Hey Idiots

There are lots of idiots who read this site. I understand that millions of idiots who would otherwise vote Democrat are going to vote Republican this year due to the bad economy. This implies that these fuckheads think that the Republicans have a plan to fix the economy when the Democrats don’t.

A few things.

The economy is bad all over the world. Is it the fault of every country on Earth in a Depression that their government caused it or won’t  get them out of it? Elaborate.

For you who are going to vote rightwing, produce some evidence that the neoliberal, rightwing countries in the world have less of a Depression or are climbing out of it sooner. Produce evidence that the leftwing countries in the world had a worse Depression or are mired in it longer.

Please demonstrate how Obama either caused this Depression or how his policies deepened it or are keeping us from climbing out of it.

Since you idiots are going to vote Republican to fix the economy that the Dems can’t fix, demonstrate how Republican proposals, as opposed to Democratic ones, are going to lift us out of this Depression.

Specifically, please show how Republican proposals to roll back health care and financial reform, to gut government spending to cut the deficit, to end or limit unemployment benefits and food stamps, to dramatically increase the foreclosure rate by refusing help under the water homeowners, to cut corporate taxes and taxes on rich people, to institute anti-labor policies, to gut social spending, to promote the offshoring of jobs, to refuse to prosecute businesses for hiring illegals, to allow the banks to run wild again, to promote class war and transfer of wealth from the lower, working and middle classes up to the upper middle and upper classes and corporations, to gut environmental regulations, to loosen regulations on business, etc. are going to fix the economy.


By the way, good luck!


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11 thoughts on “Hey Idiots”

  1. Do the idiots tend to be lurkers as opposed to commenters?

    Any Republican commenters here that you’re thinking of in particular?

    (I guess Robert Taylor is one)

    1. Robert Taylor is so far to the right of the Republicans I wouldn’t really call him one, although he might vote Republican out of pragmatism.

  2. Our current economic problems are the result of eight decades of refusal by politicians to make budget decisions. As long as both parties could compromise on spending by agreeing to tax people too young to vote (i.e. run deficits), there was insufficient incentive to say “no” to active voters. As long as politicians could claim that The Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the War on Poverty, and now the War on Terror were temporary conditions that future generations would not have to fight, they could justify assessing them taxes to pay for current needs.

    Unfortunately, educated Americans stopped having babies and illegal immigrants don’t earn to enough to pay the legacy costs of government obligations. Nothing will change as long as the Baby Boom generation has to power to vote for inter-generational transfers and Southerners can justify their military-welfare complex as patriotism.

  3. of course…roberto is right.

    What can be said? When challenged to do something other than throw food, they can’t cook.

    Unfortunately, this will not wise ’em up.

    I’m convinced many repubs and those who vote vote repub do so out of an emotional motive rather than an intellectual one.

  4. I can’t understand why anybody would think Republicans are a reasonable alternative at the moment. They offer nothing substantive.

    On the other hand, I see no compelling reason to be a partisan Democrat. If it’s true that they need to cater to the elite in order to win elections, why bother voting for them?

    I’d only vote for either major party at this point if it meant keeping even worse candidates(Tea Partiers, for instance) out of office.

      1. I voted for Obama, but even at the time I didn’t think he’d be liberal enough. He wrote off the progressive wing of the Democratic Party from day one.

        So while I agree that Democrats are marginally better in a number of areas, the difference just isn’t big enough for me. We’re headed off a cliff as a nation. We need someone who will turn the steering wheel rather then just ease off on the gas pedal and we won’t get that person from the Republicans or Democrats. Not right now, anyway.

        In some ways I think it might be beneficial for the Republican ideology to be completely discredited while Republicans are in office. I’d argue that the Bush years did this, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Populist anger is generally right-wing and misdirected, despite all that’s happened. Obama and the Democrats are taking the blame for Bush’s mistakes in many cases, and I don’t see how that benefits anyone.

        When you add to that the fact that Obama is essentially a Reaganite, and the Democrats aren’t willing to put up a good fight for almost anything I value as a progressive, it’s very hard not to be apathetic. They have continually negotiated from a position of weakness and they didn’t necessarily need to.

    1. nobody I can’t understand why anybody would think Republicans are a reasonable alternative at the moment.

      it’a a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

  5. nobody They have continually negotiated from a position of weakness and they didn’t necessarily need to.

    This was parially so they or obama won’t look like dictators.

    When you add to that the fact that Obama is essentially a Reaganite
    you said the R-word!

    So you think Obama would do what Reagan did with the air traffic controllers?

    Wasn’t Regan against government aid for college students? Didn’t he argue that a college education is a personal expense that families should be willing to shoulder.

    Obama is the opposite, he wants to increase funding?(a bad idea)

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