Jewish Politics and Jewish Class Interests

Do you know of any blue-collar Jews? I don’t think they even exist. Since that’s the case, can you at least grant me that most of them will tend to fall behind neoliberalism, if indeed everything is all about class?

But they don’t. Jews are the most liberal group in the US. They are probably the most anti-neoliberal ethnic group in the US. In Israel, they voted for socialism for many years. Jews are funny people. They’re rich, but they’ve been supporting Left movements for about a century now.

It was not always thus. Prior to 100 hundred years ago, Jews were always conservative and always supported rightwingers due to their economic interests. Jewish politics doesn’t exactly line up with their class interests.

The commenter is getting trapped in the Socialism of Fools. Economic anti-Semitism is so retarded. Take stuff from rich Jews and give it to our own rich. Then our own rich will be nicer to us and share more money with us than those dirty Jews. Yeah right! Think again, man.

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3 thoughts on “Jewish Politics and Jewish Class Interests”

  1. How about take stuff from rich Jews and keep it for ourselves, rather than giving it to corrupt Gentiles? Is that better? And why do you think Jews changed 100 years ago? And what is Jewish politics based on then if not class interests? Ethnic interests? Oh yeah, that’s so much better.

  2. Yes, but to be fair, isn’t this mostly what we call “Cultural Marxism?” Real leftism is all about the workers, and neither Jews nor anyone else seems very interested in this today.

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