Hot Black Chicks: Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall, Black anchorwoman on MSNBC.

Alpha was wondering when I’m going to start posting some hot Black women pics a while back.

I wasn’t sure, because my concept of Black female beauty is so screwed up. At first glance, a lot of them look pretty damn good, but then you look again, and think, “But she’s Black,” and you automatically take 5

Anyway, now and again, I find a Black woman who looks pretty killer and doesn’t set off my Stupid Filter that I was socialized with.

Tamron Hall, anchorwoman for MSNBC, is one. Damn this woman is beautiful! Just out of curiosity, how much White does she have in her? About as much as the average Black?

Where do White nationalists get off saying all Black women are ugly anyway? Fuck them!

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60 thoughts on “Hot Black Chicks: Tamron Hall”

  1. Eh, she’s okay.

    I guess I just don’t like the short hair.

    For me, personally, my initial lack of interest in black girls wasn’t so much that whole “blacks are ugly” line you’re using (been reading your CRT I see!), but the fact that many black girls were either

    a) overweight
    b) ghetto and obnoxious
    c) the attractive ones in middle and high school (at least in my experience) were mixed race.

    Although based on personal observation following middle and high school, I have seen more attractive black women.

    Otherwise, the black women I find attractive are either models or celebrities.

    There was one black girl in a summer school class of fine who was fucking hot and wore a super short skirt that when she bent down, you could see her thong! Sexy!

    (yeah, I know, I’m a pervert! :))

  2. She’s clearly a babe. No ifs, ands, or buts. A tragic loss that WNs can’t see this. What more evidence do you need that WNs are losers?

    BTW, there’s sometimes a family resemblence between hot Asian women and black women. You can clearly see some Asian features on this hottee. And her eyes are enhanced by her skin color. Nice effect. Something only black women have.

  3. If her hair were longer and I had a picture of her wearing a sexy skirt, then my interest would be aroused!

  4. Hey Robert, you should post sexy photos of Miss Botswana and other African women who competed in the Miss Universe competition.

    Fellow pervs, get ready to jack off! Lol! 🙂

  5. Coming up with a list of hot black chicks isn’t hard.

    Now Robert, the next challenge would be to come up with a list of hot JAP (ie. Jewish American Princess) women. Much harder!

    The one Jewish woman that turns me on is Princess Leia in her slave outfit.

    1. Thats what the jewish men in hollywood want you to think. A beautiful jewish woman will never be cast a such. Hollywood portrays jewish women as FemiNAZIs, and foolish overbearing mothers. The last time a jewish woman won Miss America was in 1945. But obviously youve never been inside New England Hebrew Academy for Girls. Were sending one girl to America’s next top model.

      1. Hmm, what specific examples of anti-JAP propaganda emanating from Hollywood can you point to?

        Wow, I guess all non-Jewish men have a beef with Jewish run Hollywood! Even Jewish women don’t like it!

        1. This fight between Jewish men and Jewish women has been going on forever. I can show you articles from the Jewish press in New York 100 years ago that talk about this, Jewish men complaining of the stereotypical Jewish woman.

          In their favor, I would like to say that Jewish women are very nurturing. And I think based on personal experience that they are very Stand By Your Man types.

          The negative stuff is she’s a dominating shrew, she’s always badgering him to make more money, she’s insanely materialistic, she’s a bitch, she reminds him of his Mom, she’s vain, insecure and thinks she’s ugly (because she’s not a blond), she loves to spend money but has somewhat cheap and tacky taste as far as jewelry and clothing.

          That’s about it.

          Stereotype of Jewish guys: Wimpy yet paradoxically oversexed, don’t like Jewish women, always chase blond shiksas, etc.

        2. The negative stuff is she’s a dominating shrew, she’s always badgering him to make more money, she’s insanely materialistic, she’s a bitch, she reminds him of his Mom, she’s vain, insecure and thinks she’s ugly (because she’s not a blond), she loves to spend money but has somewhat cheap and tacky taste as far as jewelry and clothing.

          Well, based on this, I’d certainly say that the negatives outweigh the positives.

          Stereotype of Jewish guys: Wimpy yet paradoxically oversexed

          Lol! Maybe that’s why they’re so heavily involved in the porn industry, including Ron Jeremy.

        3. I read a work by child author Judy Blume of all people, that very much highlighted an odd “hatred” between Jewish women, and Jewish men.

          Though hardly unique to that particular culture, it was still a fascinating read.

          She described Jewish men in a manor that perhaps only an ex-girlfriend of mine could describe me. 🙂

    2. No way man. Check out that Pamela Geller chick we were talking about in the other thread. She runs the Atlas Shrugs site. She has a fucking killer body too. I wonder if she had a boob job.

      1. I don’t know about that.

        She didn’t look that good to me. Her body’s all right, but her face is ugly.

