How the Rightwing Revolution (1975-Ongoing) Was Won

A commenter asked how it came to be that US workers are so rightwing, and why they support rightwing anti-worker economics at home and imperialist foreign policy abroad:

How do you think it became this way?

Over a century of hard rightwing propaganda from the ruling classes, intensifying in the past decades. They have the control over the media, and I would say that that’s all you need. What more do you need than to control the media? Control the media, control the cultural discourse. That’s one reason why Judeopedia, I mean Wikipedia, is so scary, and why the Jews have flocked it it in swarms.

Actually, this country was going in a good direction until the mid 1970’s. We were heading towards a progressive society.

Then a group of the heads of the top corporations of the US got together and held some meetings. They said if we don’t stop this trend, the US “will end up as just another European social democracy” (exact words). They and many of their ultra-rich backers (but mostly corporations) vowed to pour money into think-tanks to change the discourse of America. Hence the birth of the Hoover Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Foundation and the rest of the Stink Tanks.

At the same time, the Left think tanks were starved for money, and they still are. The think tanks control political intellectual discourse in society. When a politician or journalist wants to write about something, AEI or other stink tanks have a paper served right up to you. They will probably even courier deliver it to your office with flowers.

Also, right around this time, a Jewish scumbag named Milton Friedman was really getting going at the Univershitty of Chicago. He gathered  acolytes around him, published books, monograms, journal articles, etc. went on TV, interviewed, and publicized the Chicago School of Economics.

Economics is a dismal enough science as it is, but this stuff was horrible. A lot of it was out and out lies. For instance, they invented a new theory about how Antitrust regulation doesn’t work and how monopoloy corporations are great for business, society, consumers and workers. They coined new theories on all sorts of economic matters that was long ago settled debate. On and on with a lot of areas of economics. Lies, lies, lies and more lies, and more lies piled on top of those lies. This is the base of modern neoliberalism.

At heart it has some truths. Sure, a dollar invested in the private capitalist sector is more productively invested than a dollar invested in a public socialist sector. But so what? So what should we do then? Shut down public roads, housing, medical care, research, schools, dams, parks, canals, trash collection, sewage treatment, water, power and phone delivery, airwaves, airports, highways, refuges, forests, grasslands, oceans, lakes, rivers, beaches, police, fire, courts, regulatory agencies, social programs?

According to these POS’s, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, etc. They don’t believe that much of anything should be public, and they want to shut down most everything public and privatize it. They essentially want to privatize all society and end the public sphere altogether. Friedman was evil, and so are his scum buddies, but right now, Chicago School is all you will learn if you take Economics classes at a university. If you get an Econ degree, you will be a Chicago School economist. All the texts, journals, grads and big names in the field, everyone and everything, are Chicago School.

So the Chicago School staged a Bolshevik like coup against the field of Economics in the US, a coup which is ongoing. At the same time, the entire media, including the “liberal media” the rightwingers whine about, became Chicago School acolytes and defensive linemen. Chicago School become the Bible you swear on when you take the oath to be a journalist in the US.

Chicago School Economics also captured both parties. First it grabbed the Republicans, who had been drifting Left with Nixon and Ford.  They went Chicago School in 1980 with Reagan.

Next it took he Democrats with the Democratic National Committee in the late 1980’s, which held that Democrats were losing elections because they were too liberal in every sense, including economics, and that the only way to beat Republicans was to become a pro-corporate political party, one that lived off the fat donations of corporate backers. They would never beat the Republicans at the corporate money game, but at least they could survive and get enough money to win some elections.

Clinton and Obama are both Chicago School types. Obama even has ties to the institution. The Chicago School Revolution is ongoing as we speak. Tea Parties are Chicago School rallies. All this deficit slashing bullshit is straight up Chicago School.

Hence was the modern reactionary coup of the past 35 years won.

It all boils down to Information Theory. He who controls Information, controls the world.

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4 thoughts on “How the Rightwing Revolution (1975-Ongoing) Was Won”

  1. Short history of the last 50 years of American politics…

    In the early 60s, conservatives weren’t popular and needed a group that would vote against their economic interests. Racists fit the bill. Thus was born the Southern strategy — Wall Street would turn a blind eye to racism (later converted to fundamentalism) and the Southerners would ignore financial shenanagins.

    Meanwhile, increasingly aggressive forms of affirmative action could be designed to keep working-class whites and blacks from allying. As one Republican strategist put it “Divide the country in half, and we get the bigger half.”

    And so we’ve entered the politics of the forgotten. It’s easy to pick the party of the rich, the rural, the fundamentalist and business owner. And the party of the poor, the urban, the secularist and laborer. Somehow the middle class, suburban, mailine religionist, white collar worker ended up without one. In other words, the most typical American.

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