Tom Leykis on Older Women


Damn, this is some mean, misogynous stuff here, but that’s Leykis. Unfortunately, a lot of what he says is true about White American women. So many of them are bitter and mean in middle age. Why should we bother with them?

I haven’t had a ton of experience with non-White middle aged women, but I would say that middle aged Latinas, Arabs, Iranians, Europeans, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipinas don’t seem to be nearly so angry.

I really don’t get it. The less feminism in a society, logically, the worse women are treated, but the happier they are. The more feminism in a society, the more miserable the women are. All feminism does is make women miserable. Miserable and angry. I don’t see the point, honestly.

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15 thoughts on “Tom Leykis on Older Women”

  1. What can I say?

    Western style feminism sucks. Simple as that. That’s why women in other parts of the world (particularly the Muslim world), who believe in female equality (contrary to the popular belief that women in 3rd world countries are all doormats who are too “backwards” to desire female liberation), don’t want any of it.

    They don’t want the STD’s, high out of wedlock birthrates (a problem in ALL American communities, not just the black community, even though its the highest in the black community), the high divorce rate, the collapse of the family, slutty outfits (which I DO like! hehe), etc.

  2. Too me, most radical feminists don’t want true equality between men and women.

    They just want the top 1% of women to be equal to the top 1% of men.

    Besides, why don’t they give a shit about how males are being left behind educationally and increasingly professionally? I mean, them being about “equality” and all?

    A very wise history professor of mine once said that no group truly wants equality, but special privileges of its own.

    Whether it’s anti-racists, feminists, you name it, they’re not truly interested in creating a society where no privilege exists. They just want to be the ones with privilege.

    That’s why, as I’ve said before, you CANNOT

    1) Pander to them
    2) Attempt to placate them
    3) Attempt to reason with them

    But anyway, yeah, Feminism sucks.

      1. Hmm, he makes many factual statement. Not being an expert on the history of feminism, I don’t know whether or not everything he says is true.

        However, if he is telling the truth, that’s quite telling.

        You see, our elites will screw EVERYONE. They are despicable and must have their power curbed.

        Reading Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” made my blood boil when reading about all those greedy financial/political elites (both Jews and their non-Jewish enablers).

        Elites are scum. Period.

        1. Finally you say something that I agree with.

          Oh don’t say that, Robert. I recall many times in which you’ve agreed with me.

          And you vote for Republicans why now?

          Umm, Robert, I have NEVER voted for Republicans, and never will. I never recall every saying that I have.

          Please don’t burn down straw men, Robert.

        2. Besides, Democrats are hardly better when it comes to elites. Although at least from an economic standpoint, they’re not as bad as Republicans.

          I think a viable 3rd party is really needed.

      2. Are you really that thick? The article itself has nothing to do with your putrid tribe. I was just introducing the author of the article in a way that is easily identifiable.

      3. Because he is not a well-know figure who lives in Canada. And the most prominent fact about him is that he is an ethnic Jew who has “left the plantation”, so to speak.

      4. Henry Makow is not anti-jewish. Hes against the illuminati. He’s all for protecting the average jew from elitist jewish interests. He has stated that millions of innocent jews were sacrificed during the holocaust because of what a few elitists jews and zionists were doing and prominent jews are sacrificing Israeli jewish lives for their own imperial interests.

        1. Well according to the Establishment, that is certainly not a politically correct narrative, and so it gets classified as “anti-Semitism.”

        2. Terms such as “racist,” and “anti-semite” used to actually mean something back in the day.

          Now, a “racist” is simply a white person. Period. Particularly if that white person every says or does ANYTHING that a black person does not approve of or construes as disrespect.

          Likewise, an “anti-semite” is simply any non-Jew who criticizes Jews, Israel, or has the audacity to point out Jewish influence.

          So the way I see it, if someone calls you a “racist” or “anti-Semite” DO

          1) Ask them what they mean by the term. Do they mean hatred or the CRT “aversive” kind of ism?

          2) Do not back down.

          3) Say that if having your position makes you an (insert bigotry), then so be it

          DO NOT

          1) Deny

          2) Argue

          It’s time to make these words lose their power.

  3. One of the problems with feminists is that they think they deserve reparations from past discrimination, due to the affirmative action for blacks model.

    Since most blacks descend from two black parents, the denial of opportunity that both their mother and father suffered has a legacy effect in things like educational opportunities. But everyone had a mother and a father, so gender discrimination doesn’t pass down between generations.

    Everyone’s ancestors were 50% men and 50% women.

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