I Can Die Happy Now


I just watched some Korean girl group stuff, K-pop. That’s it. I don’t need anything more out of life. I watched that, and now I’m happy. Lord come take away.

Kind of reminds me of mid 1970’s disco music. Everyone loves to hate it, but it was a great scene while it was going on. All the hot chicks were into it, and what more do you need for a fad, right? I mean, if all the hot chicks were into eating live eels, I would probably do that too, right? The chicks make the scene. There was also a lot of sex going on. Disco was all about sex. Most folks don’t realize that, but it’s true. What else is music like that good for, besides dancing, and dancing is just fucking on two legs anyway.

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13 thoughts on “I Can Die Happy Now”

    1. Yes, you have a point, Randy…Why is Robert looking at teenage Korean dancing girls? Is he just a perverted old man like me? We must wean him off this pabulum for the sake of his soul, and raise him to a more elevated cultural plane. A diet of Bruckner, and nothing but Bruckner, for two months would do the trick, followed by two months of Mahler. Cured of Korean dancing girls for all time!

        1. Ha! Ha! Yeah I can’t listen to too much Bruckner! I was teasing. I (still) listen to West coast rock, the Allmanns, the Byrds, Grateful Dead, 13th Floor Elevators, Jefferson Airplane. New heard New Riders of the Purple Sage though, or the Flying Burrito Brothers: are they good? I guess it’s not your era.

        1. “this is porn, and porn equals death. do not settle for this Robert. flesh is flesh is life. pixels equals death man

          I was referring to the extremely puritan remark above.

  1. Cool! Weird! A bit monotonous…never heard anything like it! There’s a contemporary West coast US surfer band I like too. Their lead singer’s from Cambodia, and sings in Cambodian on their albums.
    Can’t remember their name just now. I’ve heard good things by Kings of Leon, too.

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