H. H. Holmes, Serial Killer

Amazing I have not heard much of this guy before. He killed from 27-200 people. I think the correct figure is closer to the high one. He did so in a specially constructed murder castle that he had had built over a number of years. It had over 100 separate small rooms, doors opening to brick walls, stairways to nowhere, doors that could only be opened from the outside, strangely configure hallways, and all sorts of strange and labyrinthine architectural shit.

After they were killed, the bodies were dropped by chute down to the basement, where they were skinned, stripped of flesh with acid and turned into skeletons. He sold the skeletons to medical schools. Some bodies were burned in a crematorium and others were dissolved in lime pits. He killed just about anyone, including kids, but he preferred young women, especially blonds.

After he moved, neighbors noted that many young women had been seen accompanying him into the Castel, but none had been seen leaving. He quit Chicago and moved to Texas, where he tried to build another Killing Castle. That did not work out, so he roamed around the US and Canada, probably killing the whole time, though we can only dredge up a few victims from the time.

Fate finally caught up with him. He was hung, but God punished him on the scaffold. He twisted and twitched for 15-20 minutes on the noose. His wish was to be entombed in concrete so he could not be dissected as he had done to so many of his victims. The wish was granted.

He was a physician, a graduate of medical school. While in medical school, he stole cadavers and mutilated them, claiming that they died in accidents and then pocketing the insurance money. While in the Castle, he performed hundreds of illegal abortions. Some patients died and they were given the same treatment as his other victims. One of the worst Killer Doctors of all time, up there with Mengele.

And I think he was clearly a psychopath, not a sociopath.

How come no one has ever heard of him? Hollywood so needs to do a film about this guy.

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