Are Americans Retarded?

50% of these shitheads say they plan to vote for a Republican in the election in 60 days? And the poll numbers look similar to 1994, when Republicans took control over Congress, passed the Contract on America, and damn near ruined the country for several years. What are these idiots thinking anyway?

Why do they hate Obama? What’s it all about anyway? Is he too liberal? Is that it?

Is it that he hasn’t fixed the economy? True, but how is electing Republicans going to make matters better? Americans don’t make sense. They act like Democrat and Republican is like a choice between Coke or Pepsi. Store’s out of one, you just buy the other, no problem.

If the economy sucks, they throw out whichever party is in, and replace it with the other one. But that’s retarded. Just because one party is presiding over a shitty economy doesn’t mean that throwing them out and putting the other party in is going to fix matters. It only will if the other party has a plan to dig us out of the economic hole.

The Republicans have no such plan. All of their agenda – endless insane tax cuts, slashing and gutting spending in the middle of a Depression, gutting regulation on business, gutting environmental protection, rolling back health care and financial reform, accelerating the mass foreclosure crisis in housing – none of this will improve the economy. Sure it might improve the bottom lines of the wealthy, the corporations and the upper middle class, but the evidence is that it will fuck the overall economy even harder than ever.

Tax cuts: Tax cuts are needed to get the economy going again? No they are not, and they’re tax cuts are all for the rich anyway. Thing is, even if you give businesses tax cuts, in this Depression, they still won’t hire. Banks have been cutting loans to business for 30 years now in favor of speculation, and the credit markets are pretty frozen anyway. It’s consumer demand that’s dead. All the tax cuts on Earth won’t help that.

Truly, the only way to grow jobs these days is via state spending, since business is not hiring and won’t be hiring for a long time. That’s what all those headlines in the New York Times about 10% Unemployment For Decades are all about. That’s what the elite wants. Long term high unemployment.

Spending cuts/deficit hawks: Won’t work. The debt is not a problem at the moment, though it will be in the future, around 2020. There are easy ways out. Eliminating the income tax cap on Social Security will fix Social Security nearly forever. Most of the debt bomb by 2020 will be caused by health care spending, so health care reform should fix that. Getting rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich should fix the rest. Saying America is broke is nonsense. We are one of the richest countries on Earth. How the fuck can we be “broke?”

Anyway, gutting spending in the middle of a recession or depression is  a bad idea. All it does is make the economy worse. We have decades of real world examples to prove that that is so.

Gutting regulation of business: This won’t help anything. Business isn’t hiring, and they won’t hire after you lift the regulations either. Only thing this will do is fuck workers, consumers and society like it always does.

Gutting environmental regulation: With the Gulf Crisis and Global Warming, one wonders why any sane person would want to get rid of environmental laws. But Republicans never met an environmental law they liked. This won’t do anything to help the economy. Ending environmental laws won’t get consumers spending again. The states with the best environmental laws have the highest standard of living. The states with the worst laws have the lowest standard of living.

Rolling back health care reform: Brilliant. In the middle of a Depression, with millions upon millions out of work, end health care for millions of Americans and price millions of others out of the market. This is good for the fuckin’ economy how now? And no, it’s not deficit reduction either. The deficit is caused by capitalist health care = no health care reform. The more health care reform (socialist medicine), the more the deficit goes down.

Roll back financial reform: The banksters blew up the economy, causing the worst Depression since the 1930’s. The criminals’ destruction of the economy reverberated around the globe, causing mass ruin for the entire world economy. Recently, some tepid reforms were enacted that take some baby steps towards stopping the capital S scum from doing it again. The Republicans have pledged to roll all of that back so the financial hucksters and gangsters can blow up the economy all over again. This fixes the economy? WTF?

Accelerating the foreclosure crisis in the housing market: From Day One, charming Republicans have blamed poor, downtrodden homeowners for the crime of losing their houses to Financial Capital Organized Crime. I thought Republicans were all about sympathy for crime victims and slamming it to the criminals? Wait, that’s only street criminals. Get shave, put on a suit and tie, get an office suite with a view, and you can steal like there’s no tomorrow. But don’t shoplift that burrito! Three strikes! 25 years in prison!

I happen to think that these millions of American homeowners do not deserve to lose their homes. Even if they did, letting them walk away is ruining the economy by nuking the housing market. Obama has made some changes that are allowing some homeowners to keep their homes. The Republicans want to do away with all of that and flood the market with foreclosures, all to enrich their Banker Kingpin pals. More disaster for the economy.

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8 thoughts on “Are Americans Retarded?”

  1. It really is stupid. I agree with pretty much everything you said. People don’t seem to realize that we are paying back right now for a decade of bubble economy. It’s like nobody understand that you don’t get something for nothing. All the phony wealth created under the dotcom boom which then rolled over into real estate boom was wealth created out of thin air. It seemed real at the time and some made off like bandits, but now we’re slowing paying it back. This recession is just the fundamentals of the economy rebalancing. It’s painful to go through it, but there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. People that think Obama has some magic wand to make the hangover go away are fucking morons. This recession is bigger than any one man’s ability.

  2. I believe in “benign gridlock.” Keep the Congress and Presidency separate, and neither party will implement their idiotic ideologies to the detriment of middle Americans.

    What am I talking about? Things like illegal immigration. The Republicans see cheap labor and the Democrats see future voters. The losers are middle Americans who can’t support a family on blue-collar wages.

    Trickle-down and Diversity are two one-way streets to the same abyss.

  3. A lot of Americans see members of our government as high-level criminals (“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”– Twain). Apart from complete dismantling of our system, they see voting out incumbents as preventing them from getting too entrenched and sophisticated at their criminal art.

  4. ”The MAIN way Jews conquer the world: They create a greedy and corrupt Right Wing which drives the Working Class to the Left where Marxists scoop them all up!”

    -Hervé Ryssen


    Are Americans Retarded?

    heg: Yes, what they all have in common is that they either vote RepTards or DemoCraps. Same shit for brain, the JEW ALWAYS win either way.

    What else is up “Comrad” Robert? 8D))))

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