What Do White Nationalists Want?

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We clearly established here a while back that White nationalism is for the most part simply White racism or White supremacism with a nice-sounding new name to keep from scaring people off. In a fancy, innocuous-sounding package, in other words.

I think maybe less than 5% of White nationalists are actually not racists. I’m not sure what’s up with them. A greater percentage are fond of Asians. Some have even married Asian women. It’s hard to call folks like that White supremacists, since they usually think that NE Asians are equal to or superior to European Whites.

On more moderate sites like American Renaissance, the view that NE Asians are equal to or superior to European Whites is commonly held, such that we must note that many White nationalists are in fact not White supremacists. This is an important distinction. The Left always calls these folks White Supremacists, and in many cases, that’s not fair.

I’m fascinated with White nationalism for some perverse reason, and to be honest, that’s why I write about it all the time.

Reading this blog is unfortunately just a glimpse into my perverse, unhealthy and chaotic mind. I wish I was more mature than that, but I’m not. Whatever is in my mind during given periods ends up on the blog. I admit I’m obsessed with race. Hence, the blog is race-obsessed. I’m not able to separate my private mental life from this blog yet, and I may never be.

Let’s look at the White nationalist program to see if this movement is racist or not.

Even on Amren, in the comments, you see a very large number of White nationalists saying that, ideally, we ought to throw all non-Whites out of the US. I don’t know how many feel that way. I never heard any of them say that they morally oppose such a project. I wonder how many WN’s don’t think this is a good idea. Clearly such a desire is racist.

On a lesser but yet important level, the vast majority of WN’s seem to take the opinion that only European Whites are real Americans. All others, no longer how long they have lived here, will never be Americans. I argue that this notion is racist in and of itself. Those opposed are invited to the comments to disagree.

A very large number of White nationalists, even on Amren, hanker for a race war, in particular a war between Whites and Blacks.

They also like to project about this a lot, claiming that Blacks want a race war with Whites. Sure, Nation of Islam Black Nationalists might, but it’s not a common view. I’ve been around thousands of Blacks (I taught in Black schools for years) and I’ve never heard one Black person say this.

White nationalists hanker for this because they think they can win this war. Most Blacks don’t think this is a good idea, I assume because it’s obvious that they would lose. If anything is racism, hankering for race war sure as Hell is.

One thing that is clear is that almost all WN’s seem to want White separatism in some form or another. I’m aware that some WN’s say that they are not White separatists. Their numbers are very small. Even those who say they are not White separatists still support “the right of communities to implement separatism at a local level.” Hmmm.

It seems to me that in general, White separatism would have to be driven by feelings of racism. I wouldn’t say all the time, but surely most of the time. As a political project, White separatism must be seen as racist to the core, regardless of the motivations of individuals.

The final WN view is that all anti-discrimination laws should be repealed. Some say we should only do this a piece at a time, but they all seem to support it. I would be very interested to meet a White nationalist who does not support getting rid of all anti-discrimination laws.

This project is so obviously racist on its face that I have even said that non-racist folks pushing this, such as libertarians and anarchists, are de facto racists in that they are pushing a racist agenda, no matter what pretty and loving thoughts may be dancing in their empathy-drenched minds.

This has aroused a firestorm of fury on libertarian and rightwing anarchist sites, but it’s always a pleasure to have the right kind of enemies.

Just to be fair, let’s point out what’s not racist about WN. Discussions of race realism are not necessarily racist, depending on how they are handled. Complaining about or criticizing other races is not necessarily racist either. Maybe they’re just telling it like it is? Opposition to anti-White hate propaganda, so prevalent in our society, is not necessarily racist.

Feeling pride in being White is not necessarily racist either.

My opinion is that all races and ethnic groups should take pride in themselves. It’s sad that more ethnic nationalists don’t feel this way. In fact, if you meet people from around the world, most people do take pride in their race or ethnicity! It’s healthy! Love yourself, love your tribe, love your nation, love your race.

Ideally, if WN’s respected the right of other groups to take pride in themselves, WN’s could look at proud Blacks and Hispanics and at least respect them for standing up for their people; instead, WN’s almost always see such folks as deadly enemies.

WN’s often say that their project is not racist. They also typically deny that they are racists themselves. But this is a lie in almost every single case. I don’t think I’ve ever met a White nationalist who was not a pretty hardcore racist. If you’re not a racist, why would you sign to a game like that in the first place?

Let’s look at the White nationalist project in summary:

Project/philosophy                Racist?

Strike anti-discrimination laws   YES
Remove non-Whites from US         YES
Only Whites can be real Americans YES
Advocate race war vs. non-Whites  YES
White separatism project at core* YES

*At project level, not individual level.

I would argue that from an anti-racist point of view, WN is invalidated right there.

We don’t need act silly and beat people up for talking about IQ or crime rates, feeling filial pride, or defending their people against idiots of other races. Given my argument above, why on Earth would any non-racist to anti-racist White person, however proud, sign on to WN? Forget it.

In an incredible book about Peru’s Shining Path, The Shining Path: A History of the Millenarian War in Peru, Peruvian journalist and uber-intellectual Gustavo Gorriti wisely noted that Sendero’s revolution was a “race against time.”

Gorriti speaking at some sort of citizens’ security committees conference in Peru on July 4, 2008.

Sendero saw Peruvian society as it was, not as it is. Sendero saw Peru as semi-colonial and semi-feudal, but it was moving away from both by the time they started their war. Their war was actually a war against time, progress and modernity itself.

Peruvian society is horrible, and armed Left revolution is more than justified, but Sendero’s analysis applied better to 1960 than 1980. In the ensuing 28 years, Peru only moved further from semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism.