        1. I mean, Robert, I agree with you about many sexy black women and disagree with the dogmatic WN “black women are ugly” line, but I cannot agree with you here.

          I mean, really? You really think that she looks hot in those photos?

          I don’t know, man.

        2. BAG,

          LOL. Robert’s high opinion of Geller is seriously bringing a wtf reaction in me too. Both pics look like someone played around with Photoshop picture distort features. That can’t really be her. Robert’s lost me here.

      2. You know, I just don’t find her attractive in the least. Not at all.

        I think the reason is because she would have me sent to an internment camp if give the chance, I think…

      3. I guess there are no more “true” blk people in this country since all of us “aren’t that blk” or “mixed” anyway. I guess you guys better come up with a new name for us then.

        *bag raises hand and jumps out of his seat*

      4. Let’s see. Good new name for blacks. Man, you guys have already gone through so many.

        Let’s see:

        -New Negro (mainly among early 20th century black radicals)
        -Afro American
        -African American
        -People of Color

        Hmm…this is a tough one indeed.

        Let’s see, what is related black but would also fit in with my delightfully wicked racist sense of humor? The dilemma’s killing me!

        All right, here it is…

        From now on, I, BAG, decree that blacks be called tar people.

  6. No way she looks like a horse. But check out Esther Pechak next season on America’s next top model. One of our very own.

    1. – Jewish women look alright to me generally (quite a few good looking actresses, though I can’t really think of any that I think are really outstanding and interesting looking rather than just generically pretty right now) but I don’t think this is the best example to be choosing (she has a bit of strange Sarah Silvermanly face IMO).

  7. Hey Robert, remember that music video you posted of that black woman who did the sexy dance and then went home with that guy and got violated?

    That video of her was pretty sexy.

  8. Nice post.

    I would notice from time to time that Robert posted videos of beautiful women – such as beautiful Georgian women, beautiful Kazakh women, and so forth.

    I wondered why he never posted videos of beautiful women from various Black countries, or beautiful Black American women, for that matter.

    That’s what I was curious about.

  9. “The negative stuff is she’s a dominating shrew, she’s always badgering him to make more money, she’s insanely materialistic”

    Are you kidding. At least jewish women have college degrees and professions and are willing to work. Blonde shiksas quit their job the minute they marry a jewish man.

    Jewish men always portray jewish women as ugly. Attractive jewish women are never cast as jews. Sometimes they use ugly girls jewish or gentile to portray jewish women.

  10. super hot. white-girl hot. but she looks too white…she doesn’t count as a black girl. must have a lot of white genes in her background.

    1. oftentimes a good guess for these super-sexy black girls is Guyanese. i think that the places where Indian indentured servants mingled with the slaves…that’s a really attractive mix. booty, dick-sucking lips, almond eyes…very very hot.

      maybe other nations favor that african/indian mix but i am no expert. Guyana biased.

    2. She doesn’t look white to me at all. I’ve seen black women, including pure black Africans with those features. Its just too hard for you to admit that a black chick can be as hot as a white girl to you, huh? She actually has to be white now, even when she’s CLEARLY of predominant black African descent? Have you been brainwashed to think that a black woman can’t be beautiful that instead of just admitting that this woman is black AND beautiful to you, you would rather just refuse to acknowledge that she is black even though anybody with two eyes can clearly see that she is? Racism is funny because it causes people to say such stupid, illogical things.

  11. I always thought this lady was freakin’ hot. There is also a white red head lady with the same hair cut. Makes me say yummy.

  12. Reading the tagline at the bottom and expecting it to be something coming out of her mouth and the rest of the standard spiel you’d expect to go with it kinda drops her hotness like a stone…

    She’s cute (in a looks like one of Cosby’s extended family on his show kind of way, at least to a European), but I just tend to find lighter and/or more tan skin hotter than that (naturally darker skin doesn’t seem to have the same quality as tanned skin) and I like the Caucasoid face shape. Black girls aren’t auto-ugly, just have to have more of the stuff that doesn’t break down strongly by race that I think looks good (bouncy skin, large eyes relative to face, generally good proportions) and some things that they have advantages in but aren’t really racial (curves) and that they don’t (slenderness of bone, muscle and fat).

    And in practice that means a very small minority of Black girls fall into the *really* good looking category for me (there’s more overlap in the good looking relative to average person category). Or at least that’s my overanalytical way of putting it.

  13. Black girls generally need a touch of non-black in them to look very good.. For instance Naomi Campbell has a bit of Chinese. The ideal seems to look almost South Asian – euro facial structure with dark skin. This is heightened by the fact that the wigs black women wear are from south Asian hair…. I wonder if black women know or care that the wigs and weaves they wear come from Hindu ceremonies where pious women ‘sacrifice’ their hair, and the temple makes a handsome profit selling it to self-hating black women. Racial insecurity is big business.

