This Is Just Wrong

Nothing to add.

What’s the matter with these people anyway? What is this, the Kinko Family? Meet the Fockers, I mean the Kinkos!

Quick, anti-Semites. Can someone find me a Jew angle here real quick? Editor is on the phone and wants it now.

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11 thoughts on “This Is Just Wrong”

  1. To Rob:

    Can someone find me a Jew angle here real quick?

    Hmm… those mock pink manhoods on the man and boy furries looks they are circumcised. (We’ll over look that it’s common for Gentiles in the US to be circumcised also and that creating a mock foreskin on a mock manhood is extra work and would probably look funny…)

  2. One of the most upsetting things I’ve ever seen was a white woman at a Midwestern food co-op with a full-face tribal tattoo carrying a small infant. She looked hideous. My heart bled for the child growing up with that face being the first and most powerful source of human attachment, in a society where that is just freakish self-indulgence (and self-hatred), rather than a genuine cultural tradition.


    I’m all for people marching to the beat of their own drum. But people desperate to be seen as “different” are just pathetic attention whores.

  3. Jew angle? Well, they’ve all got brown hair, and looks like brown eyes what I can see of them – but then so did Hitler.

    There’s something to be said for doing away with this shame about the body, you know – it’s insane when you think about it. So it’s quite daring of them. But the man and the boy in PINK too? THAT is a bit much.

  4. I personally don’t see why this would be such a big deal. I mean, without people like this, we would have less material to post about, and would also be less entertained at other people’s expense.

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