Robert Lindsay Versus the Competition

This site has been growing in popularity for some time now. One of the best ways to measure that is to compare it to the competition. One problem is we don’t get much in the way of links. We are not on many blogrolls, and hardly anyone links us in posts either. A number of Left sites actually have bans on linking to me. They hate me as a “racist.” Most White nationalist and pro-White sites hate me too and refuse to link me as an “anti-racist” or enemy of the cause. Most Right sites won’t touch me since I’m a liberal. The White nationalists hate the liberalism too.

Seems like we piss off everyone, but that was the original idea for the site anyway. We don’t have many regular readers. Maybe 3,000 regulars in a month. Most come in from search engines and forums, and are often first-time and one-time visitors who don’t leave comments.

Steve Sailer Steve’s site is one of the most famous on the Net. We get 7 times his traffic.

Dienekes One of the most famous anthropology blogs on the Net. 9.5 higher.

Half Sigma Huge and famous HBD blog, reported in the NY Times.  2X higher.

OneSTDV Huge and famous HBD blog, widely linked. 10.5 X higher.

Alternative Right Gigantic White nationalist site, one of the biggest around, rapidly growing in popularity. 3.5 X higher.

Gene Expression Most famous HBD site of them all, now somewhat fallen out of favor. 2X higher.

EconLog Very famous but horrible ultra neoliberal / Libertarian / Austrian / anarcho-capitalist site. 3.5X higher.

Crooked Timber Very famous liberal blog. Basically the left wing of the Democratic Party. 3.5X higher.

Overcoming Bias Well known site promoting critical thinking.

Occidental Dissent One of the largest White nationalist sites out there. Friends. 7.5X higher.

In Mala Fide Friend’s site. Hard to describe. Big on Game and PUA. 4X greater.

View from the Right Lawrence Auster’s site. Very famous paleocon / quasi White nationalist site. 2.3X greater.

Nicholas Stix Well-known White nationalist site. 14X higher.

Gates of Vienna Very famous neocon, anti-Muslim blog. 3.6X higher.

Red-Alerts Fanatical neocon rightwing lunatic mulatto who likes to slander others. Nemesis. 2.6X higher.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance Group blog of fanatical Muslim-haters. Very big and famous. 3.6X higher.

Victor Davis Hanson Famous author and pundit. Standard hard right Republican, advisor to George Bush, neoliberal, neocon and apologist for imperialism and neo-colonialism. 3.5X higher.

Guy White Very large pro-White, neocon, Republican, quasi-White nationalist blog. 6X higher.

Entitled to an Opinion Friend’s site. Anarcho-capitalist or Libertarian, paleocon. 36X higher.

Occidental Observer Huge White nationalist site. One of the biggest on the Net. 30% higher.

Lenin’s Tomb Gigantic British Twat, or Trot Left site. Biggest Left site in the UK. Traffic is close, but we win by a hair. 5% higher.

David Duke Very famous White nationalist. 80% higher.

American Renaissance Very famous moderate quasi-White nationalist pro-White site, one of the most famous on the Net. Very close but we edge them out. 3% higher. I can’t believe we beat Amren!

Old Atlantic Well-known and widely linked pro-White site, apparently White nationalist. 40X higher.

Norman Finkelstein Premier Left anti-Zionist site. 3.1X higher.

Jews Sans Frontiers Huge Left anti-Zionist site from UK. 10X higher.

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93 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Versus the Competition”

  1. I think it’s the variety of the content. None of those guys post random inter-blogs about girls dancing on the side of the road or little kids humping dogs . . .

    I came to yours long before the others, but I don’t know how. Random web searches for the crap that fills my brain. Somehow you wrote on a lot of similar stuff floating around up there.

    1. And the conversational tone and ability to change opinions and evolve and so forth. A lot of them are purely journalistic and stagnant on the views on things. Good job, Robert. Did they just give you their traffic when you asked?

      1. Actually most of those blogs don’t even link me. Most sites won’t link me even in their blogrolls. And almost no one links me in their posts either. It seems that no one wants to link to me, and apparently a lot of other bloggers don’t like me because I’m not aligned with them. It’s like I’m not aligned with anyone!

