Republicans and Democrats: Pepsi and Coke?

In the comments section, Bay Area Guy tosses out the typical American argument that Republicans and Democrats are just Pepsi and Coke. If the Pepsi tastes bad, go buy a Coke instead. If the Dems can’t fix the economy, then vote Republicans. Surely they will fix it! Morons.

Besides, Democrats are hardly better when it comes to elites. Although at least from an economic standpoint, they’re not as bad as Republicans.

That’s a pretty horrible argument. Most Democrats I know certainly don’t vote for them because they are voting for the party of elites. Are you kidding?

The Dems suck up to elite politics because if they don’t, they will lose.

Newsflash: A majority of Americans arguably support pro-elite politics. If you go against the elite and upper middle class (the ruling capitalist classes) you get creamed in the bourgeois media, and you lose elections, then Republicans come in, and they are even worse. I haven’t met a Dem yet who said that the Repugs and Dems are the same, both parties of the elites, so this time I’m voting Repug.

Unless you are in the top 20% income bracket for US families – $80,000+, you are insane to vote Republican. They only ever benefit the top 20% income earners.

It’s a plutocratic political party.

I have a lot of respect for folks who make over $80,000/yr and vote Republican out of their economic interests. Or really anyone who votes Republican out of economic interests for whatever logical reason. If you acknowledge that voting Right is bad for your bottom line, but vote Right anyway due to cultural stuff or some other crap, then I respect you.

When voting Republican or supporting them hurts you in the pocketbook, but you think it doesn’t, is where I lose all respect for you. So I have no respect at all for a good 70 million American adult-tards.

Of course it’s the scum Lamestream Media that promotes all of this ignorance by telling people that the two parties are just two different flavors of Baskin Robbins.

Clinton got creamed when he pursued anti-ruling class politics on health care reform. Same with Obama. The Lamestream media keeps Americans ignorant and moronic.

The Communists actually make sense when they advocate nationalizing all the media, since all the rightwing media ever does is lie and confuse people anyway.

Keep in mind that all conservative parties on Earth are liars, and all conservative politics on Earth all history has been based on a Grand Canyon filled in with lies. Conservative politics is plutocratic politics. It only benefits the ruling class of society and their hanger on’s, at most the top 20% of society. Everyone else loses. We have proven this so many times that we ought to enshrine it as Law not Theory. It’s as good as Newton’s by now.

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82 thoughts on “Republicans and Democrats: Pepsi and Coke?”

  1. Robert, first of all, let me clarify again, since (not trying to be a dick here) you did not get what I was trying to say the first time around.

    I am IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, endorsing Republicans. I have absolutely nothing but contempt for them or the neocons who run them. They’ve bankrupted this country, gotten us involved in illegal wars, etc.

    I have NEVER voted for them and NEVER WILL.

    Okay, glad we got that out of the way.

    That being said, there are a few problems with your article.

    Most Democrats I know certainly don’t vote for them because they are voting for the party of elites. Are you kidding?


    But then again, how many Republicans do you think are consciously thinking to themselves, “let’s vote for this party because they’re elites.”

    Sure, the rich ones do. But the Southern bubba? I’m sure the first thing that comes to his mind isn’t, “I’m voting for all these rich guys.”

    I agree with you about the lamestream media and how they misinform people.

    However, many radical leftists (including Ralph Nader, who many far leftists voted for in 2000) say that the Republicans and Democrats are really just two sides of the same coin.

    They both are ruled by corporate interests, the Israel lobby, special interests, etc.

    Again, I am hardly endorsing the Republicans, contrary to your belief.

    But the Democrats aren’t exactly wonderful either.

    You should read some more (avoiding all the Cultural Marxist BS. Outside of that, counterpunch has some good stuff)

    1. Evil, less of two. Pragmatics.

      Plus there is a lot of wiggle room inside the Democratic caucus, ranging from actual progressives to douchebag corporatists. The only democratic socialist in congress (Bernie Sanders) is technically independent, but he caucuses with the Democrats and for all intents and purposes is a Democrat.

      Republicans, on the other hand, pretty much range from secular plutocrats to nutcase religious extremist plutocrats. That’s it.

