More from Wyatt Jewell on Tom Metzger’s Show


Part 2 of Tom Metzger’s interview for Wyatt Jewell. It’s clear that Jewell puts primacy of the class war over his racist beliefs. We do see a bit of his racist beliefs here unfortunately, but they seem to be somewhat subdued.

He went over to Vietnam because he had been brainwashed into thinking he was fighting the Chinese enemies of the Whites. When he got there, he realized he was fighting for the Vietnamese, who were not his people. He said, “Fuck it, I’m not fighting for these people,” and got a honorable discharge. Then he went back home and was involved in street protests, often violent, against the Vietnam War. Good for him!

Metzger admits that, like almost all racist Whites, he supported the US state in the Vietnam War.

Then Jewell went over to Europe where he participated in the Paris 1968 Uprising. He then hitchhiked and rode buses through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan and India.

He makes some racist statements here. He says The Alamo is surrounded by a very low class Latino slum that is downright dangerous, full of criminals, pimps and whores. This isn’t so much racism as White disgust at Latino ghetto trash. There’s a bit of other racist stuff here and there, but it’s clear put on the back shelf to class.

Metzger’s agenda is clear. Metzger says little to nothing about the class war, and he keeps trying to steer Jewell back from class war to race war. Whatever you think of it, race war is just bullshit. It’ll never happen anyway, and it never liberates anyone. All it does is divide the workers, which is another plot the capitalists are always cooking up.

I really like this Jewell guy on class though, with his 1980’s Wobbly Speak.

I’ll take him over 1,000 “non-racist” corporate Republiscums and “anti-racist” bourgeois corporate Democratic National Committee Barack Obama Democraps.

So the guy’s a racist? So what. The only thing that matters to me anymore is class. I’ll ally with this guy in a New York minute. Anti-racist and non-racist bourgeois neoliberals of either party are not my allies!

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17 thoughts on “More from Wyatt Jewell on Tom Metzger’s Show”

  1. Rob, what do you make of his statement near the end about all the Jewish commies who sold out after the war ended and became spoiled yuppie Zionists? And what accent is Metzger speaking in? It sounds like Chicago or some Midwestern accent.

    1. Excellent guess. Metzger is from Indiana. I never even noticed it. It’s not an easy accent to notice.

      I don’t care what happened to the Jews after the war.

      Where all these White racist types during the war? Beating up on hippies protesting the war! The WN movement hates the Counterculture to this very day and most of them support US colonialism, US imperialism and US settler-colonialism. Where was your race during the war? Where were the US Asians? Nowhere.

      No ethnic group stood up and fought against that war like the Jews! Shout out to the Jews for that!

      1. Well there were not many Asians in America during that time, as you should well know. And on Stormfront, they are overwhelmingly against US imperialism and intervention. How do you explain that? You are confusing mainstream conservatives with white nationalists.

        1. Not really. On sites like Amren and Majority Rights, they cheer for South Africa’s colonization of African land, cheer for White colonization of Africa, cheer for the White settler-colonialism and genocide of the Amerindians. On and on. These people are White Supremacists. They think Whites have a right to steamroll over “inferior” races. They’re scum of the Earth fucking garbage.

          And on Stormfront on the Latin American section, they cheer for the settler-colonization of Latin America, give themselves names like Conquistador, etc. These people are no good.

          They’re not any kind of principled anti-imperialists or anti-colonialists at all. Fascists never are. Read some history.

        2. Amren is mainstream conservative Rob. And they are more accurately isolationists, which is good enough for me. The best way to distinguish between mainstream conservatards and white nationalists is whether they kiss up to the kikes.

  2. Rob, on VNN for example, they seem pretty Third Positionist, Yockeyite, anti-imperialist and anti-globalization. Aren’t you confusing white nationalists with mainstream conservatives?

