Ok, I’m Definitely a Child Molester Now

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I was just talking to someone my age who said that no man our age should want to have sex with any woman under age 25. He averred that if he were rich, he would try to have sex with women all the way down to age 25.

“But I’d draw the line at 25,” he added, nodding his head wisely.

I raised my hand like an eager pupil at school.

“I’d draw the line at 18,” I chirped perkily.

He scowled, shaking his head.

“Well, you’re definitely a child molester then,” he allowed.

“Really?” I asked hopefully.

“Yep,” he nodded. Well, as far as more older guys, yes. And as far as all women, especially older women, for sure. One thing they hate is older guys going after young women. That proves you’re a child molester right there.”

“One thing, though,” he noted. “Sure you can have sex with her. But how can you possibly have an intelligent conversation with an 18 year old girl?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “How can you have an intelligent conversation with most women our own age?”

He had to agree. I had a point.

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3 thoughts on “Ok, I’m Definitely a Child Molester Now”

  1. Men that talk like that have been brainwashed by aging women. These unmarried aging women will go apeshit on you if you tell them you prefer under 25 women. They pull out the molester/pervert card as a way of trying to shame us back into older women. Just from a purely biological perspective, a woman is ready to go at age 14 or 15. Not that I’d look at a girl that young or even think it’s a good idea even if it were legal. I’m just saying women were designed to start optimally having kids in their teens. The construct of advanced society is what has pushed that age back into the late 20s/early 30s. I know women in their 30s that have no kids and are worried about not ever being able to have them. They are often feminist types that put education/career before getting married. But their worldview that women should worry about career first is why the average age of first birth has been pushed back so far in the West.

    All men want younger women. We are as biologically programmed to seek out young nubile women as we are programmed to shriek in horror at the thought of a naked elderly granny. They are healthier, better looking, more likely to have a successful childbirth and there is high demand for them from both young men and older men. Somewhere between 30 and 35, an unmarried woman’s market value plummets like a rock. I can understand why these women would be upset about it. Luckily for us men, we have no such issue to worry about. We’ll be producing millions of soldiers a day until we die.

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