  2. Back when he was still a decent sort, Christopher Hitchens wrote a book exposing Bill Clinton for the plutocrat sellout he was his whole adminstration.Nafta outsourcing and brutal attacks on Christian Serbia, that’s what Bill was all about.

    1. Nafta outsourcing and brutal attacks on Christian Serbia, that’s what Bill was all about.

      Yeah, Bill “I feel your pain” Clinton was hardly a saint.

      He was also part of the shameful campaign to extort money from European countries as part of the Holocaust Industry.

      I don’t need to read Hitchens’ book to know that Clinton wasn’t exactly a wonderful leader.

      I mean, better than most Republicans (such as Reagan or Dubya), to be sure. But then again, one of the main reasons the economy did so well under his administration was the silicon valley boom. It’s not like he brilliantly rescued the economy.

    1. Yeah, I don’t like the Tea Party tools either.

      1. Where the hell were they during Dubya’s administration? You know, when he was in the process of bankrupting this country?

      2. Many of them are a bunch of useless Glenn Beck clones. They don’t realize that mainstream conservatives like him are laughing all the way to the bank.

      3. My main problem with them is that they’re a white movement but they’re unwilling to embrace their whiteness and openly declare themselves a white movement.

      As a result, they get as many Uncle Tom’s and Tio Taco’s as possible to attend their rallies as a way to “prove” that they’re not “racist.”

      Fools! Don’t they get it? They’re going to be called racist no matter what they do. They’re white people in a white movement, so they’re racist by definition!

      (yeah, I know Alpha disagrees with my assertion that “racist” simply means white person, but the evidence in favor of my position is pretty damning)

      Seriously, why the hell do they continue to pathetically pander to blacks? Do they honestly think that getting dancing Sambos like Lloyd Marcus will attract blacks to their movement?

      Newsflash to them: 95% of blacks voted for Obama, so they’re hardly going to join their anti-Obama Tea Party crusade.

      Black people LIKE big government, liberal/Democratic style affirmative action programs, other forms of “social justice” and government spending, etc.

      (although, in certain social issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, black people are actually pretty conservative. As Boyce Watkins once said, blacks are the most conservative members of the Democratic party. It’s my theory that to the extent that blacks are lefties, it’s only out of their own racial self-interest, since lefties support black causes. Blacks couldn’t give two shits about the plight of gays or anyone else not black. And to the extent that they do care, they only do it as a way to form a “people of color” coalition against whites, which again, is purely out of self-interest. I mean, not that I mind ethnocentric self-interest. I wish we whites were more ethnocentric and self-interested. But anyway, I digress)

      The Tea Party poopers need to

      1) Get informed and smell what’s burning! I mean, geez, they look like complete idiots/Glenn Beck clones.

      2) Go after ALL elites, liberal and conservative alike. That way, they’ll get to the core of the real problem and avoid the charge of hypocrisy.

      3) And for god sake, stop denying that they’re a white movement. Stop vainly displaying these Uncle Tom’s in order to try to “prove” that they’re not “racist.”

      You’re white. Accept it! Embrace it!

      But anyway, in a nutshell, I don’t have a high opinion of the Tea Party. Neither do many people, be they liberals, lefties, or white nationalists.

        1. Not yet.

          I don’t have any headphones to hook up to my computer and my mom’s around.

          Let’s just say that she wouldn’t exactly be too thrilled if she heard me listening to Alex Linder! 🙂

          I’ll have to wait to listen to it after she leaves the house!

        2. It’s hilarious. He looks like a SWPL liberal, but in fact he gives one of the most un-PC speeches ever (to put it mildly).

        3. LOL. My neighbors who I cant stand, are having a bat mitzvah party in their garden. I think Im going to take this outside and blast it.

        4. Alex Linder is tedious although I liked this profile:

          “Alex Linder is the most prominent white nationalist on the internets. He was born a poor black child but lives today in Kirksville, Missouri, where men are men and lovers are cousins and know better than to mess with football. ”

          My G-d, what a country.. where a poor Black child can grow up to be a Neo-Nazi.

  3. “I think Im going to take this outside and blast it.”

    That’s the spirit. Show them who’s boss. Do not let that mitzvah music skank up the neighborhood.

    1999. Smells Like Teen Spirit. Pour Some Sugar on Me. Screw You, Jew (A classic misheard lyric) One Bad Apple (The Osmands). Finale is Wagner “Ride of the Valkyrie”. Loud and sweet.

