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Via Philip Weiss, who gets the scoop from Electronic Intifada, and thence to Joachim Martillo for final comment, it seems the paranoid and delusional world that I revealed in Wikipedia, Ziopedia or Judeopedia fully two years ago is finally starting to be proven true. But of course. I saw it with my very eyes.

I saw the Jewish Nationalist cabal on there and got nailed, run up by admins and then banned by them. Then I wrote about it. I don’t see how anyone could spend much time on Wikipedia and not notice these wicked little toads running amok all over that precious online encyclopedia.

The Electronic Intifada piece reveals a concerted effort by CAMERA, a rightwing Zionist lobby in the US, to infiltrate Wikipedia surreptitiously, ingratiate themselves with editors, get all pro-Palestinian editors run up on fake charges and hopefully run out, and to eventually move on up into the ranks of administrators. So my paranoid delusions about Jewish conspiracies on Wikipedia were proven true after all.

I can tell you flat out that the Administrators are already chock full of either members of this Jewish Cabal or rightwing libertarians allied with them. Jimmy Wales himself is a rightwing libertarian who has strong pro-Zionist views that he does not hide. The administrators are chosen well to carry out a specific agenda.

No one has ever run up these cackling criminal Heckles and Jeckles in this Jewish Cabal on anything yet, and anyone who mentions a peep about it gets put on their creepy neo-Nazi list (I made it on) which I guess has hundreds of names on it, in typical Jewish paranoid fashion.

Not only that, but the Jewish Cabal runs around crowing and bragging about their very project all the time; they call themselves The Cabal, The Jewish Cabal, and other names, so they are totally blatant about what they are doing. But if anyone dares to notice this and points it out, onto the Neo-Nazi list you go, and soon you will be run up to Administrators on totally faked charges and then run out of Wikipedia.

I don’t think I have ever seen a Jewish-critical or pro-Palestinian editor who lasted long there. It’s been two years since I wrote that post, and I keep hoping things have changed, but I keep getting emails from pro-Palestinian folks who just got run out of Wikipedia.

On Phil’s post, the truly disgusting Richard Witty, “Peace Now Zionist – Jewish nationalist – defender of the Jews” who seems to inhabit all of Phil’s threads is squirming around as usual. One gets the impression he is writing on a pincushion. This crap is getting harder and harder for the Richard Witty’s of the world to deny.

The usual rejoinders are employed by Witty – this happens all over the web, this is the problem with open source editing, there are cabals all over the place in our world, including the Internet.

Sure, I saw plenty of cabals trying to form on Wikipedia, usually on nationalistic or political issues. And they were crushed, one by one, but conscientious editors. However, curiously, the sickening little Jewish cabal was allowed not only to survive but to run amok across all of Wikipedia! Riddle me that!

And recently, a particularly vile and scummy Hindutva – Hindu Nationalist – Indian Nationalist Cabal has formed and this cabal has also been allowed to run wild all over all of the India and Pakistan articles on Wikipedia. The result is that most of the articles on India and Pakistan have been totally destroyed by stinking fascist Hindutva worms.

The Hindutva Cabal, of course, has formed an alliance with the Jewish Cabal, Jewish fascist dogs with Indian fascist dogs, all in one kennel, crapping on the floor, humping each others’ legs and yip-yapping away, just like in real life.

One Jayg is mentioned in the article as not a member of the CAMERA cabal, but instead a sympathetic outsider. Actually, Jayg is one of the leading members of the Jewish Cabal on Wikipedia. He’s one of the worst Jewish POV-pushers of them all.

Zeq, the leader of the CAMERA cabal, is also a well-known member of the Jewish Cabal on Wikipedia. The reason Zeq speaks poor English, I believe, is because he is an Israeli.

I am familiar with both of these sociopathic runts.

I believe they are both admins too, but I may be wrong.

Repeat after yourself: cabals exist, cabals exist, cabals exist.

Anyway, over and out. Writing this is starting to make me really angry all over again.

P. S. I would like to point out that a huge percentage of White Nationalists support Zionism (Jewish nationalism). That right there ought to stop anyone in their tracks and make them wonder why. When you finally figure it out, if you have any decency, you will realize even more than ever that WN is bad news.