        Everyone else fits into this huge category – CRT, HBD, rightwing, leftwing, White nationalist, anti-Islam, neocon, US liberal…thing is, most of those people hate me! Even most all Left and liberal blogs hate me and won’t link me because I’m “racist.” And the racist sites won’t link me because I’m an “anti.” It’s not like no one likes me, I think because I’m sui generis.

        That’s what is so weird – no one gives me any traffic! I think it all comes from search engines of forums.

  2. By the way, what the hell’s up with Guy White? He hasn’t posted anything since July 18.

    I guess being a psuedo-white nationalist and hardcore philo-Semite at the same time can take its toll on you!

      1. Oh yes, Guy White indeed hasn’t posted since that date. But yeah, he’s got a really strange mix of views.

        Perhaps Guy White is just Lawrence Auster in disguise, who’s now going back to his other blog! 😉

  3. I don’t know. This whole Liberal Race Realism thing just drives people insane. No one can figure us out. The White nationalists all say we are like them, just not quite, we need a bit more of a push. And they think it’s hypocritical that we hate their guts, because we are supposedly racists too. The Left and liberals pretty much reject us on grounds that we are racists.

    Most folks think we don’t make sense, are contradictory, are schizophrenic, are crazy, etc. None of that is true. Liberal race realism is nothing more than the way that most White liberals, at least here in California, think. And most racial liberals period of anywhere on the spectrum.

  4. So, how come Bob, you keep having the same commenters over and over again, whilst your ‘competitor’ sites seem to have a multitude of commenters?

    1. I know, that’s what I don’t get. I think most visitors to this site don’t leave comments. We have fewer regulars than a lot of those other sites have. Many of our readers are first timers coming in from search engines and forums and they don’t leave a comment.

      Also we don’t get linked, either in blogrolls or posts. No one links us.

    2. dirty bull whilst your ‘competitor’ sites seem to have a multitude of commenters?

      about 25% of that multitude of commenters are just sockpuppets and people talking, agreeing and arguing with themselves.

      lol it’s never been that important to me to win a debate/argument.

  5. Lindsay
    Have you measured yourself up with anti neocon anti imperialist, and anti zionist leftist blogs, counterpunch, Norman Finkelstein, Informed Dissent, Mondoweiss, Jewssansfrontieres etc.

  6. The thing that I like about your blog is, theres a lto of dissent among the commenters whereas the others are just preaching to the choir, with the occasional troll spewing out obscenities.

  7. How about the femenist sites, Wonkette, Jezebel, the Confluence?

    Your blog EATS Mondoweiss and Finkelstein. I guess Phil Weiss, Juan Cole and Asaad Abukhalil already had established positions before they started their blogs so they had no problem getting traffic. Finkelstein has somewhat of a martyr status. The same could be said about the paleocon and WN blogs you noted. David Duke has a big following. But you pretty much came out of nowhere and started from scratch and you have all this traffic.

    1. Really? I’m better than Mondoweiss and Finkelstein? Incredible.

      Phil, Juan and Asshat all built up their blogs from pretty small ones. Asshat is like me; he bashes everyone, but he’s also an ideologue. He also seems to hate everyone, which makes him come across as misanthropic.

      I know Juan BTW, or I used to anyway. He’s really hard to talk to anymore. His emails all bounce back with messages saying he can’t read them all.

      Actually, I started in 2004. Yeah, it actually takes that long to build up traffic. 🙁 But Blogger shut down my old site for some weird reason, so I had to move to WordPress. Then I had to build the traffic all over again.

      1. Phil Weiss is ok when he is just reporting news but I find him to be quite naive about cultural/socioeconomic aspects of society. And when he writes opinion pieces about multiculturalism and intermarriage, he just sounds like a blithering idiot.

        Finkelstein is different. He has an unhealthy obsession with all things Palestinian and holocaust comparisons. He doesnt even mention the millions of dead and displaced Iraqis let alone any other victims of imperialism. I know he’s a fag but I still think hes hot though and I would love to engage in “jewish continuity” with him someday.

        1. Who says he’s gay? Is there any evidence that the guy is queer? I wasn’t aware it had been proven one way or the other. All I know is he’s my age and never married. He does have a real faggy voice, but a lot of straight guys do.