  4. Rob, how would you classify me politically and ideologically? I consider myself as having an eclectic mix of far-right and far-left beliefs.

    1. I’m not going to answer for Robert, but I think you have an interesting mix of views.

      You’re an Asian nationalist, and yet you respect other nationalists, such as white nationalists and black nationalists.

      (same with me. I too respect nationalists from other races)

      1. I accidentally clicked submit, so I’ll add on.

        You’re very nationalist and far right in many ways, yet you’re progressive on issues of economic justice and also decry the evils of American imperialism.

        (although being anti-American imperialism isn’t exactly a leftist position. WN’s from Sam Francis onward have also denounced American imperialism)

        You have views similar to Tom Metzger, in many ways. Very nationalistic and far right in a racial sense, yet progressive in an economic and foreign policy sense.

        1. 3P is considered fascism, but it has Left elements. Fascism is a Right philosophy. Some of these movements are weird because they are hard to put into Right or Left. North Korea has heavy fascist elements.

        2. It’s right on racial/other social issues, but more left leaning on economic and foreign policy issues.

        3. This might sound inconsistent, but my ideological views lead me to be anti-Soviet, pro-German before 1945 and pro-Soviet, anti-U.S. after 1945, with the Cold War.

    1. I mean, then could get there own homeland, and making “aliyah” would be more than just a sexual position.

    2. I don’t think a homosexual nationalistic state could work. Since straight couples can have gay kids and lesbian women using sperm from gay men can have straight kids, the line of separation would be very thin.

      1. Too bad the gays and lesbians wouldn’t attempt to actually have sex for procreation. That would be a weird blast to watch.

        I bet you video-tape it, and sell the DVD’s. There must be some fringe market for that kind of porn. I bet people in the Midwest would buy it in droves.

    3. Cyrus I had suggested to Lindsay that the international homosexual community should build a refuge for gays but he thought it was ridiculous.

      1. I believe they already have. It’s called Long Beach, CA.

        There are more boutiques than people in this town…

        1. I used to live there. I lived a mile away from the university in the Traffic Circle on Park Avenue or Park Street when I was going to Cal State Long Beach. I graduated from there. The gay district is down near Broadway. I forget what they call it, but it’s huge. Must be 30,000 gays there, cruising up and down at all hours of the day and night. It’s so weird.

        2. Sounds like the place hasn’t changed much since your time there. Nowadays, it is pretty much everywhere from 4th on down to Ocean in Belmont shore.

  5. This might sound inconsistent, but my ideological views lead me to be anti-Soviet, pro-German before 1945 and pro-Soviet, anti-U.S. after 1945, with the Cold War.

    That ideology is derived from anti-Semitism, so it’s not very consistent. Before 1945, the Germans were the enemies of International Jewry, and the USSR was its home base. After WW2, the US become ground zero of International Jewry, and the USSR become its enemies.

    Not much of a political philosophy. The whole thing has anti-Semitism as its political driver, which is kind of ridiculous for a world geopolitics view. It implies that the Jews are the main problem in the world, which is ridiculous.

        1. Than I’m consistent am I not? I’ve always detested the British Empire for instance. And the Third Reich was always a land-based continental power, as was the USSR.

    1. “It implies that the Jews are the main problem in the world, which is ridiculous.”


      You’ve got fpy all wrong. All wrong. You’ve not understood the intricacies here. The resolution of paradoxes. fpy is both an anti-semite and pro-ridiculousness as comprehensive world political viewpoint. I’m on to you fpy, I’m on to you.

  6. Explain to me what he means Robert.

    He supports empires, just not the US one after WW2 or the USSR one before WW2. Instead he supported the German Empire pre 1945 and the USSR empire after 1945 in opposition to their rivals. That’s sort of a National Bolshevik thing, but not really. More Yockeyite weirdness.

    Me? I’m an anti-imperialist! Period.

    1. On the Japanese empire, my feelings are mixed and conflicted. On the one hand, they allied with National Socialist Germany and stood up to Uncle Sam in the Pacific. On the other hand, their Nanking behavior and their medical experiments were fucking sick.

      1. FPY, I’m just curious as to how you could embrace Nazi Germany, from a purely nationalistic and anti-Jewish perspective.

