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Repost from the old site.

This came to me from an anti-Semitic commenter who commented on the blog.

This post is an anti-Semitic rant, and it is not something I would publish myself. However, it was quite funny, and that was one reason I thought to publish it. I had to add sentence case and do some editing, as it was sent to me troll-style in all lower case. It also included a vast amount of evidence against jayjg, known below as jewjg.

I am not taking any position on the material below, other than to say that I mostly don’t agree with it when it goes on and on about Communist Jews.

The rest of it is just kind of funny and interesting – a Jewish culture of conspiracy, Jewish smart businessmen, Jewish white collar criminals, Communist Jews – all of this interesting information is being kept out of the preying eyes of the Gentiles as in, “What are you trying to do – start a pogrom?”

Don’t freak out about the anti-Semitism; there’s nothing really in back of it on this end. If Jews wish to engage, well, they are pretty funny too. We normally don’t run anti-Semitism on here, and two guest authors have already been banned for continuous addictive anti-Semitism. But since this is so funny, we are going to let it run for now.

The author is a White racist of the White Nationalist type. The usual WN beef with Jews is evident – that Jews screwed it up for White people’s racial project in the 1950’s. Well, I don’t think much of that whole beef, especially in its strong form – Jews brought integration!

Anyway, anthropologically interesting and also humorous.

Great Wikipedia Jews article from Encyclopedia Dramatica. Looks like jayjg is AIPAC’s point man on Wikipedia, and it also looks like the main member of the Wikipedia Jews do coordinate their activities via email, IM and IRC. The only ones that I remember from two years ago are Isarig, Humus sapiens, Zeq, IZAK and SlimVirgin.

Looks like a whole new crew has taken over. Idiotically, SlimVirgin is not even Jewish; she is just a Gentile who is obsessed with Jews in a philo-Semitic way.

The ‘Wikipedia Jews,’ ah yes. Cabals and the like are endemic to Eastern European Jewish culture, you soon find out – a ‘culture of conspiracy’ with these people – as history has shown.

This noteworthy ‘Wikipedia Jews’ episode already well known, of course, thanks to you and others – thanks Mr. Lindsay and others – for those links you have on your blog now, plus these. And don’t forget this user either.

Who they think they foolin’ with that whole Commie world revolution thing here in Amurica then, back when we Murican whites still had a strong sense of racial and ethnic conscience? All that Jew info just deleted too.

For that big American Jew businesspeople list, already been deleted multiple times by jewjg and SlimVirgin & quadell and other entrenched Zionist admins.

So many of them brilliant Occioriental Jew capitalist billionaire names – just wiped right clean away from there. Why? Really, you think they world’s smartest people? Or just world’s most greedy people? Commie materialist worldview possibly affecting your judgment here?

Nope, Jews don’t really like Gentiles messin’ in their many business affairs. They are liable to murder some Gentile folk for all of that gold, like violent & revolutionary white-collar crime maybe? You mean like both here in Amurica and in Bolsheevik Russkiiland too, at the same time?

Boy that jewjg sure does delete a lot. One time a nice and good and fair and very revelatory website existed called, but it was shut down real soon like by a bunch of Wikipedia’s big Jew San Fran lawyers or somethin’.

But on that Wikiabuse website they did post a lot of evidence, like, a lot. Remember when I said that jewjg liked to delete stuff? Well…I guess I saved some of it that I saw there on the Wikiabuse website and saved it just to humiliate these Jew Wikipedia editors later on. Gosh, I hope all of it fits on your blog?!

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