Filipino Spree Killer, Efren Valdemoro, Kills 4 People, Shot Dead

Weird story. I am having a hard time making sense of all of these crimes and putting together a timeline of what this guy did. I don’t know what’s wrong with him either. Apparently he went off the deep end in recent days.

Victims are mostly women, Filipinas or Vietnamese. Two older Filipinas were killed and an older man, possibly also a Filipino, was also killed. The older man was beaten to death. The two women went missing a week ago.

In addition, he killed his middle aged Vietnamese girlfriend with a meat cleaver after taking her prisoner in his car. He kidnapped her from her hair salon, took her prisoner in her car, and, incredibly, strangled her to death in the vehicle with a rope at some point during a high-speed chase. He was driving with her dead in his car when he was shot dead by Highway Patrol in a strip mall in Richmond, California, not far from where the matter started in Vallejo. He had attacked cops with a meat cleaver.

Bomb-making materials were found in his storage shed. The son of the murdered elderly man is also missing and probably dead, which would up his total to 5 killed. The killer was 38 years old.

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One thought on “Filipino Spree Killer, Efren Valdemoro, Kills 4 People, Shot Dead”

  1. It’s weird that this is the first I’ve heard about this guy. It’s like the media just doesn’t know what to make of this story and can’t make it fit their purposes, so they ignore it. Sounds pretty sensational, I thought that was sufficient cause to air a story?

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