Evil, Satanic Jews Are Sexual Degenerates

So say the White nationalists and anti-Semites at Occidental Observer. Actually, as a libertine, this is a very good reason to like Jews, although the high rate of sex trafficking in Israel is downright sickening. I’ve heard that the authorities don’t do much about it either. This article puts to rest one anti-Semitic lie: the Jews don’t traffic or pimp out their own women. They only traffic and pimp out nice Gentile girls. Not true, they’ve been sex trafficking and pimping their own women since time immemorial.

Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora’s box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany. We see it gathering pace in America today. We see it above all in Israel, a society of fanatical settlers and rabid right-wing rabbis: a country surely doomed to implode from within, sooner or later, under the pressure of its own moral and military excesses.

Interesting comment, if it’s true. I keep telling you all that anti-Semitism is basically rightwing, and there’s not much there for the Left or liberals. Which is why we Lefties are not too anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is conservative to reactionary crap. There’s nothing here for us. This is one more example: Conservative (Christian/White) hatred of the Jew as destroyer of morals and purveyor of licentiousness and filth. Translated as destroyer of upstanding moral Christian societies. Now used somewhat to say corrupters of Muslim societies.

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45 thoughts on “Evil, Satanic Jews Are Sexual Degenerates”

  1. “I keep telling you all that anti-Semitism is basically rightwing, and there’s not much there for the Left or liberals. Which is why we Lefties are not too anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is conservative to reactionary crap. There’s nothing here for us.”

    That’s because you a philosemitic elitist masquerading as a Maoist.

    In his introduction to “Judonia Rising” Israel Shamir says:

    An American scholar, [Joachim] Martillo has some Polish background, and he reads German, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Polish as well as some Arabic. In his view, understanding the Israel Lobby can be based only on a thorough hard-nosed (“non exceptionalist”) analysis of Eastern European Jewish history. This is a heretical view, very close to ours.

    It is heretical, because the very far away border of permitted anti-Zionist discourse still remains short of discussion: whether Jews did similar things before Zionism, or do we have a temporary aberration connected with the State of Israel. The moment one integrates modern Jewish behavior with the pre-modern Jewish behavior, the moment one notices continuity of pre-Zionist and Zionist Jewish politics, the moment one leaves the safe ground of condemning occupation, one crosses into totally forbidden “anti-Semite” territory.

    … In his view, in order to understand Jews, it is not necessary to venture into days of Jesus Christ; history of Poland will do. He goes to the days of Rzeczpospolita, the Polish Commonwealth (from 1505 until 1795), then ethnic Ashkenazim constituted economic elite of the realm. They lost this status in the partitions of Poland. This is the destroyed Temple; in Martillo’s view, these are good old days the Jews miss. They want to be the elite as they were in the days of Rzeczpospolita. Jews did well after the collapse of the Polish Commonwealth, notes Martillo, but not the level as they would have liked.

    “Despite supposedly onerous Czarist oppression, Russian Jews had higher incomes, more
    education, and longer life spans than the non-Jewish populations among whom they lived. They were highly disaffected because of exclusion from the status and access to which they believed they were entitled, but they were not obviously more oppressed than the majority of the Czar’s subjects and less oppressed than others. Yuri Slezkine belies the myth of Jewish powerless during the lead-up to WW2 in The Jewish Century.”

    In the US, the Jews (or Ashkenazim, in Martillo’s terminology) resurrected their social structure and rebuilt it, like ants, who rebuild an anthill after being removed to a new ground. This structure is ostensibly “Israel advocacy” or “Israel Lobby” but actually advocating Israel’s cause (“Israel Lobby proper”) is a small part of its effort. He soberly states that a USA, whose dominant elite is Jewish, is not necessarily bending to the Israel Lobby proper when it pursues a pro-Israel foreign policy. The State of Israel may be a client state of America, but America is a client state of the American Jewish Zionist elite, which is probably in the process of establishing itself as the permanent national “meritocratic” elite.