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58 thoughts on “Judeopedia Redux”

  1. Oh Philip Weiss sucks though. He moans about uncritical support of Israel, the Jewish lobby and whatever but then he applies the same uncritical support to the Palestinians and American muslims. He cant shut up about intermarriage either. If he had it his way, it would be illegal to marry someone of your own ethnic group.

  2. Rob, pro-Zionism is a minority element among white nationalists, so I don’t get what you’re talking about. Stormfront, VNN, all bash Israel and they want to cut off all support to the “filthy little bandit state.”

    1. It’s an ethnic nationalist state. It’s a fascist state. It’s White nationalism for Jews. They ought to support it if they are being consistent. I thin the only reason they hate it is because it’s full of Jews. Everybody gets their little fascist ethnic nationalist state, but the Jews don’t get one, because we hate them. It’s bullshit.

      1. Then why did you write that a huge percentage of WN’s support Zionism when they don’t? And what kind of nationalism depends on outside revenue to keep it afloat, as does Zionism? It’s obviously the same ol’ Jewish blood-sucking, rather than genuine nationalism.

  3. Olive, what is “uncritical support ” of Palestinians & American Muslims? Seriously. I have my problems with Weiss, but you’re probably grasping at straws here.

    Maybe you should list the issues on which an American citizen should be “critical” of Palestinians and American Muslims to clarify.

    On the issue of intermarriage, I agree Weiss is a overly cosmop0litan liberal, but better he himself be married to a Gentile than a Conservative or Orthodox pro-Zionist Jew.

    1. I am referring particularly to his unquestioning support of the ground zero mosque among other things. He doesnt question the motives, the funding, the attitudes of the imam etc. Theres no dissent among his commenters either. No his wife is likely a gold digger who married Phil’s $, she certainly did not marry him for his looks. Thats my one pet peeve.

      1. Philip Weiss is ugly? I apparently have no skill in judging male appearance.

        Now Neil Strauss seems ugly to me, not to mention he has a lisp and effeminate mannerisms. When I see a super-hot blonde with him I just figure it’s due to his status.

        1. Weiss’s wife also graduated from Harvard, and from what I read on his blog, she probably makes as much as he does, if not more. Just because you don’t like Weiss doesn’t mean every woman finds him repulsive.

        2. Damn, he’s one Hell of a good looking guy. He’s almost as good looking as I am. I’m also not that good at judging men, as I’m not gay or bi. Sometimes women say some guy is good-looking, and I’m like, “Huh?”

  4. Bob has formed a scarecrow called “white nationalists.”

    “White nationalism” is not a comprehensive ideology or political party which has to take a certain stand or any stand on every other ethnic
    controversy in the world.

    “White nationalists” need take no stand at all on the Turkish-Armeneian feud, much less a unanimous stand. An American political party membered in large part by white nationalists
    would obviously be non-interventionist or overtly anti-Zionist, for obvious geopolitical reasons.

  5. Amcon just wants to piss off the zionists. Theres no way they would support the destruction of a historic building that was once used as an arsenal just to build the Saudi funded Islamic center.

    1. How are they “rubbing it” in your butthurt little face? Who the hell are you supposed to be, anyways?

      These people are not the ones who did 9/11. In fact, they are the opposite. They are Sufis. They are the ones the 9/11 terrorists would kill before anyone, Jews introduced.

      1. You’re right. The Qaeda types hate Sufis with a passion. And Sufis are pretty pacifistic as far as Muslims go. They’re the last ones to go on jihad and persecute the non-Muslims. At least I think so. I don’t understand the order very well. I don’t even know where it’s popular. It’s in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Kurdistan. That’s all I’m aware of.

        1. You know, I might be going out on a limb here, but it is not so much that the Sufis cannot be violent(they can), as it is simply the nature of their worldview. They are esoteric, and thus ingrained in mysticism.

          Buddhists have a rap for being pacifists as well, but any student of history knows otherwise.

          In reality, one can be of any religion, or no relgion at all, and still practice Sufism. I have met Armenian Christians from Iran, that are “Sufis.” My father for example, is a die-hard atheist who calls himself a Sufi, simply because he likes to drink wine while reading Rumi or Omar Khayyam. He says it takes his mind to a different place in a psychological sense. Takes him to another level.

          There are several non-Muslim “Sufi” centers like this in California and New York. Sufism, without Islam.

