Foolish Dancer Creamed by Ice Cream Truck


Gangster-looking Black guy (not sure if he’s an actual gangster, but he’s dressed like one) gets out of his blasting rap music, then starts dancing to the rap backwards into heavy traffic on a busy street. Ice cream truck driver sees him and plays nature’s role by culling the weak, sick, stupid and insane by hitting him with the ice cream truck. Guy goes flying about 25 feet to the side of the road.


I do hope he’s ok though. He’s just an idiot; not evil.

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4 thoughts on “Foolish Dancer Creamed by Ice Cream Truck”

  1. What a dumb thing to do. I wonder if the ice cream truck driver pulled over to see if he was alright?

    Actually I’m 95% sure this guy isn’t a gangster. I think he and the guy recording are gay and possibly lovers if not good friends.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree with Tulio. That guy isn’t really scaring me with his supposed “gangsta” look.

      He’s dressed more like he’s going to a pick-up basketball game.

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