    1. Martillo is a deluded schizophrenic. He claims to have graduated Harvard and owns a high tech company but I googled him and never saw any links to any high tech company just irrational rantings that he presumably makes up himself. Ive gone to Harvard lectures and seen him outside and the security guards won’t even let him in the building. He and his wife have a tendency to protest the most inane things, like vigils for Israeli victims of terror and stand outside jewish day schools in the morning harassing the students.

      1. Did he grad Harvard?

        Ive gone to Harvard lectures and seen him outside and the security guards won’t even let him in the building.


        I know Joachim, so I should not say too much here. Unfortunately, I agree with the tone of your post here. I think it’s all because they both converted to Islam. I think it made them both crazy.

        Joachim is a very good writer though, and an excellent scholar.

        1. Joachim and Karin really did protest that vigil, and my sister told me about he showed up to her school and tried to talk to the students.

          Also would you mind not mentioning my name to him. He knows me by sight and I dont want him to attack my family.

  2. Two New David Duke Videos –

    The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery

    Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

    Part II: The Media Cover Up



    Dr. Louis Epstein, author of Sex Laws and Customs in Judaism:

    “The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans.

    The master himself and his sons and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as well as for satisfaction of their extra-marital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to that luxury.”


  3. the high rate of sex trafficking in Israel is downright sickening

    As I understand it mostly it’s the Russian/former Soviet Jews who engage in the sex trafficking. Russian Jews are kind of the poster children for nearly every Anti-Semitic stereotype (although apparently those guys selling organs in New Jersey were Syrian Jews).

    Like Avigdor Lieberman, pig-disgusting ex-Soviet Jew from Moldova.

    1. Most of my mom’s family ended up in and around Germany by the time the war began, but I think they are originally from Poland (I may be wrong).

  4. Maybe somebody could do a post on this, but how exactly are black Ethiopian Jews and other non-Ashkenazi Jews treated in Israel?

    From what I hear, Ethiopian Jews are treated like shit.

    So much for “Judaism is just a religion” nonsense. At least for those of Ashkenazi stock, their Jewishness is a racial matter.

    1. Yeah, well I’m not a Christian, and I’m not religious.

      Okay, so your other point is taken. I then don’t see Israeli or American Jews as Jews. I see them as Ashkenazis. Their Jewishness is mainly a matter of Ashkenazi ethnic/racial identity.

      1. But again (read my comment at the bottom), a Buddhist, Christian, or Muslim person who doesn’t practice his religion isn’t seen as (insert religious identity), now is he?

        A Jew who’s an atheist, doesn’t attend synagogue, etc, on the other hand, is STILL a Jew! He doesn’t identify as an Ashkenazi.

        Again, why is that?

    2. Well then, just out of curiosity, why is it that non-religious, secular Jews who are either atheists of agnostics STILL identify themselves as Jews?

      They don’t call themselves Ashkenazis. So obviously, their Jewishness is a matter of racial identity.

  5. Bay Area Guy
    Its interesting that people only bring up the Mizrahim to talk about how their opressed by the priveleged Ashkenazim. I see that a lot on PC blogs. They never mention that SHAS is a Sephardic Party or the non Ashkenazi settler movement or that Moroccan and Iraqi jews dont want their children to attend school with Ethiopians because it would downgrade their status or that Syrian jews basically run Brooklyn and are extremely hostile to anyone who is not a Syrian jew.

    Here read this article about Syrian jews in Brooklyn.

    1. I guess there isn’t any Jewish unity on account of religion.

      This only reinforces my belief that Jews are more of a race than religion.

      I guess Sephardic Jews aren’t too nice either!

      1. Simple. Because an individual who is non-religious, doesn’t go to church, etc, doesn’t identify himself as a Christian.

        If he’s not religious, he’s not a Christian. Me, for instance. I was officially baptized, but I would never think to classify myself as a Christian.

        Secular and non-religious Jews, on the other hand, at least in this country, STILL identify themselves as Jews (Tim Wise for example), even though they’re not religiously Jewish. They don’t identify themselves as Ashkenazi. Now why is that?

      2. Ashke-NAZI jews explained

        Some 80 to 95 percent of all jews are ashke-NAZI. The ashke-NAZI elite is the jews that are card carring members of the ashke-NAZI run communist party in any country in the world.