    1. No way! They are 100% Libertardians! Alex Linder is a Libertardian.

      Show me one White nationalist / White Supremacist ever ever ever ever who condemns the invasion and settler-colonization of the US and resulting genocide of the Amerindians.

      Show me one one one one one. Ever! Never seen one yet.

      See? They support settler-colonialism, as long as Whites do it. They’re bastards.

      1. That’s because the genocide of Indians was way in the past. In the present, Alex Linder for instance opposes war in Iraq and wants to stop meddling in other nations’ affairs.

        1. You shouldn’t support it! Only a piece of shit would support that. You’re supposed to say, “Well, it was wrong, but what’s done is done. We feel bad for what we did to the Indians.”

          It’s downright evil to cheer about it, and that’s what 100% of WN’s do, which is why they are trash people.

        2. Then why do they oppose US imperialism in its present form? They take Ron Paulian stances on foreign policy, isolationist basically.

  3. Then why do they oppose US imperialism in its present form? They take Ron Paulian stances on foreign policy, isolationist basically.

    Lots of idiots are isolationists. So what? How does that benefit or harm me? What does US foreign policy do to me anyway? VNN people are Libertardians on economics! Amren people are Libertardian to conservative Republican on economics. Occidental Dissent is Libertardian to rightwing Republican on economics. Stormfront officially supported Libertardian Ron Paul for President.

    What good are these people domestically? On economics, 95%+ of them are Libertardians to rightwing Republicans. They’re useless. White nationalists are basically just contras. They work for the enemy.

    1. Rob, I don’t get what you’re saying. On VNN, they bash the wealthy elites all the time as traitors and moral scum. They hate Wall Street and finance capitalism.

  4. W.A. Carto and the Liberty Lobby his main of a few organizations were always against the Vietnam War and the “racist” intelligentsia also were. I myself took part in an anti-war (mock) war crimes trial in Los Angeles promoted chiefly by Carto, where Black Panthers sat alongside KKKers and commies on the judge panel.

    As for Indians on this continent, it was a mixed bag of excesses on all sides. With Indians warring with each other & having done so perpetually for centuries. Moreover, nomads do not claim the land and cannot.

    As for SA settlement, the land was way more vacant there than, say, Palestine was when the invading Jews arrived.

  5. Fpy3p
    You cant have your cake and eat it too. You cant complain about the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Japanese Internment and then claim there were few Asians at the time of the Vietnam war.

    1. When the fuck have I ever complained about the Chinese Exclusion Act or Jap Internment? I’ve never even mentioned these things.

  6. I read quite some years ago (though not that far back) a prediction that the Jews would eventually turn right, given time — or that the Right would become Jewish, either way. The point was that, historically, the Jews have always fawned on the powerful and depended on the rulers to protect them, while they have feared the wrath of the common people whom they exploited. Recent history, in which they have taken a revolutionary role, supposedly being champions of “the people” has been a reversal of this pattern. But it’s not the normal situation. It’s an anomaly.

    Most Jews came here from Eastern Europe, in this case fleeing the very rulers who would normally have protected them. After all, they murdered the Czar, so the Czars turned against them. Russian Jews came here in poverty and seething with hatred against the ruling classes. They were against everything that was Establishment. Having nothing, they hated anyone with something. So, of course they were communists. They wanted what was your to be theirs.

    But it was predicted that as they gained wealth, and then power, they would turn to the right and eventually become right-wing and even reactionary — which has always been their normal historical position. They would then become The Establishment. Once they are on top, their concern is with keeping what they have, and keeping the masses down. Those “huddled masses yearning to be free” will exist only to be controlled and exploited. By whatever means necessary. No more solidarity and love for “The People”!

    An interesting thought, and we see it coming true. Their affectation of being revolutionaries and champions of the people was only a strategy to stir up the masses and weaken the rulers in order to seize control from the ruling class of gentiles (who were at least from the same population) and appropriate it for themselves, making themselves into the new aristocracy.

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