Another Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico


They are rescuing 13 workers as you read this.

That does it. Time to pull the plug on this. No more licenses for new offshore drilling until these idiots can figure out how to keep from spilling so much. Existing offshore wells can continue to operate.

P.S. about 70-8

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3 thoughts on “Another Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico”

  1. The only real solution to this problem is to institute a dollar-a-gallon (at least) tax on gasoline, then pour the resulting revenue into an Apollo-style renewable energy production and infrastructure program.

    As our oil consumption increases every year, I am more and more skeptical that we will be able to smoothly transition off of petroleum once the supply begins to decline.

  2. You can’t call for environmental regulations that stop companies from putting rigs next to shores where the water is shallow and it the risks are lower and then complain when something goes wrong under dangerous conditions.

    1. That’s why the negative externalities of oil consumption and production should be associated with high levels of taxation to disincentivize oil as an energy source.

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