Why Blacks Are Way Better Than Gypsies

tulio asks:

I’m sure there has to be something interesting or positive about them, no? I don’t know much about Gypsies/Roma. I’ve been warned about them when traveling to Europe and that they have various scams they run. But aren’t there many of them that just live normal lives? I can’t imagine that they’d all be semi-nomads.

There is one good thing about them: they make some damn good music. I can’t think of anything else good about them though.

As far as the question of whether many of them not just regular folks, the answer is not really. They’re like a Race of Criminals. They live in these squatter community type places that move around that are frequently on the outskirts of towns and cities. The Gypsies move in, and crime goes up like 8X. I believe in Hungary, Gypsies are ~15% of the population but they commit ~85% of the crime.

Most Gypsies are into some sort of crime. Many of the women are prostitutes and the men are often pimps, often pimping out their own wives or girlfriends. Lately, they run organize crime gangs and sell dope too.

Most all Gypsy women are pregnant while teens. Gypsy men beat their women like crazy, leave them and refuse to support them. Gypsy women have several kids all by different men. Gypsy kids do poorly in school, are often truant, and typically drop out. When in school, they are often fighting other kids and stealing stuff.

Even those Gypsies who are not into crime usually defend those who do! Or try to hide them from the law. There are not too many of them who are any good.

They have an Us vs. Them mindset in which they hate all non-Gypsies. Similar to the Jewish books that give Jews they right to steal from, abuse, kill, etc. Gentiles. Gypsy culture is all about don’t screw another Gypsy, but you can do whatever you want to a non-Gypsy, since they are the enemy. In fact, they have a cultural belief that is almost religious that states that non-Gypsies are ritually contaminated.

Most Gypsies simply refuse to work. Typically, the men stay home all day and bum around and send their women and kids out to beg money on the streets. There have been cases where they deliberately damaged or crippled their own kids so they could beg better.

And of course they run all sorts of scams of various types. These are often fairly ingenious.

Blacks have a low class, ghetto class or Underclass that is pretty bad, but there is also a large middle class like the commenters and authors of this blog who are more or less respectable people. Imagine if the vast majority of Blacks were Underclass Trash. Think of how hated Blacks would be. The Black middle class saves Blacks from some really serious racism.

Gypsies don’t have that. Most of them are just no good, although there are said to be a few who work and lead respectable lives.

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122 thoughts on “Why Blacks Are Way Better Than Gypsies”

  1. The Black middle class saves Blacks from some really serious racism.

    I don’t agree with that. It’s members of the black middle/upper middle classes who tend to follow CRT and other bash YT cults.

    Although most whites won’t be able to tell that a middle class black person is a CRT just by looking at him.

    Ghetto blacks, on the other hand, are simply a menace. I agree with you there. My mom, who takes BART to work, has more stories about being harassed by aggressive ghetto blacks than I care to relate.

    So in certain ways, I guess what you said is true.

      1. Gypsies were prosecuted and they were forced to leave their homes. Perhaps, learning the origins and history of a race will help many of us to understand the reasons why Gypsies, Jews, Indians, Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, or Asians are so different. The American Natives believed that in keeping their word, but Whites knew it was easy to control the American Indians with lies. Does this mean that American Indians were stupid and ignorant people? Or could it be that American Indians were pure and honest? Gypsies, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics…. we are all people and most of us are trying to survive the best way we know or the best way we can. If you do not approve of the ways other races survive, then do something about it, something to change it, something to help!!!!!!!!!! The world is exciting because we are different… from one race to the other. However, evolution never stops and it only occurs thanks to those who think outside the box and who are willing to make a positive change in others, but first we must make the change within ourselves. I welcome all races !!!!!!!!!!

