Feminists Want a White Man, and Everyone Wants a Non-Feminist Woman

tulio made an excellent comment just now on feminism.

The subject of comparative masculinity between the races and feminism is subject that often arises here. One thing I observe is that white males are the choice mates of feminists of all colors. I recently had a heart to heart conversation with a Latina that is left wing and definitely on the feminist/independent woman tip. She says she prefers white men.

She feels that black and Latino men are either too machismo, too controlling, believe too much in gender roles or are likely to cheat. She doesn’t view Asian men as an option under any circumstance. So she prefers white men. And this is a girl who you guys would definitely consider anti-white in politics. Like she believes white people have no culture, that many of them are racist and she’s definitely seems to be in favor of little or no immigration controls.

She feels that white men are going to be more tolerant of women with her sense of independence(or basically all her feminist traits), and she’s not into all the roles of women thing like having dinner ready and being submissive in any way. She thinks white males are the best option for women like her.

When I think about it, almost all the feminist I know or have known ended up with white guys. Usually they were the feminized SWPL sort of whites guys. The kind you see waiting outside the store with the baby strapped to his chest in a harness while the wife wants to do her thing inside. I’ve met some of these guys. They come off as wimpy, easy to control and get dominated by their feminist wives who run the show.

These guys have usually been shamed into thinking any overt sense of masculinity is taboo. They tend to be very much beta males and wouldn’t think of doing anything that would offend his wife’s feminist sensibilities like suggesting she cook or clean.

They also tend to be afraid to do anything that would suggest they see her as a sexual object. That’s the one common complaint amongst feminists, “Women are not sexual objects!” Of course women are sexual objects. So are men. That’s not all we are, but that’s part of what we are. If you go around with cleavage showing, don’t be offended if a man leers at your breasts. He’s just being a man. What the fuck is wrong with that?

One of these guys looked at me like “WTF” when I said I’m not a feminist, as if they was like someone saying they are against civil rights. So there you go, non-macho non-cavemen white males certainly have their market. It’s feminist females of any color.

I’m starting to have more and more a dislike for feminism and how it has fucked with the natural order of things. You have a lot of these bitter, domineering Hillary Clinton type women who think they have to compete and fight with men and have a chip on their shoulder. Many of them don’t date or date rarely.

I then hear people I know that have wives or girlfriends from S. America, or SE Asia or E. Europe and they say once you hunker down with one of these women who embrace their femininity and believe in putting family first over career, you’ll never want a Western woman again. They say feminism has fucked up Western, and particularly American so bad that they’ve written them off. My uncle only dates Asian women and said he’s done with American women for good. I’ve met other guys that have said similar.

Thing is, I am a feminist in the strict sense in that I’m all for women’s rights, I’m pro choice, I believe women should have equal opportunity, there should be no glass ceilings for women and I think women make perfectly fine heads of state.

What I don’t like is the complete feminist assault on femininity and their belief that women will be made strong by making them less like women and more like men. They look down on “girly, feminine women” like a black nationalist would a Uncle Tom.

I’m not down with that crap. While both my parents worked, I always grew up in a household where my dad brought home most the bread, my mom worked too, but she always saw it as her duty to cook and clean and shop for the kids. My dad wore the pants, he made the rules. He was never abusive or anything, but it was obvious who was running the show. My mom simply saw it as her duty to take care of the house make sure she made dinner. That’s what her mom did, and that’s what her grandmother did.

He discusses how feminists all want White men. Well, of course they do. What’s bizarre about this is that if you read modern feminist discourse, such as feminist websites, there is not one word about Latino or Black men. Men from other nations are rarely discussed. The rage is all directed against White men, but paradoxically, that’s who they all want to hook up with!