US White nationalism is, like Sendero, in a race against time. In the past 45 years, support among US Whites for the five core projects/philosophies listed above has apparently declined each year in the US. The decline seems to be continuing. Yet White nationalists are racing harder than ever to implement their projects, the prospects for which seem to grow dimmer by the day. How many ways can you spell “doomed”?


Gorriti Ellenbogen, Gustavo. Translated, with an introduction, by Robin Kirk. 1999. The Shining Path: A History of the Millenarian War in Peru. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.
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20 thoughts on “What Do White Nationalists Want?”

  1. Rob, I’m surprised you didn’t touch on the class aspect of white nationalism. I have a hunch that it is predominantly a white working-class movement, because they tend to see wealthy whites as traitors.
    Here’s a comment from a white nationalist blog that critiques Kevin MacDonald’s cowardice on the issue of money and class.

    “that our new American elite is substantially composed of ethnically conscious Jews with a heavy sprinkling of corrupt White people with no allegiance or loyalty to their own people” -KMac

    Heavy sprinkling? How about the overwhelming majority of upperclass whites? A more honest statement surely. E-Z money is the tie that binds upperclass gentiles to the jews. You know it. I know it. You won’t publicly admit it. Why? Money. The hope is that somewhere exists a handful of wealthy whites of White feeling who may/might bankroll your research and the A3P Party if we don’t alienate them too terribly with the truth. Sorry, Prof, but that’s not going to happen. E-Z money and having a “White disposition” are mutually exclusive. This point is not worth debating. Your strategy, which would result in more Greet, Eat, and Retreating, has been tried and has failed repeatedly in the United States. This country is simply too large, its population centers are too dependant, power is too centralized, microchip technology is too pervasive, and there isn’t anything which resembles a unifying socioeconomic philosophy – not even a definition of White upon which to build a philosophy! – fortop-down (Internet) movement building to work. Wrap your mind around this and change – or fail.

      1. So do you think there is a class aspect to white nationalism? And what do you think of that comment from Kevin MacDonald’s blog?

  2. So do you think there is a class aspect to white nationalism?

    Yeah, generally speaking, bourgeois and anti-worker. Very much pro rightwing economics. They hate socialism. The Stormfront crowd is a little different though, and Tom Metzger is a lot different, and I at least respect them on that basis.

    And what do you think of that comment from Kevin MacDonald’s blog?

    It was good. MacDonald is a bourgeois guy who supports rightwing economics. He hates socialism. He really hates Communism too, but a lot of that is he hates the take from the rich and give to the poor thing.

    1. How do you know MacDonald supports right-wing economics? He’s never written anything to that effect. And since Stormfront is representative of white nationalism, I don’t see these neoliberal white nationalists you keep bringing up. All major WN leaders are opposed to free trade and financial usury.

      1. But what about MacDonald himself? And a lot of the sites you mentioned are philo-Semitic controlled opposition, not the real deal. Did you notice the correlation between philo-Semitism (Taylor, Jewamongyou, Guy White) and support for shitty economics?

        1. MacDonald hates Communism, and he hates socialism too. The guy’s a conservative. All WN’s are conservatives. MacDonald hated Obamacare, said it was anti-White and rallied the community against.

          Occidental Observer, MacDonald’s rag, is also pro-rightwing economics. They hate socialism and especially Communism. A lot of those writers come from a moneyed background, often big, big, big, big money! I’m talking huge estates.

          1. I don’t think that’s Jewish economics. It’s all about class, my friend. Everything is. These guys are bourgeois Whites. Their views on economics reflect their class position, quite logically.

          2. Do you know of any blue-collar Jews? I don’t think they even exist. Since that’s the case, can you at least grant me that most of them will tend to fall behind neoliberalism, if indeed everything is all about class?

          3. What do you mean RC?

            Get working Whites focused on the Jews to direct their attention away from their own elites. A project by the White rich and upper middle class then to deflect and confuse class warfare.

            You mean this?

          4. Cool, thx for laying this stuff out for us.

            I always thought this Socialism of Fools stuff was ridiculous. If there was something behind it, I might get into it myself, but the more I look at it, the more it seems there’s nothing there. This stuff is starting up all over again with the economic crisis. Jews ruined the economy. I looked into that too, and there’s nothing there. As if Jewish capitalists act any different from Gentile ones. They’re all the same!

  3. Are you actually saying a country overrun by Third World parasites is “modernity”?

    And a big part of the problem with “Take From Rich, Give To Poor” is that the line for “Rich” keeps coming down and line for “Poor” keeps going UP!

    Al Gore suggested that a family of four earning $20K a year was rich. In most places that’s considered poverty.
    Al Gore ALSO admitted “There Is No Lockbox”!

  4. Do you believe it’s whites’ “Destiny” or “Fate” or whatever to build good countries for savages to enjoy and destroy?

  5. “The final WN view is that all anti-discrimination laws should be repealed. Some say we should only do this a piece at a time, but they all seem to support it. I would be very interested to meet a White nationalist who does not support getting rid of all anti-discrimination laws.”

    Could we say the same thing about Liberals and the Second Amendment?
    The final Liberal view is that the Second Amendment should be repealed. Some say we should only do this a piece at a time, but they all seem to support it. I would be very interested to meet a Liberal who does not support taking away honest Americans’ right to own guns to defend ourselves, usually in the guise of gradual constriction with words like “Common Sense” thrown in to camouflage it. It is not “Common Sense” to disarm ourselves when we have more armed thugs, and BETTER armed thugs than ever before!

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