    1. May God guide you. .Blacks were slaves for the Whites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and Get educated about the “GENOCIDE OF EUROPEAN ROMA (GYPSIES)” I guess you believe WHITES are the best race.
      Among the groups the Nazi regime and its Axis partners singled out for persecution on so-called racial grounds were the Roma (Gypsies).
      Drawing support from many non-Nazi Germans who harbored social prejudice towards Roma, the Nazis judged Roma to be “racially inferior.” The fate of Roma in some ways paralleled that of the Jews. Under the Nazi regime, German authorities subjected Roma to arbitrary internment, forced labor, and mass murder. German authorities murdered tens of thousands of Roma in the German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union and Serbia and thousands more in the killing centers at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. The SS and police incarcerated Roma in the Bergen-Belsen, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, and Ravensbrück concentration camps. Both in the so-called Greater German Reich and in the so-called Generalgouvernement, German civilian authorities managed several forced-labor camps in which they incarcerated Roma.
      On September 21, 1939, Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Reich Security Main Office, met with Security Police (Sipo) and Security Service (SD) officials in Berlin. With German victory in the invasion of Poland assured, he intended to deport 30,000 German and Austrian Roma from the Greater German Reich to the Generalgouvernement (that part of German-occupied Poland not annexed directly to Germany). Governor General Hans Frank, the top civilian occupation official in the Generalgouvernement, foiled this plan when he refused to accept large numbers of Roma and Jews into the Generalgouvernement in the spring of 1940.
      German authorities did deport some Roma from the Greater German Reich to occupied Poland in 1940 and 1941. In May 1940, the SS and police deported approximately 2,500 Roma and Sinti, primarily residents of Hamburg and Bremen, to Lublin District in the Generalgouvernement. SS and police authorities incarcerated them in forced labor camps. The conditions under which they had to live and work proved to be lethal to many of them. The fate of the survivors is unknown; it is likely that the SS murdered those who were still alive in the gas chamber of Belzec, Sobibor, or Treblinka. In the autumn of 1941, German police authorities deported 5,007 Sinti and Lalleri Gypsies from Austria to the ghetto for Jews in Lodz, where they resided in a segregated section. Nearly half of the Roma died within the first months of their arrival, due to lack of adequate food, fuel, shelter, and medicines. German SS and police officials deported those who survived these dreadful conditions to the killing center at Chelmno in the first months of 1942. There, along with tens of thousands of Jewish residents of the Lodz ghetto, the Roma died in gas vans, poisoned by carbon monoxide gas.
      Intending to deport them from the so-called Greater German Reich in the near future, German authorities confined all Roma in so-called Gypsy camps (Zigeunerlager). With the suspension of deportations of Roma in 1940, these facilities became long-term holding pens. Marzahn in Berlin along with Lackenbach and Salzburg in Austria were among the worst of these camps. Hundreds of Roma died as a result of the horrendous conditions. Local Germans repeatedly complained about the camps, demanding the deportation of the Roma interned there in order to “safeguard” public morals, public health, and security. Local police used these complaints to appeal officially to Reichsführer-SS (SS chief) Heinrich Himmler for the resumption of deportations of Roma to the east.
      In December 1942, Himmler ordered the deportation of all Roma from the so-called Greater German Reich. There were exceptions for certain categories, including people of “pure Gypsy blood” dating from ancient times, persons of Gypsy descent who were considered integrated into German society and therefore did not “behave like Gypsies,” and persons (and their families) who had distinguished themselves in German military service. At least 5,000 and perhaps as many as 15,000 persons fell under these exemptions, although local authorities often ignored the distinctions during roundups. Police authorities even seized and deported Roma soldiers serving in the German armed forces (Wehrmacht), while they were home on leave.
      In general, the German police deported Roma in the Greater German Reich to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where the camp authorities housed them in a special compound that was called the “Gypsy family camp.” Some 23,000 Roma, Sinti and Lalleri were deported to Auschwitz altogether. In the so-called Gypsy compound, entire families lived together. SS medical researchers assigned to the Auschwitz complex, such as SS Captain Dr. Josef Mengele, received authorization to choose human subjects for pseudoscientific medical experiments from among the prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp complex. Mengele chose twins and dwarves, some of them from the Gypsy family camp, as subjects of his experiments. Approximately 3,500 adult and adolescent Roma were prisoners in other German concentration camp; medical researchers selected subjects from among the Roma incarcerated in Ravensbrück, Natzweiler-Struthof, and Sachsenhausen concentration camps for their experiments, either on site in the camps or at nearby institutes.
