“Beyond the Reach of Feminism,” by Alpha Unit

Like all women who came of age when I did, I have been a beneficiary of feminism.

Feminists have a done a superb job of chronicling the treatment of women at the hands of men. They have done an admirable job of trying to secure power and access for women where women didn’t previously have it. But there is certain territory that feminism cannot touch. It has no valence here. It comes up against a force that renders it null and void.

This place has no particular name. You could call it Elemental Truth, I suppose.

Male imperatives are the driving force of the world.

Some people might say, “Yeah, we know that. We’re trying to do something about it!” Well, excellent. A lot of people have been very busy doing something about it. But there’s only so much you can do.

There are things that guys value, intangible things. The complaints of women can’t make them stop valuing these things.

There are certain inclinations guys have. Feminism can’t eradicate these inclinations.

The concessions men have made in the face of feminism (and even before) are significant, but it was their prerogative to make them. Do you think women could have overpowered men somehow and forced these concessions out of them?

And could women have forced men to establish the institution of marriage – a stabilizing force between men and women that pre-dates feminism, and exists in places that never heard of feminism?

Feminism has for a short time been a driving force in the West, but in the face of certain male drives – things like ethnocentrism, nationalism, and their various branches – it’s nearly insignificant. It’s like a little offshoot that gets sustenance from certain branches. There’s no doubting who’s dependent on whom.

In this sense, it really is a man’s world. Women and children just live in it.

On the deepest levels, I suspect that women understand this. They know that they have to maneuver their way in a world governed mainly by male fears, male desires, and male prerogatives.

Feminism has its limits.

It has changed a lot about the societies where it has taken hold, but some things are beyond its reach.

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4 thoughts on ““Beyond the Reach of Feminism,” by Alpha Unit”

  1. True, as a 64 year old boy I am out of reach.
    I never did get it the way I wanted it with the young womens, when I was a young man.
    I left empty handed but with my money in my pocket and my mind in my head.
    I do not know if I have regrets. I do know that I am an old boy.

  2. That’s a sad tale IndianaJohn. Maybe. I’m not sure what you’re saying. But if it’s what I think it is… You still got that money in your pocket? You can’t take it with you – go get yourself an 18 year old whore ( take her somewhere you’ll be safe, and not your home in case she comes back with some guys to rob you) and blow your mind out your head.”

    ” Feminism has for a short time been a driving force in the West…”

    No it hasn’t. It’s never even been on the map. Women’s rights and needs and equality yes, but feminism has never been anything but a fad amongst academic lesbians, many of the most prominent of whom are directly funded by right-wing think tanks to promote divisive identity politics which sow division and undermine class solidarity. Unfortunately, but totally unsurprisingly, the only other sphere where this has had any traction is the political parties of the so-called ‘left’, who are in fact mostly right-wing anti-working class jewish organisations, and most of whose leaders are themselves funded covertly by the state secret security services with exactly the same purpose – to weaken class solidarity and prevent the evolution of any genuine working-class political formations outside the bought-and-paid for mainstream ( Dems and Reps in the US).

    Womens’ rights has traction and wide support because men basically, contra to all the propaganda, LIKE women. While the Western way of life looked like it would be a way of increasing affluence, men have been totally sympathetic, by and large, to womens’ aspirations. Now things may change, but that’s another matter.

    Feminism, however… what is it? A project to replace patriarchy with ‘something’. With what? You’d have to spend your life immersed in femininst literature and academic journals even to have a rough idea of what they’re talking about – but it seems to involve replacing the traditional gender identities, a year zero utopianism. There is NO support for this amongst women! There are probably more female trainspotters than feminists, but every ‘left’ political party presents us with feminism as a part of the menu we have to accept to be on the ‘left’. Well, if the demand for feminism is not coming from the bottom up, it must be coming from the top down – and the top is the boss.

    We’ve had enough of yellow bosses’ unions and ‘socialists’; and feminism and the rest of identity politics are certainly that.

    1. Thank you for your insights. My definition of “feminism” isn’t quite as narrow as yours, though.

      I think it’s true that men generally like women, but I think they also, generally, feel superior to them, and won’t hesitate to put a woman “in her place” under certain circumstances.

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