Is White Nationalism Pro-Working Class?

A commenter disagrees with me when I said White nationalism is not exactly pro-working class.

And since Stormfront is representative of white nationalism, I don’t see these neoliberal white nationalists you keep bringing up. All major WN leaders are opposed to free trade and financial usury.

If they are against financial usury, it’s news to me. I’m not even aware they are anti-free trade. They never seem to talk about it.

White nationalism is a hard rightwing movement in every sense of the word. They never talk about the C word – class. All they ever talk about is race. There’s a reason for that!

Hence it serves the purposes of the rich and upper middle class to divide the workers on the basis of race. WN is just a continuation of the Southern Strategy. WN’s have been voting for Republicans forever in this country. As a rule, they almost never vote Democrat. What kind of pro-worker voting is that?

Go to Occidental Dissent, Guy White , Silver’s site, Jewamongyou, American Renaissance, Majority Rights, VNN, they’re mostly libertarians, and they support rightwing economics. They all want small government, as small as possible, and they all hate socialism and especially Communism. Though there are a few pro-worker commenters on Occidental Dissent and Amren these days.

The whole WN community declared war on Obamacare.

The whole WN community got behind Libertardian Ron Paul last time around.

The Stormfront and Tom Metzger types are not exactly the norm.

Jared Taylor is a very rightwing Republican corporate type. Frankly, he’s typical.

Most WN’s seem to have money, often a lot of it. That’s what White racism is all about in the US.

The Whites work and make the money, often good money, and the nigger and beaner layabout criminal leeches want to steal all of our money.

That’s why they hate the Democrats so much and why they always vote Republican.

WN is not exactly worker-friendly. Quite the opposite!

Anyway, Stormfront is not pro-worker. They take no stand at all, but they did support Libertarian Ron Paul last time. But a lot of the commenters are working class Whites, and a lot of those are openly socialist.

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3 thoughts on “Is White Nationalism Pro-Working Class?”

  1. This is interesting, Bob. can you cite any Jared Taylor pro-free trade articles or comments?

    If you can’t, more likely he is downplaying the issue for fear of losing members. Which itself if a justified fear would be a sign of lack of race consciousness among American whites at this stage of the game.

    1. Amren advertises itself as a conservative publication, but the back editions of their publication stick pretty close to their core issues. You don’t see much about things like environmentalism, consumer protection or the size of the military budget, to name some things that conservatives often have opinions on.

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