        What 99 percent of the total ashke-NAZI jews have in common is that they are all communists and they hate any religion to the core, including any version of religious jewdism.

        The jew is a RACE, NOT a religion. Period


        “Being denied housing was my second experience of the intense racism that exists in Israel.

        “From the very beginning of my arrival in Israel, many slurs were yelled at me. We American Jews were merely being tolerated.

        “Because Israel, to survive, must depend on gifts of American Jews and the sale of worthless Israeli Bonds in America, there is jealousy among the elite Israeli Ashkenazi Jews toward American Jews, even if the American Jews are also Ashkenazi. Many times I was told, “Go Home!” and, “We want your money, but not you.”

        “However, there was a portion of the American Jews who were welcome and given favored treatment. They were the card-carrying communist Jews.

        “Of the 50.000 American Jews who, like myself, had migrated to Israel between 1967 and 1970 about 20% (10.000) of them were Marxist oriented with a great number of them actual card-carrying communists.

        “They were welcomed by the Israeli authorities and local Ashkenazi and were given favored treatment — housing, jobs and social life. It must be noted besides coming from the U.S., a great number of communist Jews were migrating to Israel from Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

        “Of the 50.000 who had migrated to Israel during that time, 80% of us eventually returned to the U.S. The 20% who remained were those who were card-carrying communist or sympathetic to Marxism.”

        The Life of an American Jew
        in Racist Marxist Israel

        Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein


        What the Jew Jack Bernstein tells us here is exactly how the Jew ran the Soviet state. The card-carrying Jews are the elite that controls the Palestinian state. Whatever the Jews are doing in Palestine the Jews did in Soviet. The Jews steal everything and kill all enemies of the Jews.

        How the Jews treat the Palestinian people is how the Jews treated the Russian people.

        The Jew run Soviet from 1917 to 1990 was a rock hard class society. On top and in control of the state apparatus were the diehard Commie Jews. Next comes the Jews that are not party members. Then comes the religious Jews. They are just tolerated. And that was the same in Soviet.

        Then came the non-Jew who was a Commie party member. And last down the ladder came the Russian-Palestinian people who refuse to join the Jew-run Commie party.

        This book is MANDATORY read.


  6. “Martillo is a deluded schizophrenic. He claims to have graduated Harvard and owns a high tech company but I googled him and never saw any links to any high tech company just irrational rantings that he presumably makes up himself.”

    Martillo lives in Cambridge. Maybe he audited an Alan Dershowitz or Samantha Powers class. His high tech company was in the Sudan, I think, at least outside the USA. And there’s nothing schizophrenic or made up about the information in Judonia Rising. Why don’t you read it and get back to us with something besides Jewey ad hominems. I left out Shamir’s introductory paragraph about he and Martillo agreeing that Zionism is the Ashkanazi global dominion delivery system.

    Hey, isn’t James Petras a Leftist? He’s not exactly thrilled, either, that there’s a precision placed Zionist at every choke point in American culture- politics, law, intelligence, finance, media, music, movies, sports, academia, and now even the military.

    “…As the major Zionist organizations and influentials have accumulated power and abused the exercise of power on behalf of an increasingly bloody racist state, which flaunts its dominance over US institutions, public opposition is growing. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign is gaining strength even in the US (see Harvard divestment in Israeli companies). US public support for Israel, by all measures, has dropped below 50%, while polls in Western Europe show a marked increase in hostility to Israel’s ultra-rightist regime. Anti-Zionist Jews are growing in influence especially among young Jews who are appalled by the Israeli slaughter in Gaza and assault on the humanitarian flotilla. Equally important is the presence of anti-Zionist Jews on panels and forums has given courage to many otherwise intimidated non-Jews who heretofore were fearful of being labeled “anti-Semitic”.

    Stuart Levey: Israel’s Foremost Operative in the US Government. Who is he? He is the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. Check out the photo of this lemur here: http://mycatbirdseat.com/2010/09/james-petras-the-state-and-local-bases-of-zionist-power-in-america/

    In 2007 Goldman Sachs C.E.O LLoyd Blankfein made 68.5 million dollars. Hedge fund manager John Paulson made nearly 4 billion. These Hebrew highbinders lunch every day at The Four Seasons in Manhattan. How difficult would it be for an enterprising Palestinian pâtissier to lace their sorbet with bacon bits?

