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More stuff on the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal, from a recent commenter:

Looks like the same old gang is back at it. Here is the link, from a Wikipedia history page, showing actual edits being done to a page. This project is being managed by notorious Jewish POV-pushers Jayjg and SlimVirgin. Those two were notorious when I was editing two years ago and it appears that they are still at it.I had heard a year or two ago that some of the Cabal had adopted the cause of trying to block the famous Jews pages, though that seemed odd at the time.

Apparently, being classic cases of Jewish paranoid-masochistic character*, they are trying to stonewall these articles, especially the ones about wealthy Jews in the US, because they can be used by the evil anti-Semites to insinuate some of those “classic canards about Jewish wealth”, as the ADL loves to phrase it.

So, due to their paranoia about anti-Semites, folks are being prevented from learning some interesting information about Jews in the US who have done quite well for themselves in business. Hey, what’s so bad about that? This is a capitalist country after all, right? And the Jews sure do know how to make money, got to hand it to a sharp businessman.

It’s strange that this stupid project is still ongoing, as I think I heard about it maybe 1-2 years ago.

SlimVirgin is a young Jewish female. Jayjg is a young Jewish male. I believe that they may both be administrators. Both are passionate Jewish nationalists. As you can see from the history page, they have shut almost all of these obviously Jewish prominent businesspeople from the page unless and until actual urls can be tracked down that conclusively prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact Jewish.

Never mind everyone knows Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin and Steve Ballmer are Jews. We gots to prove it.

Strange the obsessions some of these Jewish nationalists get hot for. A casual reader of the Jewish press quickly becomes aware that the Jewish press loves the idea of Jewish business success and is not shy at all about singing the praises of these folks every chance it gets. As well they should in a capitalist society. Hell, gimme some of dat money.

In anticipation of the usual rejoinders:

My experience on Wikipedia showed me clearly that there is some sort of a Jewish Cabal running amok on there unobstructed, and they have seriously damaged most articles dealing with Judaica and Israel – Palestine. I got run out of Wikipedia on faked charges after I blew the whistle on em.

Yes, there are many other folks attempting to form cabals on Wikipedia. None have been allowed any power other than the Jewish Cabal and a Hindutva Cabal from India. What’s up with that, Jimbo Wales?

It was clear to me editing Wikipedia that Wiki is swarming with Jews all over the encyclopedia. Jews are our smartest humans, and their cumulative knowledge is encyclopedic and often polymathic. Most Jews do not have a permanent hardon for Judaica. I assume that most Jews on Wikipedia are just editing stuff on linguistics, computers, butterflies or this or that.

A small group of Jews are heavily involved in editing Judaica and Israel-related stuff. They may number no more than 20-30. It has not been shown that they meet together, but they don’t need to. They came there for a common purpose, and that is what they are each doing – Jewish POV-pushing. They don’t need to hold secret meetings to do that.

That’s probably the way most cabals, and surely Jewish cabals, work in the world. I doubt most hold secret meetings. A lot of media Jews are just Jewish POV-pushers, wittingly or not. They know the line and they push, one after the other. No need for consultation.

Cabals are not automatically conspiracy theory. It is via cabals that any wealth and power is accumulated in any complex human society. The rich and powerful conspire and conspire to make their money and then again to keep from losing it to continuous challengers.

The rest of us conspire too. I and millions of other guys conspire to get women into bed, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Life’s not necessarily on the up and up all the time, you know.

It’s cool that these punks are finally getting outed. Let’s shine the light on them more and more and maybe the Wikipedia admins will appeal to their best impulses and rope these wild horses into the corral.

Got tips for me on the last crap of the Wikipedia Jews, especially with links like this? Keep em coming! Email is on the upper right, or use the comments.

*I do not mean to imply that all Jews have this salient character, however prominent Jewish psychologist Stanley Rothman feels it is prominent amongst Jews. A worthy project of any progressive Jew would be try to wiggle out of this psychopathological suit of armor, I would think.

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2 thoughts on “The Wikipedia Jews”

  1. Well, if you can narrow down the “cabal” to 20-30 people, don’t you think some of them work for a private or governmental intelligence agency? I mean, there is some evidence the CIA has people who patrol wikipedia to maintain their line of events on certain matters, and obviously corporations do this, so certainly the Mossad must have at least a few people who do this.

  2. It’s not just jewpedia. Certainly all mass media including publishing houses are owned and controlled by the Jews. This is enormous power. The minds of the masses, their thoughts, their beliefs, their ‘reality’ is defined by a jewish cabal. We are socially engineered to accept our slavery to the jewish rulers unconditionally. We are not even allow to talk about the jews. We are not even allow to say the word Jew. If 100% of the mass media was owned and controlled by, say, Afro- Americans, folk would rightly say there is a Black conspiracy going on. But the Jewish conspiracy we are not allowed to even think about. It is a thought crime. People in America, and all countries with a Rothschild Central Bank, need to wake up to the fact that we are all nothing but wage slaves to the Talmudic elite. We are not even allowed to talk about it. Strictly TABOO.
    Rob, Belfast.

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