    A drop of non-jew ancestry also does wonders with Jewish women’s looks. But jewish women can usually afford a plastic surgeon to help with self-Aryanization – see Natalie Portman. Though there are one or two exceptions, like Rachel Weisz. As regards to character, they are generally regarded by the Shkotzim as being like more bookish and whiney Italians. But the same is true with the men.

  14. She’s pretty, but in a plebeian Target/K-Mart model kind of way. Looks like a banker type or something. I like women with a little more edge to their style. I’d hit it regardless.

    1. The thing is, she’s kind of a chunker, though not too bad. She’s done advertising for Jenny Craig I think. I don’t mind thick girls at all though…prefer it actually, but in some pictures she’s pushing the line between thick and just plain fat. Even still, there’s something just sexy as hell about her IMO. She’s not the prettiest sista out there, but she knows how to work what she’s got really well.

  15. I guess there are no more “true” blk people in this country since all of us “aren’t that blk” or “mixed” anyway. I guess you guys better come up with a new name for us then.

    You all got White in you right?

    Ok, you’re Wegros. No wait, you’re not Black, you’re Whack.

    1. Hey Robert, you know how a lot of white liberals like to think that blacks are really just white people with black skin?

      And yet they’re so radically different in both appearance and behavior!

      I guess a good Liberal Race Realist term for them would be “whack white people.”


  16. Try to understand that African hair, depending on which racial groups in Africa and heritage in Afro-Americans, don’t grow quickly as Cushitic and Afro-Semitic mixed hair do. I think Tamron looks beautiful regardless her short hair but she’d be hotter with the natural soft Afro hair.

    It is correct that there are some beautiful and ugly people of each human race on the earth. Just in the case if you are not familiar with some native African black races, here they are:
    1. Cushitic
    2. Nilotic
    3. Congo-Niger
    4. Xhosa (known as Brushman)
    5. Bantu
    6. Tuareg
    7. Omotic
    8. pygmies
    9. Berber (mixed race)
    10. Abyssianian (Afro-Semitic speaking Ethiopians and Eritreans)

    There are also non-African black races in India, Australia and Pacific islands.

    Anyway, why don’t you white guys take good looking black women with you as wives if you are attracted to them or get tired of white women. 😉

    1. “Anyway, why don’t you white guys take good looking black women with you as wives if you are attracted to them or get tired of white women.”

      They can’t. Read the blogs of black women swirling. To put it politely, they miss the quantity and quality of a black man’s love, if you know what i mean 😉

  17. I steer clear of black women because I have the impression that they are all crazy as sacks of cats, and they never shut the fuck up. The big dark eyes and the big cabooses kind of turn me on. I definitely don’t think they are ugly. Also, I don’t think most black chicks are into white guys. Unless the white guy is exceptionally good looking and rich. And we don’t pack the meat the brothers have. We just don’t. Tamron is a goddess. I used to watch her in the a.m. when she was with Fox on Channel 32.

  18. My current Girlfriend is Black and shes a babe, Ive learned it does not matter what race, there will always be good looking and ugly women in them.

  19. Why do white people assume that pure blacks only have one type of features (broad nose, full lips, wide face)? Apparently many of you have not seriously researched pics from African women in both west and east africa. That ‘asian look’ is actually quite common amongst black Nigerians and slender features are common among blacks in Somolia, Ethiopia, and the Sudan. Tamron Hall is no more ‘mixed’ than the average black woman in the US. She just has features that you may find attractive. If you take a look at people from around the world you will see that no one racial group actually owns any particular facial or body feature. Even though certain features may be more common in certain racial groups, I can assure you that you will find examples of every type of feature, hair, or eye color exhibited in every racial group. There are PURE blooded blacks with blond hair and blue eyes and dark skin. There are whites with broad noses, full lips, and nappy hair. I’m just tired of whites trying to ‘explain away’ their attraction to a black woman by saying she must have a significant amount of white in her (even if she may not). Its just like what you’re saying in your post, you may see an attractive black woman, but instead of just admitting ‘Ok, she’s an attractive woman’ you fold in under the pressure of racism that says that you are SUPPOSED to see blacks as ugly, even when your eyes (and loins) are proving this statement to be FALSE. If you see a woman as attractive, then she is attractive to you- its that simple. You don’t need to explain away your NATURAL attraction for a particular black woman, because white SOCIETY is trying to make you feel like you should think they’re ugly. Think for yourself and stop giving in to peer pressure. No need to undermine her beauty, because you are too scared to tell some racists that you find some black women attractive.

    1. “Why do white people assume that pure blacks only have one type of features (broad nose, full lips, wide face)?”

      They’re just as ignorant about Indians. See the confusion about “Dravidian” and “Dalit”. It would be endearing if coming from a child.

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