    1. I like James Petras. Sure Jewish fascists (Zionists) act like shits. All fascists act like shits. I don’t think Zionism so much means that Jews are scum as it means that fascists are scum. They’re all the same. Seen one fascist, seen em all.

    2. No Martillo lives in Somerville once dubbed Slumerville. It was a pit until the ’80’s until it became gentrified but housing prices have gone down now and there are more abandoned buildings, prostitutes etc. I say Martillo is a dluded schizophrenic because he believes he graduated from Harvard and owns a high tech company and was a stock broker and all sorts of crazy shit. (My dad had a schizophrenic cousin who was under the delusion that he was Mick Jagger and he convinced a British Airways that he was a British citizen who needed to be flown back to Britain but thats OT) Im just telling about as I’ve seen him. He did all those things I mentioned and he is hardly what you’d think of as educated and articulate. He threatens anyone who refuses to listen to him he got into to a fist fight with someone my dad used to know.

      I think James Petras is wrong on a lot of things. Particularly the ttrend of assimilation of young jews and he underestimates the birthrate of the ultra orthodox.

      “In 2007 Goldman Sachs C.E.O LLoyd Blankfein made 68.5 million dollars. Hedge fund manager John Paulson made nearly 4 billion. These Hebrew highbinders lunch every day at The Four Seasons in Manhattan. How difficult would it be for an enterprising Palestinian pâtissier to lace their sorbet with bacon bits?”

      If thats the case-bring it on. Let him poison them for all I care. It would kill two birds with one stone. Kill off two Wall Street shysters and get another Arab behind bars. Torture him Waterboard, take humiliating photos you name it. Like that Pakistani British in Chicago doctor who deliberately neglected and old jewish man and left him to die. They deserve all the humiliation they can get.

      1. You mean Martillo:

        Never graduated Harvard?

        Does not own a high-tech company?

        Was never a stockbroker?

        Schizophrenia, even paranoid schizophrenia, which Martillo would have to have to function as well as he does, is quite clear. After 5 years of actual illness after the prodrome, it is chronic. Then the dx becomes chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

        This dx is so clear that I can often make it simply be looking at the person’s prose. Martillo’s prose does not show evidence of paranoid schizophrenia, therefore, he does not have schizophrenia.

        There may be other things wrong with him. Many folks are deluded. A recent survey found that 14% of Americans qualified for a DSM dx of having a delusion. Most of them did not meet criteria for any DSM dx. So many average folks walking around, driving, voting, etc. are actually psychotic in a sense: they are delusional.

        Martillo could have manic-depression. It’s a tough dx to make. He seems much too organized and productive for that. He really churns out the work. Bipolars will go through periods when they can’t accomplish much and their work will appear strange and scattery, if it shows up at all.

        1. Sorry I was just ranting delusional schizophrenia Im not really familiar with it.
          Lindsay do you have any evidence he’s done all those things? Or that he’s functioning and holding a job and not just sitting at his computer all day posting these irrational rantings. Most people in elite circles in Boston think he’s batshit crazy.

  7. LOL. Looks like Martillo lives in Mattapan aka Murdapan a heavily black neighborhood near Dorchester/Ashmont. So much for what a Harvard education can buy.

  8. Just for the record I dont support the internment or torture of Arab Americans I just have a tendency to rant. I’m bipolar as well. I get to engrossed in and agitated about what Im reading so I get carried away and neglect other important things and forget my dignity. I stayed away from the internet for a long time because it was healthier for me. But all the things I said about Martillo were true. Ok I’ll shut up now.

  9. Oh G-d, I recognise the signs GSG; that is so characteristic of me as well: I have bipolar tendencies too! A lot of bright people are….
    My General Practitioner recognises the mania/depression cycle, but hasn’t moved to a formal diagnosis. It makes TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES all the more the necessary: otherwise we may do or say things we later regret.
    There must be a Tao of bipolarity…read the Tao te Ching Olive, especially this edition:
    Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu, Jacob Needleman, Gia-Fu Feng, and Jane English (1991).