      Conditions in the Gypsy compound at Auschwitz-Birkenau were contributed to the spread of infectious disease and epidemics–typhus, smallpox, and dysentery–which severely reduced the camp population. In late March, the SS murdered approximately 1,700 Roma from the Bialystok region in the gas chambers; they had arrived a few days earlier and many, though by no means all, were ill. In May 1944, the camp leadership decided to murder the inhabitants of the Gypsy compound. The SS guards surrounded and sealed off the compound. When ordered to come out, the Roma refused, having been warned and having armed themselves with iron pipes, shovels, and other tools used for labor.
      The SS leaders chose not to confront the Roma directly and withdrew. After transferring as many as 3,000 Roma capable of work to Auschwitz I and other concentration camps in Germany in the late spring and early summer of 1944, the SS moved against the remaining 2,898 inmates on August 2. Most of the victims were ill, elderly men, women, and children. The camp staff killed virtually all in the gas chambers of Birkenau. A handful of children who had hidden during the operation were captured and killed in the following days. At least 19,000 of the 23,000 Roma sent to Auschwitz died there.
      In German-occupied of Europe, the fate of Roma varied from country to country, depending on local circumstances. The German authorities generally interned Roma and deployed them as forced laborers in Germany or transported to Poland to be deployed at forced labor or to be killed. In contrast to German policy towards German and Austrian Jews, in which people of so-called mixed blood were exempted from deportation measures (though not from forced labor), the SS and police, after much waffling and confusion, decided that “Gypsies” of “pure blood” were harmless and that the “half-breeds,” regardless of the percentage of “mixture” of blood, were dangerous and hence deportable.
      German military and SS-police units also shot possibly at least 30,000 Roma in the Baltic States and elsewhere in the occupied Soviet Union, where Einsatzgruppen and other mobile killing units killed Roma at the same time that they killed Jews and Communists. In occupied Serbia, the German authorities killed male Roma in shooting operations during 1941 and early 1942; then murdered the women and children in gas vans in 1942. The total number of Roma killed in Serbia will never be known. Estimates range between 1,000 and 12,000.
      In France, Vichy French authorities intensified restrictive measures against and harassment of Roma after the establishment of the collaborationist regime in 1940. In 1941 and 1942, French police interned at least 3,000 and possibly as many as 6,000 Roma, residents of both occupied France and unoccupied France. French authorities shipped relatively few of them to camps in Germany, such as Buchenwald, Dachau, and Ravensbrück.
      While the authorities in Romania, one of Germany’s Axis partners, did not systematically annihilate the Roma population living on Romanian territory, Romanian military and police officials deported around 26,000 Roma, primarily from Bukovina and Bessarabia, but also from Moldavia and Bucharest, the capital, to Transnistria, a section of south western Ukraine placed under Romanian administration, in 1941 and 1942. Thousands of those deported died from disease, starvation, and brutal treatment.
      The authorities of the so-called Independent State of Croatia, another Axis partner of Germany and run by the militant separatist and terrorist Ustasa organization, physically annihilated virtually the entire Roma population of the country, around 25,000 people. The concentration camp system of Jasenovac, run by the Ustasa militia and the Croat political police, claimed the lives of between 15,000 and 20,000 Roma.
      It is not known precisely how many Roma were killed in the Holocaust. While exact figures or percentages cannot be ascertained, historians estimate that the Germans and their allies killed around 25 percent of all European Roma. Of slightly less than one million Roma believed to have been living in Europe before the war, the Germans and their Axis partners killed up to 220,000.
      After the war, discrimination against Roma continued throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The Federal Republic of Germany determined that all measures taken against Roma before 1943 were legitimate official measures against persons committing criminal acts, not the result of policy driven by racial prejudice. This decision effectively closed the door to restitution for thousands of Roma victims, who had been incarcerated, forcibly sterilized, and deported out of Germany for no specific crime. The postwar Bavarian criminal police took over the research files of the Nazi regime, including the registry of Roma who had resided in the Greater German Reich.
      Only in late 1979 did the West German Federal Parliament identify the Nazi persecution of Roma as being racially motivated, creating eligibility for most Roma to apply for compensation for their suffering and loss under the Nazi regime. By this time, many of those who became eligible had already died.

