Nazi Condoms


Nazi rubbers, WTF man? I thought they wanted all good Germans to produce plenty of fine Aryan babies for the Fatherland. Remember, German women were not producing enough kids. That’s one reason that in Generalplan Ost, Slavic babies with Germanic features were kidnapped by German troops and sent west to be raised as Germans by German women.

Fascism is always pronatalist. That’s one reason why it sucks. As a super-environmentalist, I’m just not down with pronatalism. White nationalist websites always have these articles about some White woman who had 18 kids, followed by a train of wildly cheering comments. I see that shit and I want to vomit.

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6 thoughts on “Nazi Condoms”

  1. Don’t you get it, Robert, or have you been blinded by the kike media like the rest?

    The most ideal state for the white race these days is to have birth rates equivalent to Sub-Saharan Africa. Anything less than a mean fertility rate of 6.0 would be WHITE GENOCIDE (as I term it, the albinocaust).

  2. Bob seems never to have considered that a narrow pro-natalism might result in a broader “anti-natalism” merely from the actions of certain pro-natalists pursuing a Spiritual/Political Imperative.

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