    It’s a beautiful edition of an extraordinary book: it’s the one I have in my collection. It’s a good thing you’ve changed your name: we don’t want to go saying things like you did about Norman Finkelstein; remember this forum is semi-public.
    In bipolarity appropriate boundaries tend to go… On the other hand, who knows about Norman? He might take a fancy to you, too….

    I read Martillo’s blog, but it gives me a very uncomfortable feeling….I can’t understand why…
    Maybe my INNER JEW dislikes the spotlight being shone so relentlessly on our political pathologies.
    Also anything that is even borderline anti-semitic (and I think Martillo is just the right side of the border) produces a visceral feeling of revulsion in me.

    1. Her name isn’t Olive, so no one is ever going to figure out who she is, Abiezer.

      About Joachim, yes, he’s a Jewish anti-Semite. Exactly. That does not mean that he’s always wrong, but he is wrong a good part of the time.

  10. Paul
    I dont put my real email so in the event that this site is hacked no one will find out. I was semi-joking about Norman Finkelstein.

  11. NAZI is yiddish for PRINCE. lf you are a prince you are the elite and that is what the jew wants, to be the elite. Simply because the elite is who controls the state.

    Sephard vs the ashke-NAZI jew is just jew gang wars.

    Bolshevik vs Menchvik vs Trotzky was just another jew gang wars. All masked under a stockpile of jewish bullshit called marxism.

    That is all there is to the jew fraud marxism, it’s a stockpile of jewish bullshit.

      1. 1873 Isaac Mayer Wise founds the Union of American Hebrew
        Congregations (now the Union of Reform Judaism)
        1881 Assassination of Czar Alexander II leads to increased violence
        against Jews, and new waves of immigration to the United States
        1882 “May Laws”: Jews expelled from villages, restricted to tiny towns
        in the Pale of Settlement
        1890s Gradual full emancipation of British Jews
        1893 Alfred Dreyfus (Jewish French military officer) charged with
        treason; trial covered by Theodor Herzl
        1896 Theodor Herzl writes The Jewish State
        1897 First World Zionist Congress
        1905 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion begin circulating in Russia
        1906 Height of Jewish immigration to the United States
        1913 Solomon Shechter founds the United Synagogue of America (now the
        United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)
        1914-1918 World War I; end of Ottoman Empire; partition of “middle
        east” (British receive Palestinian mandate)
        1917 Russian (Communist) Revolution; Balfour Declaration
        1925 Publication of Adolf Hitler’s My Struggle (Mein Kampf)

        1933 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
        1935 Nuremberg Laws begin to strip German Jews of civil rights
        1938 Kristallnacht
        1939-1945 World War II (United States enters war in 1941); Shoah
        1946 Nuremberg Trials of German war criminals
        1947 United Nations votes to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab
        states; discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Judean desert (outside of
        1948 Israel declares independence; immediately goes to war with
        surrounding Arab nations (armistice signed in 1949)
        1958 Elie Wiesel publishes Night (U.S. publication: 1960)
        1961 Trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem (executed in 1962)
        1967 Six-Days’ War
        1972 Reform movement ordains the first female rabbi
        (Reconstructionists ordain a woman rabbi in 1974; Conservatives in
        1973 Yom Kippur War
        1975 United Nations adopts resolution equating Zionism with racism and
        racial discrimination (rescinded in 1991)
        1978 Camp David Agreement between Israel and Egypt
        1983 Reform movement overturns principle of matrilineal descent
        1987 First Intifada (uprising) begins
        1991 First Gulf War
        1995 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated at peace rally
        2000 Arial Sharon (future Prime Minister of Israel) visits Haram al-
        Sharif (Temple Mount) in Jerusalem with armed police officers; new
        Intifada (uprising) begins in response
        2001 Islamic terrorists attack the U.S., crashing passenger airliners
        into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center (NYC)
        2003 Second Gulf War


        1. The jew is a GIGANTIC global crime network. That is what the jew really is. The “religon” part is just more stockpiled jewish bullshit to HIDE what the jew really are, the jew is the biggest mass murderer in histroy of man, the jew is the most criminal “people” in histroy of man.