      1. The tragicomic thing is that German Kale/Sinti tried to assimilate, but they were not allowed to become German citizens, so they remained Kale (and started to call themselves Sinti, so that they wouldn’t be thought of as Romani). They did start to travel with German travellers and traveling Jews, together moved north and west. Some moved into other countries, where some of them eventually were assimilated. They hid their Romani-ness, and for outsiders it was difficult to know whether they were travellers or Roma, so they just called them Gypsy (or the equivalent term).

        Now many European people, even people who don’t know, may have Romany blood from assimilated Romani.

        Fact is that they were only criminals because they were marginalized, not because there’s any inherent Gypsy criminal behaviour. In fact, German travellers did the same things as Roma people did. There’s also a pretty good reason why it is as it is in Romania in particular. Roma people were slaves in Romania. People owned them like African slaves in the US. The author here complains about them being petty criminals. Sure, lots of Romanian Gypsies are, because Romanian people treated them like shit, what people elsewhere usually don’t know anything about.

        Anyone who think that Romani people have some inherent kind of behaviour should read this Wikipedia article – I’m surprised that it is as thorough as it is:

        Not what they told you in school, is it?

        I think Robert is ignorant here, what does an American know about “gypsies”? Incidentally Gypsy means Egyptian and there’s no such real people as Gypsies; the term referred to several unrelated traveling people – such as the Irish travellers, who aren’t Roma people at all, as well as German Travelers, and traveling Jews. There are reasons why they became secluded – and none more than Sinti, the people who tried to assimilate. What do you expect when your attempt at assimilating is denied, then what should you do? It didn’t help that Germans saw assimilation as infiltration and eventually tried to exterminate Roma people (which meant Sinti in Germany).

    2. This is pretty rascist this is article is making it sound like black people and gypsies are bad anybody can be ghetto not just BLACKS WTF this is whole article is hella dumb WTF

    3. At the Negro housewife conference in the UK the idea that blacks should go back to Africa was hooted down. After the commotion a gypsy said the idea is crazy because people have legs and Legs walk. So the issue is freedom. Gypsies are free and blacks are free to go wherever they want to, and if that annoys people with less melanin so be it. Freedom to move brings consequences.

    1. Yes mainly in Texas. They were believed to have migrated with the Spanish explorers. They are still very isolated from society though.

      1. Almost all fortune tellers in the US are Gypsies. It’s generally considered to be a form of organized crime. They seduce their victims and basically drain their bank accounts through the fortune telling.

        There are also Gypsy gangs that roam around doing stuff like roofing and redoing your driveway. They charge too much and do extremely shitty work. It all falls apart in about 6 months. But by the time it falls apart, the Gypsies are long gone.

        Scum of the Earth, I’m telling you.

        One way to deal with them is to breed them out. It’s said that most Southern Spaniards such as Andalusians have Gypsy blood.

        1. “It’s said that most Southern Spaniards such as Andalusians have Gypsy blood.”

          That’s incredible. That’s spicy. It may explain a lot of strange encounters I’ve had with type of woman.

        2. “It’s said that most Southern Spaniards such as Andalusians have Gypsy blood.”
          How do you know this? I lived in Andalucía for 2 years and i’ve not heard of this interbreeding practice as this comment suggests. I’m not saying that you’re wrong but based on what i’ve seen and heard, the Spanish people generally tend to separate themselves from the “Gitanos”.

    2. Yes, but they are spread out everywhere. I’ve met five of them so far in this city. 4 of them ripped me off (in a group) and the other one just got out of jail.