I wrote a while back about how Mexicans have ruined California, but strangely enough, my complaint is not against the illegals. The illegals and non-assimilated or poorly assimilated Mexicans generally act very, very good. They have traditional Old World, Old Mexico peasant and working class values. Sure, there are traditional role models there, but strangely enough, the women seem to love it! The women are very, very happy, and of course, so are the men. I have no idea if the women are oppressed or not. Perhaps they are. But they seem to enjoy their ultra-feminine role.

The strange thing is that the more women move out of traditional roles, it seems like the more miserable they get! Modern women claim they don’t want to be shackled with the old ways, but the more they give it up in favor of feminism, the more unhappy and angry they get. I suspect it’s because they are messing with Mother Nature. Nature wants women to be feminine and to play a traditional role. When they don’t, they’re fucking with the system. Nature doesn’t like things that don’t play by the rules: she attacks them. So she attacks modern women by making them angry and miserable.

Tulio’s position is the same as mine. Equity feminism is good; radical feminism is bad. Modern feminism is radical feminism.

The paradox, as I mentioned, is that if feminists all want White men, why do they rail against us as evil rapists and oppressors of women? White men don’t do a lot of raping, and they don’t oppress women too much. Black and Latino men are way worse on both counts. Yet there is nothing but silence about this subject from feminists.

A couple of things are going on here. Radical feminism is PC. PC people never like to say anything bad about their glorious POC’s. So there’s an inhibition there. I don’t blame them, because the minute they say one bad word about POC men, they’re going to get hit by a broken dam flood of “RACIST!” screams.

Radical feminism seems to resemble Critical Race Theory in some ways. As CRT is mostly a way for bourgeois self-hating Whites and POC’s to rail against bourgeois Whites for not divvying up the bourgeois loot fairly enough, I suspect the same thing is going on with radical feminism. If you go their sites, these women are all smart, White, and either in college or college grads. A surprising number of them are going to top name schools like Yale and Harvard. The talk on the blogs is how they are going to move into big bucks corporate world after graduation. It’s obvious why these women don’t want to discuss the C word – class, too much.

Their lament, I think, is similar to the CRT folks. These bourgeois White women are furious at bourgeois White men for not divvying up the bourgeois loot fairly enough. No fair! This is where the rage is coming from.

And as these women are mostly only dating White men and not dealing with POC men at all, that’s why they never discuss the transgressions of POC men – they simply don’t deal with them! Nevertheless, the downtrodden White man is the one they deal with on a regular basis. Their minds are filled with all this feminist fury, hate and Victim Drug, and all that energy needs somewhere to go. So it gets directed at the very males that are most meaningful to their personal lives.

The funny thing is that these guys, as tulio points out, are about as feminist as you can get. But their feminist women are yet not satisfied. The feminists don’t want to be happy like Jews don’t want anti-Semitism to go away. They need patriarchy and female oppression like Dracula needs blood.

I don’t think the solution is to be a pig. Traditional women like guys who assume masculine role models. I suspect that deep down inside, feminists do too. You can cook and clean the house without her thinking you’re a pussy. Hell, I cook and clean myself.

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48 thoughts on “Feminists Want a White Man, and Everyone Wants a Non-Feminist Woman”

  1. “American husbands are the best in the world; no other husbands are so generous to their wives, or can be so easily divorced” — Elinor Glyn (since she said that in the 1920s, she almost certainly meant whites)

  2. A lot of feminism seems to be capitalism’s way to get more lower paid workers. Nowadays, if you’re in a couple relationship, both people have to work. Used to be just the man. Now both have to slave away while the kids get no time.

    “The strange thing is that the more women move out of traditional roles, it seems like the more miserable they get!”
    I like the caption from the pic in this article:
    “If women are being subjugated here, they don’t seem to mind”

    It’s not just feminists who want white men, it’s black women… or at least they should want white men:
    “Black female-White male marriages show substantially lower rates of divorce than White-White marriages” (or Black-Black)

    1. “Now both have to slave away while the kids get no time.”

      I beg your pardon. Parents suffogate their children more than ever before.