          He’s seriously good looking. I must admit. He’s my age, and he looks great! Hard to do.

        2. I don’t think he’s unhealthy. I had correspondence with him. A sweet, gentle man. No wonder he reveres Gandhi. I’ve no evidence that he’s gay, either, but he’s better looking than me!

        3. He’s never said it outright but I know. His main love affair in life is the Palestinians.

      2. Why do you call Asaad Abu Khalil Asshat? He is, as you write, pretty hard on everybody, but unfair in a fair way, at least. Asaad seems to be an extremely frustrated ultra idealist, but hardly an asshat. I wouldn’t want to be related to him though, and especially not married to him, even when California finally recognizes our hypothetical love for each other.

  8. I bet it would be hard to find anywhere else where you get jews, nazis, black nationalists, white nationalist, commies, republicans, you name it… talking to each other usually fairly civilly and often having a laugh.

    emm ex-Olive – are you coming out?

    1. That’s the coolest thing about this site. All these radically different ideologies, and they’re all sitting down and talking fairly nicely to each other. Incredible!

      Yeah what’s up Olive? Are you lez now?

      1. Nah Im somewhat fearful of lesbians. Ive had bad experiences of lesbians trying to pursue me when I was in Amherst/Northhampton MA, the lesbian capital of the world.
        I was just parodying Bay Area Guy.
        The Bay Area=Gay Area and the Bay State=the Gay State.

  9. “He’s never said it outright but I know. His main love affair in life is the Palestinians.”

    HOW do you know? OK, so he’s gay. Good luck to him! Bringing up his putative sexuality is beside the point.

    I feel the second remark, above, is unfair.

    No way is Finkelstein a Palestinian nationalist.

    Only a Zionist, GSG, could write the above.

    He is 100% for the 2 state solution on the 1967 borders. He never fishes in the murky waters of Jewish identity. He never directly criticizes the Jews. He is a good man, a radical liberal who has never had any truck with any kind of authoritarian politics, and an excellent scholar. The Nazi genocide of the Jews has been grievously misused and abused by Zionists: Finkelstein suppplies the necessary corrective.

  10. Nah. I didnt really mean that I was just joking. I had an off color joke to make about him lusting after dead Palestinian boys during the Operation Cast lead but I restrained myself. And Im not a Zionist I just think it would be in Finkelstein’s interest to drop the polemical writing style and adopt a more scholarly tone and then maybe people will take him more seriously. Part of the reason he was denied tenure at Depaul, is because he referred to Elie Wiesel as “the resident clown of the holocaust circus.”

    1. Norman Finkelstein to me

      show details 5:10 PM (2 hours ago)

      Thanks for this. Please convey to Olive/Gay State Girl:

      (a) gay — won’t deny it because the implication would be it’s something to be ashamed of’
      (b) obsession with the Holocaust — like 99% of Israelis?
      (c) in love with the Palestinians — if (a) is correct, then only half of them.

      You are wise to stay away from the Gilad Atzmon types. For now, just enjoy being in love.

        1. I wrote to Norman. That was his reply.

          Here is part of my email to him:

          Dear Norman,

          A female Jewish New Yorker under the names of Olive/Gay State Girl claimed that you are gay, that you have an obsession with the Holocaust and that you are “in love with the Palestinians”. I was simply defending your reputation…

          I’m sorry, I see it is not clear at all now, because I did not give you the link to my comment:

          Scroll down to the last twenty comments (out of fifty). Your name comes up repeatedly.

          Robert Lindsay is a philo-semitic and anti-Zionist commentator, an interesting combination.

          He frequently writes about nationalist Jews as a political collective, but takes quite a moderate view. His blog is about the only place on the net where Jews and anti-semites, white nationalists, liberals and communists actually write to one another, fairly amicably.

          Some of Lindsay’s attitudes I do not like particularly, but at least he is honest about them, and none of them are rabid. He is basically a Left Liberal, on the Left of the Democratic Party (see The Coaster), anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. He has written many articles deconstructing the myths of “Jewish Power”.

      1. Lol!

        Finkelstein’s got a sense of humor. You’ve got to give him that.

        I especially love answer b) like 99% of Israelis?

