Kill This Bitch Now


Goddamn her. And I know what you’re saying. She’s White. Also very nice, proper and decent looking.

She didn’t even know that cat. She was a complete stranger.

I hope it lived though.

This is what animals get for trusting us.

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6 thoughts on “Kill This Bitch Now”

  1. She has two police cars parked outside of her door as we speak. She is so gonna get it.

    robert do you have any cats?

    I’ve noticed that many of the men on this spear, are cat lovers.

  2. The cat lived but it was a rescue cat meaning that it had a tough past, just as it was starting t I trust humans again something g like that happened.

    It happened here in the UK and I couldn’t believe it when I first heard about it.

    She isn’t decent-looking though at all. There was a huge public backlash against her and when asked she didn’t explain why she did it.

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