  3. Feminists are just repressed, grasping middle-class cunts. Going out with a darky is a step down the social status ladder; all their middle-class friends would have a snigger, and they might get cut off from their trust funds.

  4. Sorry to be late to the post (linked from Bardamu).

    I realized some time ago that feminists don’t actually want men at all; what they WANT as a partner is a college-educated white woman with a bigger paycheck and a penis. A beta SWPL makes a barely-acceptable substitute. For now.

    1. Interesting comment Kelly. However, I do believe that there’s women out there who’ll marry men as long they don’t have a penis. Check out this wedding pic of Cynthia Nixon and her husb…oops, I mean wife.

  5. The only feminism I’ll accept is socialist feminism, equity feminism. Feminism is not about the behaviour of men, it is not about female anger, but it is about justice and equality. It is about levelling the playing field as far as possible for women, something ultimately impossible in society where, historically men have ruled for upwards of 8,000 years.

    Men must be men, nonetheless, and women, women. Some small European countries have a high level of female representation in politics, almost 50% of the MPs, Norway and Iceland, for example. That’s a good place to start, far better than trying to pull down the patriarchy, which is rather older than capitalism, feudalism or the slave mode of production. A tall order, that one…

    In the 1970s I read Valerie Solanas’ SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto. Wow that is a really angry piece of writing. Female separatism and radical feminism are just political cul-de-sacs: they’re never going to go anywhere. Actually attacking the dominant gender is going to get you where?

  6. White men rape and commit violent acts against women just as much as any other race in America. The media just makes it seem the other way from what they choose to show. I don’t care if feminists don’t want to hear this, but it really is a shame that it’s become so casual for ethnic people to be oppressed in such a modern way.

    1. I was researching some articles on anti-feminism and stumbled upon this article. I’m not disagreeing with your opinion on feminism, but you are completely biased (which I expect) and wrong about your opinion on white men and rape. The one thing I am shocked about is the part where you actually said American white men don’t rape as much as men of other nationalities? Or did just white men in general? I can’t believe you could actually think that. Just a few prime examples: The rape epidemic in the U.S. military of white servicemen raping servicewomen and civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq that are covered up, the molestation/rape of girls and boys committed by white men, white men going to other countries and raping women and children of other nationalities (or having sex with child prostitutes and coming back to America), the unreported rapes in colleges, rapes and molestation of women and children in position of power, etc Things that are normally just covered up or don’t go national until much later. But if you dig a little deeper, you will see for yourself.

      ^ ^ All things that are really no secret to other people, except apparently white American men, who are always in denial. They have always been known for these things. And I do mean, ‘always’, in virtually every country. White American men have been known for that. Careful where you point your fingers.

      Even Sweden, which has one of the highest reported levels or rapes in the world, has said it is not possible to “evaluate and compare the actual levels of violent crimes between countries.” Ironic, right? So, do you want to tell everyone again how white men don’t rape? Or is it just white American men?

      1. I believe that Black men rape at 6X the rate of White men, and Hispanics at 3X the rate of White men, but I might have to check the figures.

        Sweden surely does not one of the highest rape rates on Earth.

        1. I have access to UN Rape statistics for 2008 & 2009-
          Sweden 2009 rapes per 100,000 = 53.2
          for comparison the US = 28.6
          Russian Federation-4.4
          Trinidad & Tobago- 58.4
          Lesotho (in southern Africa) has the highest at -91.6
          It is interesting to note that countries similar to Sweden have a much lower incidence of rape-

          I’m probably the domineering Hilary Clinton type Toolio mentioned when I’m online or working in a professional capacity. Otherwise I’m quite content being the ‘little miss homemaker’ most of the time.
          Toodle pip!

        2. The elevated rape rate in places like Sweden probably has much to do with the presence of Muslim immigrants/minorities, who commit a grossly disproportionate amount of rape there and other Scandinavian countries.

