The Wikipedia Jews, 2010 Update

A commenter disputes my notion that Wikipedia is still seriously Jew-fucked by the Wikipedia Jewish Cabal.

Here is my original, and actually now famous, article on the subject: Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia?. The wildly anti-Semitic site Ziopedia actually was inspired to take its name from that article.

Your experiences on Wikipedia sound like they sucked, but I think you are too hasty on exiting the battleground and dismissing Wikipedia as impossibly Jew-corrupted.The fact is, for heavily trafficked articles subject to heavily ideological warfare from all sides, over 99% of edits are reverted regardless of the political affiliation of the edit.

As you know, fights in Wikipedia are long and slow battles of attrition fought mainly on talk pages and through committees. You have to play the game and compromise to get anything done (sort of like real-life politics).

Maybe things have gotten better since I wrote that in April 2006, 4 1/2 years ago. But I doubt it. It’s not true that most articles are huge edit-wars. Most of Wikipedia is fair. There are tons of cabals always trying to get formed, and there actually exist all sorts of cabals, usually nationalist ones, on Wikipedia. But most don’t get anywhere because the admins stop them dead in their tracks via fairness. But for some reason, the Libertardian, Jew and Hindutva Cabals have been able to run amok, probably because Jimbo and his admin pals sympathize with them.

Everyone who was in my boat also got thrown off Wikipedia and banned by the Wiki Jews. I looked into it. It’s a tight cabal, but the group is not large, only 25-30. Also the Wiki Jews deviously sneaked some of their own people into the top echelons of Wikipedia, like admins, etc. Those admins would always side with the Jews on the bans. Also, the Gentiles on Wiki are mostly insanely Judeophilic. Jimbo himself is wildly Zionist and gives speeches before big Jewish groups. He should just convert already. Also, there were a few Gentiles in the Wiki Jew Cabal. One is called Slim Virgin.

I checked back a couple years later and they were still in firm control. Also they had thrown off almost all of the strong pro-Pallie types.

The reverts those shits do was just flat out fuckin vandalism. I changed a lot of their fucked up lie data, using the IDF’s own surveys. This was on pages called Terrorism Against Israelis. Their figures were all lies. I contradicted them via the IDF’s own stuff. I spent hours and hours doing it, and it was all reverted instantly with no debate. I tried to comment, but my comments were immediately deleted or no one would respond to me. Soon after, I was put on a Wikipedia Neo-Nazi List, and soon I was indicted on fake charges and all of my edits were stopped.

I did factual edits on many other subjects before the Jew thing, and they all stayed. Then the evil Wiki Jew Scum went back to all my non-Jewish shit that I worked on for months and reverted all of it out of sheer vandalism. Next they launched fake charges against me to run me up against one of their Wiki Jew Kangaroo Courts. That’s when I posted my Fuck You commentary on my homepage and then life-banned me.

Some concerned Wiki editors said the life-ban was unfair and done for ideological reasons, but the Wiki Jews overruled them.

The Wiki Jew thing is an excellent example of a Jewish conspiracy in real life, how it operates.

I now do edits anonymously on grammar, and 100% of it stays.

I ain’t a masochist. I am not getting a new account and going back to Judeopedia or Ziopedia or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Note that the only Jew-corrupted stuff is Judaic, about Jews or Israel. They leave the entire rest of Wikipedia alone. And 98% of Wiki Jews are not part of the cabal. They are just doing edits on Sudanic languages or butterflies or something like that.

There is also a Hindutva Indian nationalist Cabal on there that is just as evil as the Jews. My friends are Pakistani nationalists, and they said all the articles about India and Pakistan have been destroyed by Hindutvas. Plus all Pakistani nationalists are very quickly banned by the Hindutvas, usually Wiki Jew Cabal techniques. The Hindutvas, like the Jews, have wormed into the top Wiki echelons. The top tier of Wikipedia are non-Indian Gentiles who love Hindutvas and Jews. Most of them are “libertarians.” Jimbo Dickwad himself is a libertardian.

