First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Teenagers

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Bernhard Goetz, one of my all-time heroes. Why? Because he shot five teenage thugs who were menacing him on the New York subway. How old were they? 18 and 19, a prime age for culling the human race.

What sex were they? They were males, but the more teenage females I meet these days, the more I wonder why we allow so many of them to suck our precious air either. What color were they? They were Black, but honestly, I really don’t think White or Hispanic teenagers are any better.

What happened to poor Bernhard? He got 6 months in jail for attempting to improve humanity five punks at a time. What an outrage. He should have gotten a national holiday named after him instead.

I’m sorry he didn’t kill all of them, and I’m happy the one teenage piece of shit is still paralyzed. It’s not that I hate Black punk kids all that much; I just hate punk kids altogether. I’d love to see scores or hundreds of White and Hispanics kids getting the same or similar treatment every year in this country.

I’m not racist; I’m ageist. Truth is, the White ones are the worst ones of them all. It’s the same as it was when I taught school when the White kids were the worst race of students – White kids have no respect and act like they own the town and the world.

I hate most kids from 16 to 23 or so (a few are ok, and younger ones are just fine) – White kids, Hispanic kids, Black kids, you name it, I hate em all. I wish we could just kill all of em at age 16, put them in deep freeze until age 24 or so, and then maybe bring them back to life when they’ve got some fucking sense.

Or take them at age 16, throw them all onto islands with enough food, water, iPods, birth control pills, guns, bullets and dope to last em four years, and let em fight out. Hopefully, the worst ones would get killed off, but we would save on trials, imprisonments, burials, and bullshit payouts for cop shootings of worthless punks.

I think that’s why I don’t want to teach school ever again – I hate teenagers way too much, especially White teenagers. I’m not sure I would want to teach community college either – I hate lots of 18-20 year olds too, especially the White ones.

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2 thoughts on “First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Teenagers”

  1. Just like 60 is the “new 40” we need to think of 25 as the “new 18.” Kids from families who can afford it, don’t usually start living really on their own until then. The ones from families who can’t become what demographers call “detached youth” — 16-24 year olds who aren’t in school, employed or providing primary child care full time. The 0.5% percent of the population that commits half the homicides.

    I’ve long proposed setting up a kind of semi-military without guns for them to live, work, eat and get an education. In the morning, they’d escort ghetto kids to school; then spend a few hours doing repairs in the neighborhood; then take their own vocational training in the afternoon. It’s kind of what the Army does to warehouse dumb southern white boys.

    1. Something like that. I think it’s 92 or 93. They made that rule after WW2 and they did studies. Soldier with IQ’s below that number were more likely to get killed or hurt and they were doing stupid stuff that was getting their comrades killed and hurt too.

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