I Guess I Must Be a Pedophile

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This scholar, Tobias Hübinette, a doctoral student as Stockholm University, has written papers suggesting that Western men who are Asiaphiles, have Yellow Fever, etc. are actually pedophiles deep down inside. Or, as he puts it, “…what drives (Western man’s) fetishism with Asian women is quite simply paedophile tendencies.”

The usual PC morons are calling the poor guy a racist, and I haven’t even the foggiest idea why.

He also says that the hip trend of Whites adopting East Asian kids is part of a long tradition of colonial oppression.

The university’s legal department is investigating him and he may face charges of reverse racism, whatever the Hell that means. What does that mean, “face charges”?

I still don’t understand why this guy’s work is seen as racist, but to PC dolts, just about everything is. I guess the Sun is racist because it shines on those poor Third World countries so hard and makes them sweat and get tired and stuff.

All these years I’ve been romping around with Asian women, and it turns out I was really a serial child molester. I never realized that pedophilia could be so much fun.

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12 thoughts on “I Guess I Must Be a Pedophile”

  1. “reverse racism” !!!!!

    I love that phrase, along with its equally inane partner, “reverse discrimination”. Only a pc-whipped liberal could mangle the language so.

    BTW, I never heard of this story before, so I went and Binged this fella Tobias Hubinette; he is actually of Korean descent, presumably adopted as a baby. Poor guy. Definitely conflicted. He should lighten up. Hell, if I knew that guys all over the world were going gaga over Irish chicks I would sense a little frisson of ethnic pride!

  2. The man is on to something about the adoption of Asian kids by whites, but the critique is off. Unlike 30-50 years ago, most Asian kids adopted today are adopted by well-to-do white liberals. Furthermore, by an overwhelming margin, most of the Asian children adopted are girls. There are noble motives, for sure, in the adoption of so many Asian girls by white liberals but I believe that there is more than enough egoism and narcissism involved too.

    30-50 years ago, most Asian kids were adopted by middle class to working class couples. I would bet that a disproportionate amount of the men in such couples had spent time in the military in Asia. Moved by the orphans and poor street kids that they encountered over there, and motivated by their love of kids these men and their wives adopted Asian kids. Overall the gender mix of the adoptees was 50/50 male/female.

    Well things have changed over the past 10-20 years. I would say that most adoptive parents of Asians are now are liberals from the upper-middle to the upper class stratum. Many of the adoptive parents are single women. Some are gay men. The overwhelming majority of the children adopted are girls.

    What’s going on? Why has the demographic profile of the parents changed so much? Why are the overwhelming majority of the adoptees girls? Because so many woman have deferred marriage and pregnancy in favor of “career”, many well-to-do liberals find themselves unable either physically or emotionally to go through pregnancy and childbirth. Adoption is a safe choice. And since the Asian girl as an archetype has the characteristics valued for societal success (smarter than average, better looking than average, or at least conforming to the white ideal of pleasing features: fair to moderately brown skin, straight, silky hair, a slim physique…), adopting them is an easy choice. Why not Asian boys? Hell no. Society (led by media images) sees Asian boys as hopelessly beta. They are ridiculed as nerdy, soft, gameless, almost asexual. This will change in the future, as Asians gain more power of the white man, but for now this is the perception. And if nothing else, we know that well-to-do liberals are slaves to popular perception.

    The adoption of Asian girls by Americans should be banned. If an American couple wishes to adopt an Asian child, fine, there are plenty of boy orphans who need loving homes. Adoption should not be a mechanism to stroke liberal vanity. Furthermore, because of selective abortion, there is an enormous imbalance in the number of boys born to girls in most of Asia. As it stands, many Asian males will never find a mate. Why make matters worse by spiriting away potential mates? It is unjust for Asian males to have future mates taken away for the amusement of well-to-do Americans.

    1. Don’t so sure of yourself.

      Check out Asian male out partnering rates in 2010 US Census. It’s almost level with Asian females. Catch up, guy. There’s a stud Asian male in law in your future.

      I used to think Asians would have to take over America using the Anglo model of native displacement. Now I see the proper way is the Spanish model. Sex out the natives.

  3. “Hans Aili, head of the department, told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet : ‘I see these texts as personal musings rather than scholarly research.'”


    Daniel, the reason Americans like to adopt from China is because Chinese orphanages are more competent than those in Eastern Europe, Latin America or Africa. Children are less likely to be born with birth defects or AIDS or to be neglected in the orphanage. The reason for selecting females is that females are just more readily available in China and Chinese people are not willing to give up their boys. The idea that white liberals are oppressing Asians is PC bullshit. Tobias Hubinette can write what ever he wants on his dollar, but Universities should not spend the time and money promoting this shit.

  4. Hey, speaking of Chinese babies, what did Chinese parents name their retarded newly born baby?

    Sum Ting Wong.

  5. Hubinette’s main argument regarding transracial adoption is that it robs children of their native culture and regards their native country as third world and backwards. Firstly this is not true. My cousin is a Chinese adoptee and her parents go out of their way to expose her to Chinese culture. She went to Chinese adoptee groups, celebrated the Chinese New Year and now she is studying Chinese. Liberal multiculturalists go out of their way to expose their children to their native culture. And with regards to adoptive parents deeming their children’s native country backward, as I stated before, the reason many Western families adopt children from China is because their orphanages are considered more competent by Western standards. Secondly, shouldnt that be true of any adoption regardless of the racial status? All children regardless of their race should be exposed to their biological environment.

    Armenia has an interesting adoption policy. Preference is given to westerners of Armenian descent and non Armenians must agree to expose their child to Armenian culture and raise their child in the Armenian tradition.

    1. >>non Armenians must agree to expose their child to Armenian culture and raise their child in the Armenian tradition.

      Whoo, they might regret that diktat. I guess the adoption authorities in Armenia have never heard of the Kardashian sisters.

      Generally speaking I like Armenians. I know there are some wannabe mafia types in the recent bunch that have come from the disintegrated USSR, but largely they just get down to life without too many complaints (there is more than a little justification for their animus towards the Turks.)

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