        3. BAG-
          ‘The elevated rape rate in places like Sweden probably has much to do with the presence of Muslim immigrants/minorities’

          Yes, I’ve heard that the Muslim immigrants from North Africa in Sweden are responsible for the majority of the rapes.

        4. @ Bibi

          I also once read somewhere that while Iraqis in Finland where only 0.1% of the population, Iraqi men were responsible for 5% of rapes.

          If I were the native Finns, I’d kick them all out!

  7. As Dota once said, I support equity feminism. In other words, equal pay for equal work, the same opportunities in education and employment, etc.

    What I DON’T support is the identity, status based feminism that seeks to completely rework the social order, which for feminists often means assaulting masculinity itself.

      1. Thank you for the kind words, Rafa!

        You know, it’s funny. I once went to a standup comedy club in Berkeley, and one of the comedians was some hippy, semi-feminist white woman. In one of her routines, she actually made fun of radical feminists. She was like, “you know, perhaps they could have fought to secure basic education and safety for poor women in 3rd world countries, but noooo, they had to get the word ‘womyn.’ They needed that Y.”

        Unfortunately, much of the feminism you see nowadays is the identity politics kind. That is why I am so vehemently opposed to it.

        I have one white female acquaintance who wholeheartedly approved of that bizarre white liberal couple’s decision to raise their little boy “genderless.”

        (Look it up on google, I’m too lazy to provide the link right now, LOL)

        So yes, feminists, equal pay for equal work is good. Just don’t give me this whole “gender is a social construct” crap.

        1. I can’t fault you because of your source (Berkeley.) But feminism is just not relevant. The fringists poisoned it for everyone, and now liberal women will happily mock feminists alongside conservative males. I joined Women’s groups only because of the possibility for a scholarship. I never had an inclination until I came in contact with traditionalist males, who completely overlooked male vulnerabilities more so than the supposed evils. Traditionalist males really are living in a different era. The current accusations they make about feminists seem to come out of the twentieth century when those attitudes were still prevalent. Even the terms or sayings they use ,with the intention of imitating feminists belong in the dustbin of history. One of the greatests arguments of traditionalist males is that working women are neglecting their children, when in reality they do not give them enough space necessary for maturation.

          Who would have guessed that after a five minute conversation with a traditionist male, I would hate my unborn children who I’ve never met. I still plan to have a 5-6 children because it is necessary to reproduce, but I do take issue with the concept of unconditional love and self sacrifice and believe if I have to carry fetuses for 9 months and then endure the pains of childbirth (theorectically sacrificing my life) and serve at their beck and call during infancy, you better believe they have to repay me for the rest of their lives.That way I can piss off both parties (keeping with the tradition of Lindsay’s motto.)

        2. I don’t care so much about political, equality-based feminism. I have no problem with women running for president and being in positions of powers and such.

          Where feminists annoy me is denying that femininity and masculinity are anything more than cultural constructs. Women should act like women, dress like women, and carry themselves like women. Men should act like men, dress like men and carry themselves like men. Men should treat women with respect and view them as equals. That’s how I think it SHOULD be. I simply don’t respect a man that lets his wife dominate him. Men are the stronger sex and we take care of the woman. I like when I’m strolling arm and arm with a girl and she grips my arm just a bit tighter as we walk down a sketchy looking street. It feels great to have the role of protector. Can anyone imagine the reverse? Do women respect weak men? Men are SUPPOSED to dominate women.

        3. That’s my biggest problem with traditionalist males. I have no problem with you asserting your dominance and playing along, but stop telling me about my supposed vulnerabilities.

        4. Men are SUPPOSED to dominate women.

          Don’t speak too soon, Tulio. If current trends continue unabated, you’ll have people saying the exact opposite in a matter of decades.

      2. The masculinists and traditionalists males are pretty weak as well. Not because I disagree with any argument you make, but because they are factually inaccurate, they are not up to date with the current attitudes (and lingo) of the 21st century, and they are all too often inconsistent. They do not acknowledge that feminists failed to rally women of all backgrounds under one common banner or that womens’ studies departments are overlooked, underfunded and has become somewhat of a joke.