          The folks building two blocks from Ground Zero, are best described as Sunni Muslim Sufis. More conservative of the Sufis, no doubt, but still the ideological opposite of those Saudi Wahabist psychos who attacked us on 9/11. Wahabists think linearly. Sufis think esoterically. Multi-dimensionally. They truly are creatures of the East. Sufism’s origins are really in Central Asia, after all. It in many ways lays within the realm of Eastern thought and philosophy, unlike Islam itself, which is very much a Western religion.

          As a Californian, I can dig that exoticness.

          These are people we should be aiding and promoting. Not humiliating and running off. If there is something in the Muslim World that will counter Saudi Arabian primitiveness and barbarianism, it is this.

          Sufism simply has the potential to be more compatible with other societies, religions etc. In fact, it was largely Sufi practitioners that spread Islam through South and Southeast Asia, and converted the ancestors of the hundreds of millions of Muslims who now live there today. It was much easier for them to introduce this form of Islam, when this form of Islam had no need to completely remove or replace the cultural and religion that was already there.

          The ignorance of this debate sn mind numbing. Nothing in my mind labels a person more of an ASSHOLE, than the self-righteous right-wing talking point that it is “offensive to me” to have a Mosque so close to the WTC site. Please folks who think this way, turn off Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, shut the fuck up, and go educate yourselves a little.

          Go digest some real journalism for once. I have no doubt that Robert here can help point you in the right direction. I must warn you though, it involves concepts such as nuance and free-thought. That is hard for a lot of Americans to grasp these days…

        2. Cyrus stated he was 100% Azeri. I dont think there are many Azeri christians. He also stated that his grandmother was entombed at a Shia tomb in Mashad.

      2. Im sorry Cyrus I tend to go on rants sometimes. Lindsay does it too.

        I like you Cyrus. Youre one of my favorite commenters here. You tend to be more humble about your muslim heritage and critical of certain aspects of Islam and muslim culture. Some of my ancestors were Persian and Bukharian jews who settled in Georgia hundreds of years ago so I have respect for Islam.

        I am not an ethnocentric jew and generally have no problem with muslims or mosques.

        But I think it is in the interest of American muslims to keep a low profile. Build a modest mosque near ground zero and build the Islamic community center in Brooklyn or at least a good distance away from the holy ground. While you do not wear your muslim heritage on your sleeve many American muslims do and its no secret that they want millions of Americans to embrace Islam which may not sit well with the majority of Americans. My mother is a professor in a field totally unrelated to Israeli/Palestinian politics, and during the semester of 9/11 she had an outspoken muslim student in her class who kept interrupting class to talk about how US foreign policy caused the attack, and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and advertising her Arabic calligraphy and the other students just got pissed with her.

        1. Cyrus is da Man!

          He doesn’t have any Muslim heritage, at least I don’t think so. I think his family is Iranian Christian, but you can check. I think there are some Muslims in the family line too. Maybe they are mixed.

        2. Well if by heritage, one means the religion of one’s parents, grandparents, etc, then technically on my Mother’s side everyone was Shia Moslem. I think I have a Baha’i or two in there. Father side was Christian, of Catholic and Anglican variety. Plus, a bunch of Jews have married into the family on my Mother’s side. Parents, as you already know, had a penchant for Sufism, but that is common in the region. Real common. Even for atheists.

          Everyone, on both sides, pretty much hated religion. Socialists and communists, right across the board. That was their religion, pretty much. So, if anything, my religious heritage is “commie.” Marx, Lenin…Our Messiahs.

          Myself, I am an agnostic. I was baptized a Lutheran when I was a kid. Went to a Catholic High School. I personally think organized religion is for the weak. I prefer scientific discourse.

          The only people who think I am a “Muslim” are raging Islamophobes. To them, I will always be a Muslim, no matter what. Fuck them. They are the modern day brown shirts, if there ever was one.

          I don’t much like people who wear their religion on their sleeve, from Sunni Muslim assholes with unkempt beards and skullcaps, wearing “Baluch” clothing like they just stepped out of a village near Kandahar. Or Evangelical rednecks, with giant cross tattoos all over the untanned lard they call a body. Or Orthodox Jews, who look like they belong on the movie stage of a horror flick set in medieval Europe.

          It all makes me give a damn about what they “believe,” when I could actually care less.

