Gay and Bi Men Versus Straight Men: A Neverlasting Peace

A straight commenter notes that queers are pissing him off too. Well, of course they are. Friendship’s not really possible with these guys, except in rare cases.

I’m starting to get annoyed, too. I used to be pretty pro-gay, even though I’m totally not gay, but now old gays keep talking to me and I talk back, being friendly as I am, but then I just get trapped in conversations with gays (who are usually pretty smart and alright to talk to) and can’t talk to girls. Gays recruit, and they usually want me. I’ve avoided them permanently, but unfortunately not all my family has. Annoyingly, where I am at the moment, girls tend to think I’m gay. Why? because I’m not a beef head jock and if you’re not like that in Nevada, apparently you seem gay. So everyone thinks I’m gay when I go out. Annoying. The pro-gay movement has made it hard to be even the slightest bit androgynous, not totally over the top masculine, without appearing gay.

I would not talk to old gays at all. I’ve had very few positive experiences with those guys as a young man. They always tried to hit on me. There’s no way around it.

The only way to deal with them is to adopt this very harsh mental set that says, “I know you’re gay, but I’m straight, and if you try anything, I will so kick your ass!” I used to be a punker who wore leather and studs all the time, and all the gays and bis were afraid of me. If you terrify them a little bit, they won’t make a move on you. They seem to read the mental language and will have this very coolish conversation with you with no gay flirtation.

I’m actually glad people think you’re gay! People have been saying this about me since I was 15 years old. Of course I’m not, but it’s annoying. I compensate by acting very macho, tough and hardass, but for some insane reason, they still keep calling me gay! WTF. They say I look gay, walk gay and even talk gay. You’ve heard my interviews. WTF, I talk like a fag?

Thing with me is, like the commenter, I’m just not a macho beefhead type guy. Plus as a young man I was very goodlooking (Not anymore.) Any goodlooking guy who is not a macho beefhead jock is automatically a faggot.

The women where you at are retarded. Have their parents mated with the livestock or something? What’s the source of the retardation then?

Females ought to be able to tell if you’re gay or not, unless they are retarded. Unfortunately, many women are retarded. Queers don’t look at chicks, I mean never ever ever. I mean, they look at them, but not like we do, ok? They treat them like they are part of the walls or the floor. So non-retarded chicks can always tell if a guy is non-queer, if he checks out chicks.

That’s why chicks always think I’m “bi.” Which I consider to be an insult.

Guys, being seriously retarded, will think you’re queer, because they totally don’t get it.

Actually the queers and bi men are very easy to spot.

1. Queers do not check out chicks. They act like they are part of building, like they are not even there. If a guy checks out chicks, he’s not gay. Period. Exclamation point.

2. Queers and bis will almost always, 10

Now and again, a straight guy will give off a vibe like that, but that’s just some weird rare queer sexuality leaking out of a straight guy. Also, sometimes you get queer vibes off a straight guy, but he seems really uncomfortable with it. This is just queer vibes leaking off some straight guy that bugs and bothers him. He doesn’t want to do it. It’s just weird shit leaking out of his sex-brain.

Truth is, if you are a very goodlooking young man, lots of people will be attracted to you. Lots of females, and lots of males. Not all the males will be gay at all. Very handsome guys are so gorgeous that they are attractive to a wide range of people of both sexes.

A lot of straight guys will react to a very goodlooking straight guy by being attracted to him, denying that attraction, projecting it off on the hot guy, deciding the hot guy is a “fag” (more projection) then feeling rage and wanting to “kick the fag’s ass.”

I know this is Freudian, but I’m so sure it’s true.

This is the source of a lot of homophobic assaults: unacknowledged and infuriating attraction to a very goodlooking young man.

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10 thoughts on “Gay and Bi Men Versus Straight Men: A Neverlasting Peace”

  1. Guys used to be alright complementing each other like chicks do. But that was before there was a large amount of homosexuality. Now the slightest acknowledgement that a guy—even your friend—is good looking, means you’re gay. Fortunately, I’m alright with telling my friends they’re good looking guys and usually they’ll tell me I am too. But then we go out and hit on chicks together and everything is cool. Everyone thinks Shakespeare just had to be gay because he talks about his friend’s good looks in the sonnets, but they don’t realize how normal that was back then.

  2. It’s really weird because a few of those chicks were smart-looking Asian chicks whom I doubt were mated with livestock. Maybe it was my longish hair or something.

  3. “They say I look gay, walk gay and even talk gay.”

    Eh, “they” are just the progenitors of the idocrats.

    Dr. Lexus: Don’t wanna sound like a dick or nothin’, but it says on your chart that you’re fucked up. Ah, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded. What I’d do, is just like… ha ha… like… aha… you know, like, you know what I mean, like… haha…
    Dr. Lexus: Don’t worry scrote! There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.

  4. yeah I get taken for gay or bi more often than I would like.

    For me it’s the combination of being good looking, socially conservative and anti-libertine, yet irreligious. People can’t seem to believe that a guy turns down attractive girls throwing themselves at him for principled yet non religious reasons– he “must” secretly be gay.

  5. Once I was asked if I was gay for using hand motions while I talked. It actually makes me afraid to act in certain ways because I really dont want to be called gay.

  6. niggers are the reason white guys are assumed to be gay. i am so sick of niggers fucking up my shit. tonight i was fantasizing about walking around just fucking shooting them. it pisses me off so much man. a bunch of loud-talking, no-tipping, criminal fucks who get all the pussy they can handle because they were born tall and dark. fuck niggers.

  7. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Your insight is amazing and you are truly a worldly wise person.

  8. “Queers do not check out chicks. ”
    Though they will sometimes check out chicks’ outfits, which could be confusing.

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