          The “religion” jew bullshit is all about fooling dumbfucked non-jews to help the jew to get away with the jew’s crime.

  12. Evil, Satanic Jews Are Sexual Degenerates – well, there’d have to be something to be said for them. Comic books, show-tunes, ragtime guitar, and kinky – so far so good. Pity about the rest of it.

    Artist formerly known as Olive – can YOU go a week without talking about the jews?

    Well said Whodares. Me, I don’t know what to make of Martillo. Uneducated? No way – his knowledge of E.European jewish historiography is truly formidable. As to the rest of his claims, I don’t know – he claims to have invented something important, but I can’t remember what it was. His site can be a bit impenetrable, but there are some occasional really interesting pieces. It’s not clear to me who he thinks he’s addressing, or if he really cares if anyone’s listening. Mysterious much.

    Bipolar? You guys need a spell in the army to sort you out. Bunch of sissies!

    1. Lafayette
      I dont talk about jews a lot. I live in a small city in Vermont and work in Autism Advocacy. I am more concerned with this than I am with jewish related issues. What about you?

    2. To lafayette:

      Artist formerly known as Olive – can YOU go a week without talking about the jews?

      Olive is by no means alone, at least for the past few months, about half of the posters on Rob’s site can’t go a week without mentioning Jews. (including Rob…)

  13. “Bipolar? You guys need a spell in the army to sort you out. Bunch of sissies!”

    So you’re OLD leftist STALACTITE after all…see nothing, hear nothing and understand nothing…a tad like Alzheimer’s isn’t it? Left cecity, surdity and inpercipience. A great basis for the overthrow of moribund capitalism. No wonder you’ve become a reformist. Happens to all old Stals.

    You’re actually more interesting as anti-semite than as a leftist. Yeah, Martillo’s stuff is hard going.

  14. We’re watching a global crime syndicate that’s been on the ascendant since the end of WWII loot America and leave it a tottering husk propped up with Obama bromides. The same cabal that helped itself to Russian spoils when the Soviet Union was dismantled has gone to work on this country. Bernie Madeoff, the Levantine Hannibal Lecter of Liquidity, thank G-d he’s contained. We can rest easy now.

    All these machers are Ivy League educated and worshipped in gushing profile pieces in the Mort Zuckerman media. Who will save Africa? Why, Angolina Jolie and Bono will save it under the cosmic tutelage of IMF bodhisattva Jeffrey Sachs, the gifted prenatal Harvard freshman who was earning six figures before he was born.

    1. Looting Russia’s free market; as communism collapsed in the former Soviet Union, U.S. economic `reformers,’ led by a Harvard University clique, took free-market capitalism to a new low


    2. Testimony of Anne Williamson Before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the United States House of Representatives,
    September 21, 1999


    Wise up Robert! Here’s the Wiki entry for billionaire John Paulson. His name probably isn’t even Paulson because Jews change their names for the same reason bandits wear masks. The police should be profiling these yarmulke sporting piss possums. When will they leave us alone?!

    “…Paulson was born in Queens, New York, the son of Jacqueline and Alfred Paulson, a chief financial officer for Ruder Finn.[2][3] Paulson attended the Whitestone Hebrew Centre (a United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism school) in Queens. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance from New York University’s College of Business and Public Administration (now called NYU Stern School), where he graduated first in his class. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was designated a Baker Scholar, the school’s top academic honor, for graduating in the top 5 percent. Paulson began his career at Boston Consulting Group before leaving to join Odyssey Partners, working under Leon Levy. He later worked in the mergers and acquisitions group at Bear Stearns. Prior to founding his own firm, he was a partner at mergers arbitrage firm Gruss Partners LP. In 1994, he founded his own hedge fund with $2 million and two employees (himself and an assistant).”

  15. the prostitutes i hang out with here in Brooklyn tell me that their Jew clients are the most pervy of all the guys they have.

    but I’m with you Robert and view that as a positive. i’d call it “erotic creativity.”

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