Split Emerging Between CA Liberals and Left on Illegals

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Here in California (Ground Zero of America’s Mass/Illegal Immigration Nightmare) there is getting to be a serious split between some California liberals and the PC California Leftists over the issues of illegal immigration, Sanctuary Cities and other symptoms of major mental illness.

Take San Fransisco. You can’t get much more insane than Sanctuary Cities, but SF did just that. Not only do they hide illegal alien criminals from the law, they used to hide illegal alien felons, so long as they were underage! Turns out almost all of them ran away from the silly group homes they were dumped in, as we might expect.

Turns out some of them afterward went out and murdered people, as we might expect. Turns out a lot of others were really adults who lied and said they were minors, as we might expect. With blood on the sidewalk, three Italian native San Fransiscans, a father and two sons, dead, the mayor and his Leftist colleagues are incredibly holding their ground.

If you go to the comments on the SF Chronicle page dealing with these issues, you will see that there is an emerging split between SF liberals and SF Leftists. Probably 90% of San Fransiscans are Democrats, and probably 80% of the City are liberals.

Well, over and over on those pages, you see these SF liberals saying, “Hey! I’m a liberal San Franciscan, but this Sanctuary City crap has gone too far! Count me out! Up with liberals, down with PC Leftists!” And a lot of them are also saying, “And by the way, down with illegal aliens! Get the Hell out of my country!”

Keep in mind California is Ground Zero for Mass/Illegal Immigration madness. If that reality doesn’t turn any native Californian sensible on this issue, nothing will.

Being liberal was never supposed to be about being nuts or being stupid. From any logical point of view, a pro-illegal immigration (defending an invading army of lawbreakers), Sanctuary City (shielding the invader army from the law trying to arrest the criminals), viewpoint is both dumb and nuts.

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