Stalin Versus Hitler on the Jewish Question

This is an excellent response by Metal Gear on Free Media Productions to some of the issues posed by National Bolshevism, Yockeyism, and some extreme Zionists and anti-Communists. All of these people hold that Stalin and Hitler had a lot more in common than most people assume.

Much is made of the Hitler-Stalin Pact as if it were a pact of two ideologically aligned persons, and not just Stalin trying to save his ass and buy another year or so before the inevitable Nazi invasion. Nat Bols hold that Hitler and Stalin were allies in most ways, but this is not so at all. They uphold the Hitler-Stalin Pact as a great agreement. The nutty Zionists and anti-Communists also say that it was an agreement between like-minded folks, but they condemn it.

Some Nat Bols take the position that Stalin’s purges in the 1930’s were the final blow against Judeo-Bolshevism in the USSR and the rise of a new Nationalist Communism which was similar to fascism. This is incorrect. First, most of those killed were not Jews, though many were Old Bolsheviks. Probably most of those killed were good revolutionary people. Stalin was killing his fellow Communists. Super Zionists take the position that Stalin anti-Semitically attacked the Soviet Jews in those purges. It’s true that they were killed at higher rates than others, but that’s only because more of them were old style Communists.

We have Yockeyites on this board who condemn the Bolsheviks and Lenin for their revolution against the great Czar of Russia. First, the Bolsheviks did not lead the revolution. They were only part of it. A majority of the forces were simply leftwingers, from liberal nationalists to socialists. Bolsheviks were a minority. The Left faction had the support of a majority of Russian citizens. It’s impossible to uphold Stalin and other Communists and simultaneously uphold the Czar. This is political incoherence.

It is also impossible to condemn Lenin as some Judeo-Bolshevik while upholding Stalin. This makes no sense, but this is what some Nat Bols do. As Metal Gear notes, if you support Stalin, you support Lenin too. It’s an unbroken line between the two.

True, Stalin turned on the Jews near the end of his life when they started supporting Israel and Israel aligned with US imperialism. According to Stalin, the Zionists were supporting the enemy. Previously, he had always supported the Jews. Stalin was a very paranoid man, and he did not trust traitors. To him, the previously loyal Jews had become traitors. He had nothing eternal against them as a race or ethnicity as Hitler and most anti-Semites do. It was just power politics, nothing less.

The Stalin as anti-Semite meme is pretty tired and has a lot of problems.

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6 thoughts on “Stalin Versus Hitler on the Jewish Question”

  1. Stalin as an anti-Semite is preposterous. Had he been, he had the means and the will to get rid of every last Jew. He didn’t.

    As you say, it was only when he became paranoid of them being aligned with the US that he turned on them.

  2. Just to add – it wasn’t paranoia, it was a legitimate concern that Jews displaying strong nationalist and/or religious ties to the state of “Israel” would indeed constitute a security threat – given the latter’s increasingly close alliance with the US during the end of Stalin’s lifetime.

    Jews were treated no different under Stalin than any other minority group when they too began displaying excessive nationalist tendencies counter to the interests of the Soviet state.

    1. I’m hearing modern Jews favor the old Jewish Communists over Stalin, regardless of said Jews identity. The Jewish blood vs Christian spirit.

  3. The Nazi-Soviet Pact was a good example of two continental powers joining hands against the maritime imperialist powers of Britian and America. It’s a shame it ended in 1941.

  4. I’ve read the Soviets sided with Arabs against Israel. I’ve seen a fake pic of Hitler by Stalin. They have very similar foreheads.

    I watched a vid on Hitler today. He did not display all his awards and dressed down. He was lower middle class. Many nation leaders were from less humble origins.

    Leaders like Hitler and Stalin were educated. The more I delve into Hitler outside of the MSM, the greater he seems. Hitler is the very Swastika itself – the pure embodiment of the symbol. His inner circle is merely around him, circling like planets around a sun. I’ve only delved into Stalin once, but he’s obviously a star for the Soviets.

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