Racial Holy Wars, Real and Phantom

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Due to the recent abuse of the comments section, mostly by rightwingers (and a few Zionist) commenters, I have had to formulate a Rules Policy on commenting. I never really had any problems with comments until I wrote what was pretty much a harmless, factual article dealing with a group of humans called “Jews”.

This group of humans is apparently so special, so great, so awesome, so incredible, so protected and possibly so powerful that a strange situation has arisen in the Western World.

We non-Jewish humans can write about most any other group of humans, but we cannot write about this group called “Jews” without a creating a firestorm. There are exceptions. We can write about “Jews” if we adopt a slavish, worshipful tone that emphasizes how wonderful, special, perfect and totally awesome this group is.

I suppose this quite insane reaction has something to do with recent history, notably the Holocaust. At any rate, the policy of “non-Jews must not say or write the word Jew” due to Holocaust guilt or whatever is just not going to work and is likely to backfire.

Western crusaders against racism, sexism and anti-Semitism need to focus on real racism, sexism and anti-Semitism and not get lost in PC-insanity of focusing on the fake racism, sexism and anti-Semitism of silly little words, phrases, sentences and jokes.

For instance, we just had a government under Bush that practiced some of the most blatant anti-Black electoral racism since Jim Crow in a recent US Presidential election.

This was done by deliberately denying many US Blacks the right to vote in a variety of very clever ways, too widespread to be coincidental. The Bush Administration also gutted civil rights enforcement and appointed a number of blatantly racist white judges.

At the same time, it indulged in an attack on the welfare state that had definite white racist overtones. Yet not one word of any of that from the useless, whored, corrupt, depraved US media or either of the two worthless major political parties here. Not even one peep either, usually, from the many House Negroes and silly Toms populating our TV screens.

Instead our society focuses (through the insidious US media) on whether some prominent American used some “anti-Black” or “anti-Jewish” word, phrase, sentence or joke on some occasion when they opened their mouth.

Once the horrible word-crime is reported by the media with bated breath, a wild goose chase called “racist hunt” ensues while Americans, glued to the TV, watch mesmerized as The PC Cops chase these heinous “racist” words, phrases, sentences or jokes across our TV screens.


Meanwhile, holding down “Fort Sexism,” the completely useless US feminist movement obsesses over “anti-woman” and “sexist” words, phrases, sentences and jokes, while much of female humanity outside of the US cringes under the terror boot of a vicious patriarchal dictatorship.

Some idiot spray-paints a US synagogue with nasty words, evil little symbols or malevolent sentences and the US media pants hyperactively for weeks about some “anti-Semitism wave sweeping the globe.” While at the same time, the US military wages a blatantly racist war against the “inferior” Iraqi people to either media silence or outright cheerleading.

This is a racist war that has already killed 1,100,000 dark-skinned Arab “untermenschen” at the altar of American Supremacy. Not far away in Palestine, grinning Israeli stormtroopers, smiling with sadistic glee, practice their own Racial Holy War, lording it over the “lowly, inferior”, dark-skinned Palestinians in a Levantine Kristallnact re-run that seems to never end.

Let’s shoot back to the year 1990 for a moment. In the alternate universe called the US media, media hypesters are going insane because President George H. Bush said a horrific phrase, “Jewish power,” before a fundraising speech to a Jewish group.

Never mind that Jewish power, monetary, media and political, was a fact of American life in 1990, and is even more of a fact today. But some facts may not be stated, so say the solemn Word Police.

Why? Because truth is irrelevant in Alice in Wonderland Zionized America. All that matters is that a foul crime has been committed, a crime called “anti-Semitism.” A bestial crime with no legal definition, a repulsive felony with no legal code number, a horrifying violation with no penalties legally proscribed, but a horrendous crime nonetheless.

For this particular “anti-Semitic” crime, the President of the United States himself was forced to get on his knees and abjectly kiss the shoes of the offended group as they towered arrogantly above his debased figure. Ironically, with this act, the naked lie that this group had no power was revealed as the howler that it was. This group had no power, yet they forced the President of the US to kiss their toes! Ha!

A year later, International Zionism and its US imperialist partner hatched a racist genocidal plot to draw Saddam Hussein’s military into Kuwait, trap them there and forbid them from leaving, purely in order to destroy his military and slaughter 265,000 of Iraq’s “racially inferior” soldiers and civilians, mainly because they were considered to be racial enemies of the Jewish state.

Later the same year, after the initial slaughter of 265,000 “sand niggers,” the killers were not yet sated. They lusted for more blood – Arab blood. And so another diabolical, genocidal, racist plot was hatched, this time by America and Britain – a plot to murder 1 million Iraqi baby racial enemies of the Anglo people over the next decade.

This conspiracy was called the Iraqi Sanctions Pogrom. Yet, for the next 12 years, Americans heard not one peep about the slaughter of these “lowly, inferior” dark-skinned Arabs by their “racially superior” Anglo mass murderers.

As the bodies stacked up like cordwood, both the Jewish state and its multitude of US agents, along with the paid hacks for Anglo imperialism, cheered from the sidelines.

They demanded that the mass murder go on, threatening anyone who tried to stop it or slow it down, all the while either denying that there was any mass murder occurring, or acknowledging the slaughter, but blaming the Iraqis – the victims – for killing themselves.

Through the 90’s, while the Iraqi Sanctions Charnel House burned, the devious US media was busy distracting the shallow American people. The media browbeat and deluged gullible Americans with reports about a phantom threat coming from White people in the US, people called “White racists,” “skinheads,” “Nazis” and “White Power fascists”.

This “White threat” was said to be running amok across our land, swarming our streets, arming themselves for war. The nation was portrayed as being on the verge of a White fascist takeover.

Over the whole decade of the 90’s, these “horrible US White Supremacist Nazis” killed a mere handful of Americans in their Racial Holy War, while the Anglo-Israeli Racial Holy War, described above, continued in reeling Iraq and Palestine, killing 230 Arabs a day, day in, day out, no end.

From 1991 to 2010, Anglo and Anglo-Zionist racist pogroms, combined, killed 2.46 million “racially inferior” dark-skinned Iraqi Arabs, yet not one peep of outrage was heard from the media. The only sounds heard from the US media were outbreaks of cheering the slaughter of our racial enemies, the Arabs, during the hot wars.

During this period, the media’s splenetic outrage was instead reserved for the rare White skinhead murder of one Black man, or maybe the murders or three or four Black men. Surely the deaths of this handful of US Blacks were terrible crimes, but look once more at the figures above. You do the math. Where’s the real racism anyway? Where’s the real menace? To paraphrase O.J. Simpson, who are the real killers?

America’s discourse about racism, sexism and anti-Semitism has become seriously disturbed. We obsess and wax hysterically over silly little “racist” words, phrases, sentences and jokes, while at the same time, our nation and its racial allies commit racist massacres of millions of our racial enemies – the Arabs – to either silence or open cheering.

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