Wikipedia is fucked. Jew-fucked, Hindutva-fucked, Libertardian-fucked.

I’m done.

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13 thoughts on “The Wikipedia Jews, 2010 Update”

    1. I know Andrew. Andrew will print any nutty anti-Semitic theory out there as long as it gets the Jews. We don’t speak anymore, as he’s long gone into wild anti-Semitism, but I don’t really mind him as a person. It’s interesting in a way. He’s almost a Lafayette kind of anti-Semite. He’s quite anti-racist and is an Australian guy married to a Malay woman. He’s not a White nationalist or White Supremacist at all like almost all White anti-Semites.

        1. LOL. Well, I was talking to a friend of mine once who is actually an anti-Semite. He’s not a WN though. We were talking about Jewish power. I was in my anti-Semite phase and I was talking about how and if Jews could control the world, along those lines.

          He dismissed the worry, saying, “Nobody like them. Everybody hates them. They’ll never be able to control a whole lot with so many people hating them like that.”

          The Super-Jews are sort of right. A lot of folks are not too wild about Jews.

          And there’s quite a few Whites who are not WN who are not all that wild about them either.

          Andrew Winkler is a German nationalist. He’s a German born in Australia. I think he even speaks German. All of his anti-Semitism is flowing right out of his German nationalism. I have met other German nationalists, and they were anti-Semites too. German nationalism is all wrapped up in anti-Semitism, which history ought to tell us.

          There are some White converts to Islam who are anti-Semites. In this case, it’s flowing out of Islam.

          And there are still some old fashioned White racists, not WN’s or White supremacists, who don’t dig Jews.

          There are also “Old White Money” types in the US who are anti-Semites. Mostly older folks

          And there is White Catholic anti-Semitism. Mostly older people again.

          Look how they acted on Wikipedia above. Jews piss off lots of people. It’s a fairly normal reaction to have them rub you the wrong way.

        2. Shouldn’t they stop pissing people off then?
          And if Andrew is a German nationalist, why is he married to a Malay?

  1. Shouldn’t they stop pissing people off then?

    I guess the Jews like David and Olive think that they should, but there’s way too many that don’t. You can’t even bring it up. If you do, you say that you promote the “anti-Semitic canard that Jews cause anti-Semitism.” Except they do cause it, sort of. I mean, anti-Semitism follows Jews like day follows night. But it’s not so simple. Sometimes I think anti-Semites will hate Jews no matter what they do. Anti-Semites are just at base irrational.

    And if Andrew is a German nationalist, why is he married to a Malay?

    German nationalists are not all White racists. They just love Germany. Winkler is like a liberal pro-Third World, anti-US imperialism kind of SWPL dude. At base, Winkler is a pretty much a liberal guy. He claims he’s anti-racist, and in a lot of ways, he is. But his politics is insanely confused. That’s one thing anti-Semitism often does. It mangles any decent politics something horrid.

    1. Well Rob, Jews have pissed off such a diverse, wide variety of peoples that it has to their behavior causing it.

      1. Most of Joos are not tough fighters or aggressive or criminals so how do they “piss” people off? Writing bad Hollywood screenplays?

        They “influence” thinking? Well, if you believe a word of what is on television.

        I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the Zionist conspiracy to rule the world. Half of the ones I’ve known are too stupid to even understand such a plot.

  2. Do you still edit wikipedia? I just got a warning that they’re going to ban me for “advertising” even though I’ve been around for at least seven years. I mostly like to do useful information like train stations, cities, airports etc. I take time to edit a few articles once in a while because of the fact that I really enjoy volunteering on that platform. I definitely think of all the people who’re counting on the information needed.

    Many of the editors themselves violate wikipedia’s “neutral point of view” guidelines. Being a wikipedian makes you a bore, a snob or both.

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