          As for Olive’s Mother getting shouted down by some “Muslim” who cares more about the Palestinians than anything else in life, that doesn’t surprise me the least. These people are morons. They are about two steps away from getting lynched and interned here in the U.S, and all they seem to singly care about is what is taking place on the other side of the planet, with bunch of people they have no connection to. Brainwashed losers, the lot of them. Try rationalizing with. It is like arguing with a nice, flat concrete wall.

          Olive needs to go back a read what I’ve ranted about Islamism’s modern origins, and it’s direct connection to and replacement of Arab Nationalism in the 1970’s. If one can grasp that simple little fact, then everything else regarding the “Muslim World,” it’s relationship to Israel for that matter, will start to make sense. You will then understand why some young “Muslim” punk who is probably not even an Arab, let alone a Palestinian, cares so much about the conflict, and is probably a raging antisemite to boot.

          You also must walk across a room length sheet of rice paper without breaking it, and then grab a pebble from my hand, but that comes later.

        3. Cyrus, that was hilarious how you described Orthodox Jews’ clothing. Their garb does look creepy and cultish.

        4. I hold very strong socialist leanings when it comes to the government, the economy, and their relationship to the people and to each other.

          Robert would be better able classify my political ideology, as he knows way more about this than I do.

  6. Why couldnt they have built it in Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx which are more spacious and have much larger muslim populations. They just want to rub Islam in our face thats why.

    1. It still would have been protested. Pamela Gellar is a Islamophobe. She wants all “Muslims” dead. She and many like here openly say this. She cherry picked this issue on purpose. The Republicans have ran with it. The average American Muslim is too stupid to fathom the gravity of the situation. They are too busy hating Jews and worrying about fat Palestinians.

      These people building two blocks from ground-zero had nothing to do with 9/11. They are for all intents and purposes, are not of the same religion. Literally.

      They walked right into this right-wing trap, simply because they did not wish to fathom a connection between themselves and the hijackers. They are naive and stupid, no doubt, but I am glad it happened. In my life personally, it let the bigots around me come out and be identified. I’ve severed a few connections over it. People like that are probably liable to harbor thoughts about me, to. Can’t have that. I don’t like knives in my back.

      These people are building a community center, similar to a YMCA. Anyone can use it. It just happens to be a Sufi Muslim organization doing it.

      Next time I’m in New York, and assuming the thing every gets built, I will for sure visit the community center and use the facilities. I will do this after I visit ground zero.

      There is some kind of deeper bullshit meaning to what I’ve just said here, I am sure. I’m just too lazy to figure it out.

  7. I was banned by “Jayig,” as well. In my case, I didn’t even realize I was dealing with a bunch of Jewish nationalists types, for the simple reason that I was not editing anything on a subject or in a manor that I would have figured could have set them off.

    It was an article on the history of Mashad, Iran. One “cabalist” kept including references to a supposed “pogrom” that happened in the city in the 1920’s. Problem was, his source was a right-wing zionist blog, and the pogrom, well, “wasn’t.” Twelve people dieing in an ethnic riot during a famine, all sides included, is not a pogrom. It is a a violent disturbance between some local tribes. If it even happened at all.

    I was quickly asked what my religion was, and accused of practicing “taqiyyia” by one of the little shits there. These morons are actually making people who would otherwise have no grudge against anything or anyone Jewish, hate Jews. Not smart. They are making anti-Semites out of people who wouldn’t otherwise be.

    Oh, and you are spot on about the “hinduvata” editors. Just like in the real world, they go hand in hand with the zionists. What can you say…Creeps are attracted to one another.

    In fact, about the only group of people on this Earth that I actually hate are Indians. Why would you ask? Well, being told that the ancient Shia Mosque in Mashad where my Grandmother is entombed should be bulldozed, because it was built in the site of a Hindu temple, for one. 🙂

      1. LOL! 😀

        Well, I prefer Encyclopedia Dramatica over Wikpeida, anyways. The articles are far less bias, and much more informative and accurate.

        Better research tool, through and through.