        1. Would you also describe yourself as philo-semitic?

          No. I try to be Jew neutral, though g-d knows it’s hard. Partiality toward Jews, unless you are a Jew like yourself, is simply the other side of the coin of anti-semitism; that’s how I view it. I know plenty of Jews who don’t recognise a Jew/Gentile divide. I don’t think philosemitism will help Jews integrate: it still targets them as “chosen”, and “special”: the anti-semites also think so…

        2. Paul
          I was semi joking, when I said he’s is “in love with the Palestinians” although that is based on truth.” and I was only surmising when I said he’s gay. Of course there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, if kept to one self and the gay community. I am even proud to be part of the original “Gay State,” hence my name.

          I’d appreciate if you didnt mention my name to any of these people. I don’t want to harm my family. That is the most important thing to me than Israel or Autistic rights (which I currently lobby for) or any other issue.

          I am mentally ill. If you see what I have posted please do not post it on your site. I apologize for saying anti arab and homophobic statements. As I have said, I am mentally ill and tend to react very strongly to things I hear.

      2. Lindsay’s parents were very philosemitic, he grew up with a deep respect for jewish culture and many jewish friends so its pretty much ingrained in him, despite becoming critical of zionism and jewish power.

  11. “Does (Robert) strike you as philo-semitic?”

    Um. Fascinated with Jews and Jewishness, certainly.
    Would like to be a secular Jew himself. Isn’t that philosemitic? I have to fight it in myself to stay Jew neutral.

    1. the latter…I can see how it could flip the other way, though. To what extent do you identify yourself as Jewish? Do you attend synagogue,
      speak Yiddish or Hebrew or Ladino, regard yourself as in exile from your native land as a US citizen, revere Jewish culture or Jewish thinkers, were you Barmitzvahed (I’m assuming you’re male)?

      I won’t ask the other question: it’s too personal.

      1. LOL

        And I’m a “Gay State Jew” not a New Yorker, though I have spent a lot of time in New York. My beliefs are more complex than you made me out to be to Finkelstein. I’m actually a fan of his work but I think he’d be taken more seriously in academia, if he a, dropped the polemical style for his academic works, and b, cease his complete reverence to all things Palestinian on the basis that they fit the mold of other colonized people and the assumtion that since they are oppressed they must be all be altruitstic people and have no faults. Try to step back and really study Pre Zionism Palestinian history and culture, both the good and the bad and really form an opinion on them instead of forming an opinion on them counter to what zionists say.

        Actually Israelis are much less obsessed with the holocaust than American jews.

        Was that last bit about staying away from Gilad Atzmon and being in love yours or Finkelstein’s.

      2. She’s a professional Jew from the Ukraine, grew up speaking Yiddish in the 1980’s! Reality Check is a Super Jew, like most recent Russian Jews. She’s always hunting these derned anti-Semites.

      3. Yeah, well if she wants to hunt those darned anti-semites, she’s come to the right place!

        Yeah, I can sense that Reality Check (didn’t she used to be Angela) is a super Jew.

        Olive seems pretty reasonable though.

        @ Olive

        cease his complete reverence to all things Palestinian on the basis that they fit the mold of other colonized people and the assumtion that since they are oppressed they must be all be altruitstic people and have no faults.

        Yeah, that’s the problem with far lefties in general.

        They still buy into this Marxist belief that being the member of an oppressed class renders you flawless and that your shit never stinks.

        Same thing with anti-racists when it comes to black people. Tim Wise, Macon D, etc, all think that blacks are somehow these noble saints who can do no wrong.

        I do agree. While his scholarly opinions are insightful, his polemical style is not going to win over too many fellow Jews to his flock.

        I guess you could say that he’s trying to tell non-Jews not to fall for crocodile tears over the holocaust or other attempts to advocate for Zionism.

        But yeah, he does kind of need to snap out of some of his far leftist dogma.

      4. By the way, I just cannot understand why Noam Chomsky is worshipped so much by lefties.

        Yeah, he’s smart, but the guy’s a freakin’ linguist.

        He’s no foreign policy expert or historian, and yet people quote this guy on social and foreign policy issues as if he were a philosopher king.

