New Interview With Me Posted on VOR Radio

Here it is. It’s now available for download. I’m working on my speaking voice now so I don’t sound like the aging permastoned Southern California surf bum that I am.

Topics include:

  • How feminism has destroyed marriage
  • Sexual socialism
  • The sexual revolution
  • Female hypergamy and the Sodini phenomenon
  • How the end of marriage destroyed the Black community
  • Interracial dating
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2 thoughts on “New Interview With Me Posted on VOR Radio”

  1. I listened to it. A bit churlish of us not to pass comment on this. You’re sounding more relaxed.

    1. Yeah it sounded really good. The voice quality was much better. But something was wrong with the sounds and my voice kept cutting out. I wonder if it’s the Skype. When you use Skype, you get way better quality, but you might get cut-outs because it goes over the Internet. Phone traffic is really smooth; people’s voices usually don’t cut out. Internet traffic is messy.

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