        While the embittered males are just using the MRM to get back at the women that fucked them over and are just the mirror image of feminists, the traditionalists argue that women aren’t cut out for competition and performing male tasks (which would include everything but housework and pink collar jobs) and it is a grave injustice to force it upon them. This whole premise is absurd because males are highly innovative and outshine women in every field, they are also more vulnerable and over represented in just about every weakness and incompetency as well.

        1. GSG

          You’re confusing feminism as an academic discipline with feminism as a socio/cultural doctrine. The former may be declining but the latter has been internalized to the point of becoming invisible.

        2. Most people agree that there are differences b/w the sexes and that males will always be the dominant sex.

        3. I don’t think anyone in the mainstream (silent majority) agrees that gender is a social construct.

        4. @ GSG

          Well, that just goes to show that it only takes a small, but loud, active, and organized minority to impose upon the majority.

          Something both WN’s and MRM types should take to heart.

        5. I grew up in a very liberal area but was never exposed to feminism. I can recall that older teachers would try to empower girls, but they never encouraged us to act like men. My 12th grade social studies teacher was a mangina who frequently told girls off for being too passive. He told us a funny story. When he was in high school, his teacher assigned a book report, and he chose Pride and Prejudice, assuming it was about anti black racism in the deep south. Boy was he in for a surprise, and by then it was too late to choose a new book, and he had to suffer through it. 🙂

        6. “Well, that just goes to show that it only takes a small, but loud, active, and organized minority to impose upon the majority.”

          The ’60’s was an very conservative decade, but the voccal minority was able to put their stamp on it.

        7. Mangina, LOL.

          I’ve heard the term before, but I think I’ll use it more frequently from now on, hehe.

        8. My biggest problem with critics of feminism (and criticism of other groups such as jews, blacks, immigrants, GLBTs, bohemians and whatever else) is that they fixate on a certain brand of feminism and assume the fringe elements to be more mainstream than they actually are. They havven’t moved past the early stages of second wave feminism and their criticism is not adjusted to fit the modern world. We live in a post feminist era, in which female empowerment is no longer glorified, but assumed to be mainstream. We now have women, who may have dabbled in feminism during their college years, who are now rebelling against feminism and taking on more traditional roles, as the recession has seen a decline of job opportunities that their humanities degrees would satisfy. Same with judeo critique. My main criticism with Kevin MacDonald is that he fails to recognize the split between neoconservative and hippie jews that occurred circa the Reagan revolution and he assumes both of the fringe idealogies to be present among all jews including the less politically involved.

          1. Hi, Gay State Girl. What would be a better approach for those who are critical of feminism nowadays?

        9. I don’t know. I think male critics of feminism should make sure that they are knowlegeable about feminism. to recognize that there are distinctions and differing idealogies within feminism itself. They should be able to identify the sources and origins of these idealogies and take care not to confuse them.

          If there was no God, who would I use as my punching bag?

  8. Feminists fault white men alone) for the existence of patriarchy. Partnering with a minority male enables them to experience a true man, while not associating his attitudes as furthering gender oppression

    1. Thanks for the link GSG! Pretty interesting article 🙂 Ooops…I hope the word “pretty” is not too “girly”. J/K 🙂

  9. I’m into power for women and I’m just fine with my happiness i have my UPS and downs but generally I’m fine. women are the most abused in Every form in this world andthat’s undeniable so I’m not surprised there are feminists. Look at India (lived there 13 years ) rumen are of no value and are always killed before and after they’re born by the millions, look at Egypt where Women are constantly harassed sexually and gang banged and binge in the street duress anything about it and its apparently common!!! Also in India that’s common. I’m not even going to mention Saudi our Arab countries. So why you hating on women woo simply dying want to be treated like SHIT because they have a vagina +? I dont Blame them!!!

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