        Don’t you realize that it’s because of the holocaust that Jews get to constantly whine, scream “anti-Semitism!”, extort European countries for money, screw up our foreign policy in favor of Israel, etc?

        Don’t you also realize that it’s because of Nazi Germany’s extremes that all forms of nationalism (at least in the western world) are now taboo and regarded as pathological?

        From a purely nationalistic and Jew critical perspective, Hitler was the worst thing to come along.

        1. Well that’s what happens when the entire world gangs up on you (US, UK, USSR) and you lose the war. But he set an example in history that can’t be denied.

        2. But still, why the hell was Hitler bombing the British, Russians, and his fellow whites?

          I mean, that’s what sucks about Nordicism. Even though Russians are white and are today more proud and nationalistic than their American and Western European counterparts, Hitler hated them!

          I mean, WTF?!

          Like Robert, I’m a pan-Aryanist.

          But anyway, I absolutely detest Hitler and his legacy.

          I posted a comment as to why on Jew Among You’s blog a while back, and I don’t feel like repeating it, but I’ll list just one of many reasons. This one in particular will resonate with you.

          Because of Hitler and Nazism, the Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory was forced to flee. And guess where they came? Here! So, it’s partially Hitler’s fault that we Americans have to put up with Cultural Marxism!

        3. This is my position. From a White ethnocentric POV, the Nazis totally fucked up. Any White ethnocentrism and White advocacy and questioning of Jewish bad behavior and overreach will be proscribed and tainted for the rest of my lifetime and probably much longer. The Nazis were the worst thing that ever happened to Whites. Furthermore, anti-Semites and especially Nazis created Israel.

          Not to mention the human tragedy of what they did.

        4. Hitler came to dislike Russians because of their Jewish-run Soviet government. And of course Britain and France declared war on Germany first for the weakest of reasons.

        5. Not only that, but the fact that the WN movement in the US has been almost completely taken over by Nazis and pro-Nazis means that these tools are going to lose lose lose lose lose.

          Most White Americans are proud to be White and want White culture to survive. But there is no movement for them because 90% of the pro-White groups are fuckin Nazis!

          And most White Americans hate hate hate hate Nazis with a furious passion.

          I can’t think of a bigger way to fuck up your movement than to support NAZIS of all people. Nazis are like the most hated people in the US, and have been for decades.

        6. Rob, that just means Americans are stupid and brainwashed. When has Germany ever attacked the United States? It was Japan that attacked America, not Germany.

        7. Because of Hitler and Nazism, the Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory was forced to flee. And guess where they came? Here! So, it’s partially Hitler’s fault that we Americans have to put up with Cultural Marxism!

          Yeah not only that, but the Holocaust sent the Frankfurt School into an insane frenzy of rage against White Gentile society as irredeemably infected with anti-Semitism and therefore evil. So they spent the rest of their lifetimes writing crazy theories about the inherent evil of White Gentile societies, mostly because we are anti-Semites, but they never said that. But that’s what was driving it.

          So Hitler really gave the Frankfurt School as massive fuel injection. IOW, the Nazis created Cultural Marxism.


        8. Rob, when has NS Germany ever attacked America? What reasons do Americans for hating a country that they had no business fighting?

        9. Seriously, one of the reasons why I’m not a dogmatic WN (even though if you had to strictly place me in any category, it would clearly be WN) is because of their lunatic embrace of Hitler and Nazism.

          Fools! Don’t they realize that those scum are responsible for many of the problems whites face today?

      1. True, but to me, one’s views always relate to one’s personal experience.

        For me, I developed my WN views (although I’m less dogmatic and have calmed down, as opposed to last week. Taking a break from anti-racist blogs really calmed me. But I digress) as a result of my negative experiences with non-whites (mainly blacks) and Cultural Marxism.

        I’m just wondering what moment in your life led you to embrace such views? To me, there’s always something personal involved.

        1. Well I once had to take a school bus with a bunch of Jews in 3rd grade. Of course, back then, I didn’t really know what Jews were, although I thought it was strange that they all had jet black hair like me, whereas the regular white kids I knew always had lighter colored hair than I. So my first perspective of Jews was from a racialist perspective; I could give two shits about their hocus pocus religion.