        The reason why I bring him up is because he’s one of Finkelstein’s mentors.

  12. “As I have said, I am mentally ill and tend to react very strongly to things I hear.”

    I don’t think he’ll read this, Olive, but if what you
    say is true I am very sad to hear it. You may be a bit nuts but you’re nice xxx Paul

      1. You really ought to call her Mizrachi. Sephardic really only refers to the Jews from Mediterranean Europe, speakers of Ladino. Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Jews are Sephardic. All of the Arab Jews are Mizrachi. I don’t know what Jews of the Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India and China are.

        1. Really? In Israel Mizrahi (the usual spelling) is a very politicised designation. The Israeli Black Panthers used that term. But the problem with Sephardic is it implies a religious and cultural affiliation…JOAOs – Jews of Arab origin who live in the UK find Ashkenazi culture alien, don’t like the cuisine, don’t like the damned Ashkenazi racial and intellectual arrogance and don’t really like Israel all that much, because it’s Ashkenazi too…some of the Iraqi Jews lit out of the Promised Land, and came to the UK after a few years in exile from their beloved Baghdad because the Ashkenazi ubermensch stetl was too damn racist! Ladino sounds gorgeous by the way…you’d be hard put to find fellow speakers, though. There’s a small Ladino speaking community in Manchester. Guess I should sign up as Sephardic and support a dying language!

  13. “Steve Sailer Steve’s site is one of the most famous on the Net. We get 7 times his traffic.”

    He’s gimmicky, but has a good number of horses he’s always riding. He’s fun to read because the US population consistently goes against whatever side he’s backing. Watching Obama win, while Sailer did everything possible to sway opinion was a hoot. LOL. And to hear the peeling cries of the neo-nazis on his site while it occured is swee-eet. It’s almost a given that whatever issue Sailer behind will be a loser.

    Congrats for beating Sailer by 7x. I used to occassionally post on this site but got fed up with the Stormfront followups to my posts.

    The way you handle “race realism” (kinda Quaker style) and WordPress posting system are two advantages you’ll always have over the Vdare bulletheads.

  14. gay st grl Norman
    I am mentally ill. If you see what I have posted please do not post it on your site. I apologize for saying anti arab and homophobic statements. As I have said, I am mentally ill and tend to react very strongly to things I hear.

    are you joking? are you really mentally ill?

    why do you lobby for autism rights?

      1. Lol!

        With the exception of Jew Among You and a few others, yeah, I don’t exactly expect that kind of honesty.

      2. Well, no.

        What I meant is that in general, I don’t trust them, with some exceptions.

        I don’t expect Olive to lie about her personal.

        All I know is that on racial and other social matters somehow related to Jews, when they speak I’m not holding my breath.

      3. I cannot think of anything off the top of my head.

        All I know is that in general, I’m not trusting of Jews on issues directly, but more important INDIRECTLY related to Jewry (ie. race, immigration, etc).

      4. I’m not trusting of Jews on issues directly, but more important INDIRECTLY related to Jewry (ie. race, immigration, etc).

        Do you have good reasons to be more trusting of Gentiles, or Blacks, or Whites, or Asians, on issues directly or indirectly affecting them (also including race and immigration)?

      5. Do you have good reasons to be more trusting of Gentiles, or Blacks, or Whites, or Asians, on issues directly or indirectly affecting them (also including race and immigration)?

        Good question.

        No, I don’t exactly trust them either. Although out of all those groups, I’d say I trust Asians the most. Blacks, no way. Whites are so damn confused and lacking in racial consciousness that I don’t accept what they say at face value.

        However, I distrust Jews even more. Maybe it’s not even so much distrust, but I just find myself getting really annoyed at all the moral/Civil Rights posturing of Jews.

        Just look at the ADL and other Jewish so-called “Civil Rights organizations.” They rail against anti-immigrant measures, pathologize expressions of white nationalism, and claim to be humanists.

        And yet they support the apartheid state of Israel. Not content to only support it, they also defend Israeli war crimes.

        Jews claim that as oppressed people, they can empathize with other oppressed peoples, and that they therefore help them out of moral reasons.

        Jews particularly get credit for being the greatest allies of blacks during the Civil Rights Movement.

        I think that’s hogwash.

