Narcissism on the Ego Level Links With Ethnocentrism on the Group Level

A commenter points out the obvious to anyone familiar with the Tribe who has working sensory organs, that Jews are hypocrites.

Do you see the extreme moral hypocrisy here Rob?

Of course. I’ve always said, Hypocrisy, thy name is Jew. That’s a charge that sticks. But no one’s perfect. There’s good and bad in every group.

Jewish hyperethnocentrism strongly resembles narcissism on a group scale. Narcissism at the ego level is hyperethnocentrism at the group level. Ethnocentrism is simply narcissism writ large, with the in-group subbing for the ego. All those waving flags you see at nationalist rallies are like fluttering mirrors in the wind.

Narcissists are outrageous hypocrites too. Solipsism and self-involvement does that to you.

People with personality disorders are like that too, all wrapped up in themselves. They can barely see past their own noses.

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2 thoughts on “Narcissism on the Ego Level Links With Ethnocentrism on the Group Level”

  1. I submit that all minority diaspora populations will follow one of two paths [1] absorption into majority & subsequently disappear or [2] more extreme ethnocentrism with every generation as those who have alleles that reject or don’t care about ethnocentrism leave the group.

    1. Also, it is narcissism writ large, as the gene pool gets smaller, you basically end up fucking yourself. What could be more narcissistic than that?

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