PUA and Game is wrong, it’s lies, crap, nonsense and ripoff. What are guys supposed to do instead to get women? Let’s ask the cunts on this site:

Not rely on any of this stuff. Use common sense. “Be confident.” “Be yourself.”

All the usual crap advice females give to guys to get women that never works.

There are guys posting there who were involved in the community, and they post their stories. The bitches rip all over them, calling them tools, losers, chumps, dorks, guys no woman would ever want, on and on.

The bitches rant on and on that most of of the guys at PUA seminars have Aspergers’. I doubt if that’s true, but what if it was? Aspies are born that way, and there’s not much cure for it. What’s these cunts’ argument? That Aspies are all loser tools and deserve to be celibate for the rest of their lives?

I am trying to understand why these bitches are so furious at PUA and Game stuff. A lot of guys, for whatever reason, don’t have any women in their lives. They aren’t getting any. They’re lonely. A lot of guys are socially retarded. It follows that these guys could use some advice. Is all PUA/Game advice crap? That’s really dubious.

I’m still trying to figure out what these lame cunts’ problem is. Someone help me out.

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9 thoughts on “Stupid Site”

  1. “I’m still trying to figure out what these lame cunts’ problem is. Someone help me out.”

    Same reason they want to cut access to foreign wives. They don’t want men to be able to exclude themselves from living under feminist ideology. They think the price of male sexuality should be supporting a woman in the style she wants.

  2. What FrankBD said, and also they don’t like the idea that their ways of determining who is an alpha can be gamed to a degree. From an evolutionary standpoint, it’s frightening that they might be “fooled” into accepting a lower quality of seed. They’re essentially saying “fuck you guys and your inferior genetic material.” Trying too hard is a turnoff, and from their point of view game is trying too hard.

    Of course that’s mostly bullshit, but women don’t really understand what it’s like to be a man a lot of the time. So those attitudes aren’t going anywhere. Ironically, this strong preference for “authentic” hypergamy will leave many of them with sons who don’t fare well with women.

    1. “women don’t really understand what it’s like to be a man a lot of the time”

      amen brother.

      most cunts are so far up their own cunts. i wonder what kind of thoughts go through their heads when they give birth to a son?

      i think they get freaked out when they get a glimpse into the male psyche without their fucked-up hormonal sexual spin.

  3. “I’m still trying to figure out what these lame cunts’ problem is. Someone help me out.”

    If one would use the same standards for both sexes, of course, one would be riddled by the double standards. Just look at the banners on any women’s magazine; “10 ways to change your man!”, “how to get what you want … and have him pay for it!”, “is he okay, nice, funny, dependable, likable, but not ‘the one’, just leave him — right now!” On and on.

    But the sexes are different. Women like alpha men, men with status. They don’t want beta men. Beta men who find ways around their unvoluntary celibacy can expect scorn. Why would feminists otherwise rail against stuff like porn? It would only hurt men who can’t find sex anywhere if it was forbidden. Game is similar, it offers betas deceptive methods to pose as alphas in the mating game; men working around the imposed system.

    Cheaters and polygamists can expect to have plenty of new sex partners in the future, but guys who work in IT and stutter when they talk to a woman? To hell with them. Game offers these guys a way around their sterile ordeal; it won’t work for all, but for some it will. Women can’t seem to stand this loss of control, can’t do a damn thing about it.

    OTOH, we must also acknowledge that game is a way of deception. Many men will use it to deceive honest women into sex, by deceiving them, working on their weak spots. It’s not a nice thing to do — just imagine it happening to your daughter or sister. If a guy would use game solely to improve his chances with a women he really liked, but otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance with, because she’d never give him a minute time to talk to her, I don’t have a problem with the guy finding different means like game. Women could always dismiss the guy if he’d turn out to be a jerk, or not their type anyway, later on

  4. IMHO as a woman who believes babies need two parents and babies need to be with their moms most hours of most days, traditional marriage, where Dad earns the living (Betadom) so babies can be with their moms, is utterly necessary for happy, healthy kids to grow up to be productive non-thugs.

    MY disdain for the PUA ideology is due to the cynical view it engenders in young men that all women are sluts;
    the nihilism, the low birthrate, and the spread of STDs it fosters; and my sympathy for the children accidentally conceived from the hookups, who get to grow up without a daddy — or a mommy, either, since she’s working all the time to earn a living.

    — Because what man in his right mind would risk committing to the sleazy, degenerate, untrustworthy slattern into whom he just deposited 3 oz. of semen?

    No, guys. Stop fishing for trout in a herring barrel.
    Find a nice girl and get married.

    But where to find such a mythical creature, “a nice girl”?

    Look about you. Look for the middle-aged ladies — your landlady, your mom’s best friend, the checker in the supermarket. Because YOU may not know where the pretty, good girls are, but SHE does.

    And she’s lived long enough not to be impressed by “alpha” (AKA “jerks”) antics and doesn’t want that sh** played on the young ladies she loves. She knows Betas make great husbands.

    So be nice to that crone. Do her a favor, pay her a compliment. Because if SHE likes you, she might host a dinner for you and her niece. Middle-aged ladies LOVE to play matchmaker. They live for this stuff.

    And the best part is, Aunt Sally will do the marketing of you to her niece Ann FOR you. And since young women CARE about what other women think, Miss Ann will be predisposed to like you — a lot. All YOU have to do is show up with a clean shirt on.

  5. my middle aged friend set me up with my gorgeous man and i couldnt imagine life without him. I was embarrassed at first because he is a bit older than me (eh), but he is so good and treats me like a princess. My family love him and so do my friends. If he hadnt been a good guy to my female friend, it never would have happened and who knows where Id be now. 🙂

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