  8. http://mondoweiss.net/2010/08/pro-israel-extremists-have-campaigned-against-an-islamic-cultural-center-before.html

    Haven’t we seen this movie before? Yes, in Boston, and with nearly the same cast of characters. The fight against the Roxbury Mosque and Cultural Center planned by the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) was framed as a battle against “Muslim extremists” and “terror supporters.” In reality (as court documents showed) the campaign was organized by activists with the far-right pro-Israel David Project and CAMERA, spearheaded by founder Charles Jacobs, who now heads a front group with the Orwellian name “Americans for Peace and Tolerance.” Later, the story was picked up and promoted by the Murdoch-owned Boston Herald and the local Fox TV affiliate. When the ISB eventually sued its attackers for defamation, the defendants were represented by an attorney who was also a leader of New England AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee).

  9. Olive’s mother might be a professor in a field “totally unrelated” to Palestinian-Israeli” issues, but this does not mean her mother made no remarks touching on the issues involved and in a way which called for an Arabic elucidation.

    1. My mother does not talk about Israel in class. She is one of those jews who is freaked out about antisemitism and would never mention Judaism or Israel unless it was completely necessary.

    2. And you missed the whole point. For a group that claims to be oppressed, American Muslims tend to be very outspoken about Islam and wear it on their sleeves. Maybe it would be in their interest to take a low profile. I would suggest that to zionist jews as well.

      1. True. The one’s you see and are aware of do. They are of a certain type. Sunni. Influenced by Saudi money and Egyptian Imams.

        Don’t assume Muslims are somehow “homogenous.” They are not. If fact, they are far less so than Christianity, in many ways.

        1. True. The one’s you see and are aware of do. They are of a certain type. Sunni. Influenced by Saudi money and Egyptian Imams.

          = The Ikhwan. That’s basically the shitty combo that gave rise to Al Qaeda eventually. Lot of Egyptian imams went to Saudi Arabia a while back to teach and got infected with Wahhabism, then took it around the Muslim World and proselytized it. The Muslim Brotherhood is no good. Fuck Hassan Al-Banna.

        2. Yup, that’s how I see it to, Robert. In fact, the Iranian government in it’s current form actually “copied” the Islamic Brotherhood. They are in effect a Shia version of it.

          Though whole notion of Islamic proselytism I find just weird. It was historically not there “way.” It’s similarity to Christian proselytism just floors me. The whole notion of trying to “save” the world and what not.

          Now we can see why it spread though the Islamic world like a virus.

    1. It actually gets kind of complex. My Grandfather was an Azeri Turk from Tabriz, in Northern Iran. My Grandmother’s family was from Baku in Azerbaijan, but was actually born in what is now Turkmenistan, while her family fled after the formation of the Soviet Union, and settled in Mashad, Iran, where my Mom was born. Evidently the Soviet border was still rather porus and fluid with Persia in the 1920’s, and the Soviets just considered my Grandparents run of the mill “Tatars,” and thus not a threat.

  10. Pamela Gellar is a Islamophobe. She wants all “Muslims” dead. She and many like here openly say this. She cherry picked this issue on purpose.

    Is that the young woman blogger out of New York? She has been on this site. She’s an heir to a Jewish publishing fortune.

      1. Yep, that’s her. She sure is a babe though. And she’s a good writer. She came here and wrote up a nice little screed and then took off. Too bad she’s an Ayn Randoid to boot.

        1. Thanks Olive.

          Why though? Is this woman really a threat?

          Wait. Never mind. I already know the answer to that.

  11. I hold very strong socialist leanings when it comes to the government, the economy, and their relationship to the people and to each other.

    Robert would be better able classify my political ideology, as he knows way more about this than I do.

    He’s a socialist, like me. Just another socialist, that’s all.

    1. What do you mean “just another” socialist? We socialists have special powers. Especially in the bedroom.

      1. I’m just a grocery list socialist. I support the Left, most all of it. Even Commies, more or less. But I’m not really a Communist, a Maoist, a Marxist, a Trotskyite, or anything like that, though I will support them sometimes. I support all socialist movements, even social democracy. I even support liberalism, if it helps workers and working families. Every little bit helps.

        So I’m a garden variety Leftwinger, but not an ideologue. A lot of socialists more or less support Commies to one degree or another. The Swedish social democrats had fraternal relations with the Sandinistas and the Soviet Bloc, even though they were not orthodox Commies.

        I figure you are more or less the same.

        1. Pretty much. I think we both have a real disgust for the way the ruling classes in this country are literally raping the place. Everyone and everything, with no conscious what so ever.

          Yet, so few actually seem to open there eyes to it.

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