Brave Feminist Battling the Patriarchy

As you can see, the battle never ends. The Patriarchy falls back, only to reassert its upright domination again. You knock it down, and it bounces right back up. Look ladies, just give up, ok?

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4 thoughts on “Brave Feminist Battling the Patriarchy”

  1. I know you meant this as an area for humor. However, this seem like a good place to rant, as unwise as it may turn out.
    Radical feminists were unmasked early on. These creatures were petri-dish born and bred in academia and nurtured by university eunuchs. They were upper-middle-class women fighting for upper-middle-class women’s rights, and they got them.

    Their all-inclusive philosophy toward POCs was a buffering agent, a shield of grace, against hard line attacks from the right. Now it’s back to benign neglect in the form of making non-whites into a protected class against criticism while not doing all that much to encourage self-sufficiency. As a movement in the 80s, feminists were able to redirect neutral funding and policies in schools toward female-focused programs, and the current herd of half-educated white males admitted into elite universities out of pity, nepotism, or affirmative action plans proves the point. They are the products of outlawed boyhood.

    What intrigues me is why you seem to be skirting around the obvious elephant in the center of your HDTV screen: Institutionalized white misandry. If you posted an article on the subject and I missed it, I apologize. I don’t mean to sound contentious when in reality it is simply frustration being vented.

    A high number of persuasive TV ads have the white male diminished, slapped, groin-kicked, pushed back and abused in every possible way. White males in TV commercials more often than not play the harlequin. Equally unrealistic is the absence of Hispanics, Asians and others…and the alleged all-powerful blacks appear to be guests at every white family function! Whites at the drug store have to wait for the black person to come in and tell them which medicine won’t give them a four-hour erection. (In real life, there aren’t that many blacks to spread around white establishments.)

    In action movies it’s currently de rigueur to have a black female executive approach several white nervous guys. “Jones,” she will bark, “have that report in my office in 5 minutes, or I’ll fire you.” How representative is that scene? None of this is reality of course, but play it long enough and it can prove prophetic, and eventually backfire simply from inertia. Why not go about it in a life-like manner. Why must we play, “Now it’s MY turn to kick ass,” every time? The anger building up in white males has to manifest itself somewhere. It is this misplaced anger that one must fear.

    Are only white trash males allowed to have gonads? You cannot trivialize the integrity of white masculinity without trivializing Asians, Hispanics and every other non-black males. I have nothing against black people. I wish all groups the best in life. But the origin of this particular culture war has got to be placed at the feet of feminists, whether they anticipated it or not. Madison Avenue is simply reflecting what they believe it is feminists want. And there seems to be no one around willing to give these guys a clue.

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