Sadism/Love of Cruelty and Race

I caused a firestorm when I suggested that Blacks (really only males) are error3


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  1. And who’s most likely to never grow mentally older than 13? (Hint: what nations resemble Lord of the Flies?)

  2. Just to be safe, assume that everybody’s capable of cruelty, and that under the right conditions it might just emerge.

    1. I’m afraid that’s true.

      My Mom always argues with me when I say that, claiming that she’s not mean, but I’ve seen her get into some verbal cruelty before. Not too many women are above that. Anyway, she was a girl once too.

  3. Basal testosterone strongly correlates with dominance hierarchies in all mammals.

    Not only that, every confrontation where an individual is bested results in their testosterone being depressed and their opponent’s being elevated. We have a case where initial conditions become exaggerated due to positive feedback.

    High ranking wolves are sadistic to the lowest ranking one in the pack. They nip at him for sheer amusement.

    Among humans, the high-testosterone jocks pick on the low-testosterone nerds.

    A good heuristic to know which group is the most sadistic would be to look at its ratio of jocks-to-nerds. Among races, the ranking is rather obvious.

    1. In an alternate universe, Chinese-Americans run Hollywood, and we have a steady diet of three movies a month about the Rape of Nanjing.

        1. It’s amazing that the Nanking Massacre is not covered enough. The fucking Japs mutilated for fun! Oh well, as long as the precious kikes weren’t dying, it’s not worth teaching about is it?

        2. Well, there’s fascism for you. Not to offend anyone, but it seems like Asians have a pretty high rate of sadism to animals. I’m not talking about the dog eating. That’s a matter of cultural relativism so far as I’m concerned. We eat cows, they eat dogs. Actually, I’m not certain that it’s sadism so much as wanting one’s food really fresh. Chinese will, for example, grill the bottom half of a fish while the upper half is still alive and gasping, at the dining table. I’ve seen it. Of course we boil lobsters alive, but most of us at least don’t like to think about it, and we don’t make a show of it.

          At the very least, being a freak for freshness trumps empathy for God’s creatures.

        3. You’re crazy, man. Japanese rule over Asia was essentially a healthy and organic elite aiding the industrialization and development of the Asian people as a whole. It was the pathetic kike-controlled US imperialist armies that overthrew this healthy Asian elite.

    2. The Nanking situation was unfortunate, but the Japanese were definitely onto something with the Koreans.

        1. They colonized Korea for 35 years. What’s your point? Were the British definitely onto something with the Indians?

        2. And frankly, I could give two shits about Japan, a nation that is sliding irreversibly into irrelevance, what with China becoming the 2nd largest economy. I was just angry at how non-Jewish victims of atrocities don’t get any coverage.

  4. It’s amazing that the Nanking Massacre is not covered enough. The fucking Japs mutilated for fun!

    Have you seen some of the pics of that massacre? Man, they are so fucked up.

    Oh well, as long as the precious kikes weren’t dying, it’s not worth teaching about is it?

    Hey, there’s no business like Shoah Business.

  5. Rob, how close to Japanese and Koreans cluster genetically, considering the strange Australoid Ainu genes that 40% of Japs have but Koreans don’t?

    1. On most charts, pretty close. I was not able to split them into separate races, but I was trying to. What’s weird is they split off from other Asians like 53,000 YBP. Long, long ago, the NE Asians split off. There’s also a close relationship with some of those Amur River tribes, especially the Gilyak.

      Koreans are just Mongolians who swept down 5,000 YBP. There were some archaic ancient Korean types already there, but the Koreans genocided them somehow. No one knows what those people were like. Koreans went to Japan 2,300 YBP as the Yayoi.

      1. But shouldn’t the Ainu component make the Japs divergent from Koreans? After all, the Ainu have a very ancient, rare haplogroup that is only found among themselves and Andaman Islanders, believe it or not.

        1. I guess, but on most charts, there’s not enough difference between them to split. About the same difference as between two typical European groups = not much. Maybe the distance between an Italian and a British, like that. There’s just not that much there. The Ainu are not that far from Koreans and Japanese either on most charts anyway. It’s all one group.

    1. Come to think of it, even Inglourious Basterds shouldn’t count, since it was released more than a year ago.

  6. the general purpose Holocaust Museums usually cover the Nanking Massacre too.

    That’s good of the Jews.

    I get so tired of Abe Foxman screaming, “No one else can use the word Holocaust!” and Jews ranting about how their Holocaust was the bestest and awesomest of them all and it’s anti-Semitic to mention other massacres and compare them to the Judeocide.

    In Israel, the fuckers tear down posters about the Armenian Holocaust, and for years, the Israeli government refused to acknowledge the Armenian genocide because they were sucking up to Turks.


    I agree with a lot of what Finkelstein says about the Holocaust. And it’s about time the shakedown of the Germans ended already. It’s like the Jews want to keep that money train rolling into eternity. Talk about feeding the stereotype of the grasping Jew.

    1. What’s ironic is that Armenians are very similar to Ashkenazis in both physical appearance and behavior, but they probably hate each other.

      1. LOL, Armenians in Armenia supposedly don’t like Jews too much. Jews are always bitching about Armenian anti-Semitism, and it’s gotten a lot worse since 1991. Yes, there are Armenian Jews. Weird, huh?

        Come to think of it, Armenia is for Armenians. Armenians don’t treat any of the minorities in Armenia very well, Jews, Kurds, Yezidis…typical ethnonationalist crap. And the Armenians in Lebanon don’t like Israel at all. They are lined up behind the Greek Orthodox Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, a ferociously anti-Zionist party. They’re really pissed about the Israelis’ attitude towards the Armenian Genocide too.

        Jewish hypocrisy is not very becoming. All it does is create anti-Semites. I don’t get Jews. Why are they always trying to increase anti-Semitism? If I were a Jew, I would want to lessen it.

        1. It’s because Jews can’t help themselves.
          By the way, are Armenians part of the Anatolian cluster, or are they a Caucasus people like Georgians? I ran into several Armenians at a shopping mall last week, and they looked identical to Jews! Curly hair, nose, swarthy complexion, you name it.

    1. You said that Caucasus folks were very different from Anatolians right? So I’m just curious if Armenians are part of the Turk/Kurd family.

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