Queers Recruit

A straight female commenter notes that she’s scared of lesbians:

Nah I’m somewhat fearful of lesbians. Ive had bad experiences of lesbians trying to pursue me when I was in Amherst/Northampton MA, the lesbian capital of the world.

I’m terrified of queers. They won’t leave me alone. It really sucks. They do all kinds of weird shit to me. Try to brainwash me into thinking I’m gay. Fire me from jobs for not fucking them. It never ends.

I’ve actually had them run this number on me like this: “Bob! Admit it! You’re gay! You can’t get a woman. This straight thing is all a big act, a big lie. You’re a sad case, a closet case.”

Is that fucked up or what? I was 23 years old and single when they were doing that to me. That’s a Hell of a thing to say to a young single guy.

They did the exact same number on one of my friends too. I guess it’s one of the typical scams they run on straight guys.

You know something? Queers recruit! Or I should say, faggots recruit! It’s true. It’s not an anti-gay lie. Really pisses me off too. Aren’t there enough clearly gay guys out there to where they can leave the rest of us alone?


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18 thoughts on “Queers Recruit”

  1. I think part of that comes down to the time and place, because the majority of my gay friends/acquaintances haven’t been like that.

    1. Well this was back around the 1970’s-1980’s.

      Friendships are impossible with these guys. They never stop trying to fuck me. Even bisexual guys. I tell them I’m straight, and it never stops them. They just keep on trying. You either have to end the friendship or kill them. A few times I felt like killing them, honestly.

      Gay men are way healthier than most seriously bisexual guys. Most of the bi guys I’ve known were kind of fucked in the head, and they’re almost all head-fucked about their bisexuality – generally they are in denial about it. One guy was a neighbor, and he kept trying to fuck me. I ended the friendship rather violently. The cops got called and everything. I took a baseball bat and put a fuckin hole in his front door! Leave me alone, faggot!

      Well, that put a stop to that. Then I told people he was bi. He was furious! He was NOT bisexual! He was going to kick my ass for saying that. A lot of those guys are like that. They fuck guys, but if you point it out, they get furious and threaten to kick your ass.

      And a LOT of them are married too, and even have kids. Really weird. I just met another one the other day. I was flattered that a beautiful 28 year old human wanted to fuck me, but it was the wrong damned gender!

      I see why guys do it though. Sex with guys is so easy. Easy as filling up your gas tank.

      Getting sex from women is such a hassle a lot of the time.

      1. Yeah, probably. I’ve known the two gay friends I have for a long time – one of them for about 13 years before he came out of the closet – so that’s part of it. Ones I don’t know as well seem to be more prone to the behavior you’re talking about. Especially the “bi” ones who always talk in unnecessary detail about how much pussy they get.

        One time I had to move furniture for some drunk gay guy in a job I had, and that was really annoying. He kept telling me I should be a model, trying to touch my ass, etc. It was fine in the end and he gave me a big tip. If he had been a little more pushy, though…

  2. Hey there, people, I’m Bobby Brown
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  3. If you’re a straight woman in Northampton, or a straight student at Smith its as if you’re invading their territory if you refuse to play with their agenda so straight women just dont go to Smith anymore. Its a pity though because Smith the only school other than Carnegie Mellon to offer a major in Logic. While gay men are friendly lesbians are angry and will harass women who refuse to sleep with them.

    1. Yeah just like that asshole did to me. Fired me for not fucking him. It’s worse if you’re a guy. Supposedly, if queers are always after you, it must be because you seem gay. Supposedly, if you’re a truly macho hardass 100% MAN, they will recognize your eminent straightness and leave you alone. It’s totally embarrassing to get sexually harassed by a queer. Men don’t sympathize. Some women did though. They know all about sexual harassment.

  4. They never stop trying to fuck me. Even bisexual guys.


    I’m sorry, but that shit is just funny. All I know is that if some fruitcake or bi tried that with me, I’d shove something else up his ass, and it wouldn’t be a dick!

    1. I sure hope you’re not calling ME gay, and are instead poking fun at the Bay Area as a whole.

      (Because if you want to play the name game, be careful what you wish for)

      I’ve seen homo couples holding hands and effeminate guys. But fag sex. Nope.

  5. Nah Im not calling you gay. I call myself Gay State Girl and Im somewhat homophobic. There’s actually not that much homosexual life in Massachusetts. Just in Northampton in Western MA, where I lived, Provincetown, an art colony on Cape Cod and the South End of Boston and Jamaica Plain another area that a lot of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are moving into and they are very homophobic so you have a weird clash of cultures. There’s also used to be a place in Martha’s Vineyard that used to be called Gay Head Cliffs. Now its called Aquinnah.

  6. I’m starting to get annoyed, too. I used to be pretty pro-gay, even though I’m totally not gay, but now old gays keep talking to me and I talk back, being friendly as I am, but then I just get trapped in conversations with gays (who are usually pretty smart and alright to talk to) and can’t talk to girls. Gays recruit and they usually want me. I’ve avoided them permanently, but unfortunately not all my family has. Annoyingly, where I am at the moment, girls tend to think I’m gay. Why? because I’m not a beef head jock and if you’re not like that in Nevada, apparently you seem gay. So everyone thinks I’m gay when I go out. Annoying. The pro-gay movement has made it hard to be even the slightest bit androgynous, not totally over the top masculine, without appearing gay.

  7. Banned.

    Back when I was younger, I could not count the number of males chasing after me. Of course there were always lots of females too, so that was comforting. I’m a lot older now, and looks fade.

    Also, I work very hard.

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