        I recall posting a Malcolm X quote on the insincerity of Jewish Civil Rights posturing on the Watercooler.

        Basically, Jews don’t give a crap about other people. They just promote their causes to weaken, undermine, and distract whites.

        Also, as Norman Finkelstein points out, as the Civil Rights movement moved North and as blacks started demanding actual self-determination, economic equality/independence, Jews abandoned the black struggle.

        So long as the movement stayed South and involved non-violent “let us eat at the counter” integration, Jews supported it. They saw it as a way to distract whites and use blacks as pawns.

        (MLK and the Southern Civil Rights movement was owned by Jews. The guy was so philo-Semitic it was ridiculous. A quote of his describing anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism is even featured in one of Abe Foxman’s books!)

        But when integration came home for Jews and blacks started desiring real power and self-determination, Jews didn’t like it. In fact, as Malcolm X points out, Jews were the first to flee neighborhoods that blacks moved into.

        Anyway, that’s my reasoning. I just think that more than any other group, Jews are the most devious and insincere.

        At least blacks, Hispanics, and other groups are explicitly pro-black/Hispanic and are open about advancing their interests.

        (I think some of their other forms of advocacy are disingenuous, but that’s another story).

        I just get sick of the self-righteous moral posturing of Jews. They’re not truly being moral. They don’t love blacks, Hispanics, or anyone else. They’re just trying to weaken, distract, and subvert whites.

        Anyway, that’s my answer.

    1. Chic Noir
      Yes I really am bipolar.
      Harmful treatments such as electric shock treatment are still used to treat autism. he Judge Rotenberg Education Center, near where I live still uses such treatments.

      Recently parents have began to experiment with with an unapproved castration drug to lower the levels of testoserone in children with autism. Two have died.

      Many Autistics are abused by caretakers both physically and sexually and a few have died in group homes.

    2. She’s not really mentally ill too much, just a little bit bipolar. I guess she gets a little manicky at times. She doesn’t seem that ill at the moment though. I know all about this illness as it runs in my family bigtime. I’ve spent decades dealing with it firsthand.

    1. LOL! Wow, that is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time.

      Those Africans may be many things, but they sure aren’t sodomites!

      1. Those Africans may be many things, but they sure aren’t sodomites!

        Actually I think Africans are gay in approximately the same percentage as most human societies (2-4% for males, 1-2% for females). There is even situational homosexuality in some African countries.

  15. Okay, first of all, I was being tongue-in-cheek. I happen to know that gay people exist in Africa.

    I happen to know that like black Americans, Africans are just a lot more homophobic and on the down low about it than many other groups.

    (by the way, are you sure about those percentages?)

    I also happen to know that black Americans are also gay, and that they’re just on the down low about it.

    Well, except this guy! Lol!

    1. are you sure about those percentages?

      Pretty sure as far as Western nations go. There are numerous mutually conflicting surveys and studies, but the most credible usually hover around 2-4 for men and 1-2 for women (as far as exclusive homosexuality goes). Behavioral incidence rates of homosexual activity (including bisexual activity) are vastly higher than self-reported exclusive homosexuality rates.

      The problem with most non-Western nations is that cultural taboos prevent reliable statistics concerning homosexuality prevalence from being drawn through surveys. Plenty of anecdotal evidence about homosexuality in these nations abounds, however, and I see no reason that they wouldn’t have similar sexuality prevalence statistics. We will simply have to wait until faggotry is no longer taboo (maybe 100 years? possibly never?) until scientific surveys can be performed.

        1. I dunno, probably evolutionary somehow.

          Although they have lower rates of exclusive homosexuality, women have higher rates of bisexual tendencies (both behavioral and self-identified) than men.

  16. “They still buy into this Marxist belief that being the member of an oppressed class renders you flawless and that your shit never stinks.”

    You hit the nail on the head BAG. I am starting to like you! You also have a good sense of humour!

    1. You hit the nail on the head BAG. I am starting to like you! You also have a good sense of humour!

      Why thank you! You’re all right too!

      If FPY’s reading this, just know that even if your views are inflammatory (as mine occasionally are), you can still win people over with humor.

      Just remember, it’s not always what you say, but how you say it.

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