Leykis Vs. a Middle Aged Woman Caller


This is even meaner and more misogynistic than the last one, but it’s funny as Hell. The woman goes nuts, starts bitching him out, ranting and raving, and he just turns her volume down and steamrolls right over her.

I must say, middle aged women who are losing their looks need to try to make up for it in other ways. Like being nicer. For every 5 points you lose in looks on a 1-100 scale, you need to gain 5 points in personality. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to give us a reason to go out with you, right?

I will say that the angry middle aged woman is not solely an American thing. I’ve met them originally form the Philippines, Peru, Colombia, Bulgaria and Japan at the very least. I guess they have a lot to be pissed off about. But they’re competing with young women. Young women have them beat on looks. So where does the middle aged woman compete?

Personality. It shouldn’t be hard because a lot of beautiful young women are pretty mean and bitchy. Why? Because they can afford to be. If you’re young and beautiful, you can have the personality of a wolverine and they guys will still stampede over each other to receive your tirades and mistreatment in hopes of the side dish at the end of the bitch meal.

Young woman has looks. She doesn’t need personality. It’s nice if she has one, but it’s no requirement. Middle aged woman is losing looks or hasn’t any anymore, so she needs personality. Right? Instead they get meaner and meaner. Mean and homely is two thumbs down. Screw that. There’s always Internet porn and your hand.

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2 thoughts on “Leykis Vs. a Middle Aged Woman Caller”

  1. Women in the Seattle area are especially bad. Hateful and prejudiced towards men. I say “prejudiced” because women I do not know scream hate at me, on the street and other places, not knowing me, but just seeing I am a man. Or are just rude in stores. So many middle aged women I do not know have come up unseen behind me to rudely tell me to get out of their way. I never saw them, did not know them, yet they hate my presence, as if they are the queen, and I am a peasant who should be far out of their paths.

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