        2. Not necessarily Judeo-centric, just that they cause too much trouble in proportion to their small numbers. Francis Parker Yockey for instance.

        3. Not necessarily Judeo-centric, just that they cause too much trouble in proportion to their small numbers.

          Lafayette suggested that a feasible solution to the Jew Question in the US could be a military coup followed by the execution of the top 100,000 or so US Jews, accompanied by Nuremberg Law style restrictions on Jews. Do you agree that this would be a reasonable solution?

        4. David
          Of course not-it would reverse the trend of assimilation among young jews and radicalize future generations of jews to come.

  7. Well more specifically from 1948 to 1953 onwards.
    The Stalinist purges against “rootless cosmopolitans” (aka rootless commie Jews) for one thing. Also, they slowly started reviving the Orthodox Church and traditional Russian culture after 1945. The USSR after 1945 ceased being an internationalist, rootless commie state and instead became a reborn version of the old Russian Empire of the Romanovs.

    1. Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about and come across the work of Francis Parker Yockey?

      Before talking to you, I’ve never even heard of him, and I’m into these nationalist thinkers/scholars/thinkers.

    2. I did NOT suggest that. Bobby Fischer advocated that. I said that there’s something to be said for it. That’s not the same as advocating it. Anyway, I pointed out that it’s not an option because the military are as firmly under control as the the civilian government, and the jews/Israelis have access to all the command and control codes, and all the communication systems.

  8. Answering for him, I would say Doctor’s Plot, Campaign against Rootless Cosmopolitanism, Zionology and all that crap. Stalin turned on the Jews after the formation of Israel and the Russian Jews embrace of Israel. Stalin didn’t care about that per se, but Israel quickly lined up with the West. That meant that Russian Jews were supporting the enemy.

    I don’t think Stalin cared about Jews per se, just that he was a paranoid guy who did not tolerate opposition and was paranoid of traitors.

    During that period, he executed some top Yiddish writers and poets (Terrible!) and then there was the Doctor’s Plot. The Jews say he was getting ready to deport them when he was killed, I mean died.

    There is a famous quote from Stalin at that time. A colleague asks him why he is going after the Russian Jews. He answers, “You don’t understand! They are all Zionists!”

    Stalin was right in a way. Some of the Jews in the East Bloc started spying for the US right away after 1948. Bastards.

      1. I don’t quite understand the value that you place on traditionalism and religion within society. It’s a very reactionary force.

      2. It gives meaning and a sense of purpose to society. Without it, things quickly degenerate and your nation is in danger of losing its will to exist and survive.

    1. I don’t know about Russian Jews spying for the US, but there were a number in the East Bloc for sure. That came out recently. I got that info from Debka of all places. The Israeli website run by ex-Mossad. Hardly anti-Semites who lie about the Jews.

  9. It gives meaning and a sense of purpose to society. Without it, things quickly degenerate and your nation is in danger of losing its will to exist and survive.

    See, this is classic fascist thinking, fascist use of words, fascist phraseology, fascist imagery. This is what I hate. Fascism is the enemy.

      1. We are Leftists. Our position is that nations need liberation, not fascist national consolidationism and forced fascist assimilation of minorities. This is why we support national liberation movements around the globe.

        The Soviets liberated all of the nations of the USSR. They gave them the right to use their languages, even in education and higher education. They gave them free right to use their cultures freely. They designed alphabets and set up publishing houses for most of the languages of the USSR. Local culture was promoted as long as it was not backwards and reactionary, in which case efforts were made to discourage it.

        You don’t get it. Fascists, and really most nations on Earth are fascist these days, repress national minorites, are insanely nationalistic, and force assimilation on national minorities, destroying their languages and cultures. In a word, fascists repress and destroy.

        Leftists liberate and create. We set national minorities free, allow them the use of their languages and their cultures and religions. We don’t force assimilation on anyone, but people need to learn the national language. In the USSR, you took Russian every year in school. We Leftists are not insanely nationalistic, repressing local minorities, regions and cultures. We set them free and liberate them.

        In the worst cases, we allow them right to self-determination to even go free. Gorbachev was one of the greatest Leftists that ever lived because he gave the republics the right to self-determination and national liberation.

        1. Gorbachev also gravely damaged Russia’s security interests and prestige. Are you saying Russians were better off under Yeltin’s gangster clique?

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