      5 for 5, that’s pretty bad. Blacks are way better than that.

      All the ones around here talk in this super-scummy cholo X super-ghetto Ebonics gangster talk. I met this one who was a 40 year old mother of 3 girls and she talked just like a really low scummy ghetto Black, complete the swirling hand movements and everything.

  2. There’s quite a few in Nevada for some reason. Apparently they sleep in the trees downtown at night and work in the mines from time to time (good money) making enough money under the earth, then just traveling around the rest of the year. I know a girl who knows a lot of them and I tell her to stay away but she likes them because apparently they’re not on heroin all the time, like everybody here. They jokingly steal her stuff but give it back. They came over to pick her up once and I made sure to hide my wallet while they were in the vicinity. I’ve never met any in California but I’ve noticed a lot of Hispanics look similar. Maybe the Andalusian blood/darker feature mix brings it out. Most of the Spanish who emigrated came from the Andalucia.

  3. Any more info about their religious beliefs? Wiki was pretty short on details, other than to say that they often adopt whatever religion is prevalent in the areas they’re in. I’m curious if they maintain any pre-Christian religious practice.

    1. There is some information here:


      Today, “Born-Again” Pentecostalism is the fastest growing and most widely-found religion among Romanies. It has been suggested that there are two main reasons for this: first, that it is a church that tells its congregants that they are loved, a personal aspect not characteristic of more formal churches, and a message not formerly heard by Romanies. Second that, compared with the Roman or Orthodox churches, it is easy to become a pastor, and to establish a church of one’s own. There are today hundreds of Romani churches, with pastors and congregations who are Romani, who preach in Romani and who even have Romani-language evangelical radio programs and who distribute Romani-language sermons on audiocassette tapes. Significantly, the growth of “Born-Again” Christianity has caused a split in the Romani population, some of whom believe it is a major factor in the loss of traditional Rromanipen. One successful Pentecostal church in Dallas, Texas, developed a program which has deliberately integrated references to dualism, balance, ancestral spirits and other aspects of Rromanipen which do not conflict with Christian doctrine, stressing parallels rather than differences.

      There are dozens of YouTube videos from Pentecostal Gypsy churches in cities like LA, Detroit and Atlanta.

      There is also the famous Gypsy pilgrimage to La Camargue at Stes. Maries de la Mer in the south of France:


      The annual pilgrimage in May to Saintes-Maries de la Mer in the Camargue region of France is observed by Roma from all over the world, but especially the Gitans, Roma, Sinti, and Manouches of France. Their purpose is to pay respect to Sara-la-Kâli, or Sara the Black.

  4. How unlike us Indians these gypsies. Crime is not really in the Indian gene. I suppose these gypsies get it from white admixture because they have been in Europe for many centuries now and mixed with local populations to some extent. I doubt any of them are still pure Indian.

  5. you guys have put a lot material on here on gypsies, and you guys critisized the gypsy race. thats fine, you see i am a gypsy. Yes there are a lot of crooks out there, but they are not all gypsies. you guys are racist. you guys should think about charles manson, david koresh, jim jones, o j simpson, lee oswald, richard ( I am not a crock) nixon, just go to your local jail, not a prison just a city jail and count how many gypsies are in there. I’ll bet you’ll find more white, black, mexican, jew, or what ever race there is then gypsies. you see you guys are all perfect people. I’m not saying I’m an angel. but are you!!! you are RACIST People. yes there are gypsies that are crocks and then there some that are not, can you claim that in your race there is no crocks!!! I think not…

        1. Fucker stole my avatar. Oh well, it’s easy enough to do. I won’t tell you how, because then people might start doing it a lot.

          BTW, if I catch any of you guys deliberately stealing other people’s avatars, not just mine, but say your enemies on this comments board to troll them, I will ban.

          I don’t want to turn this board into a ruined trollfest like so many other boards on the site. Even huge sites have comments sections seriously trashed by Trollism.

    1. I didn’t comment all that so you can put percetige down, But to show you that there are crocks in all races, so you if you hate gypsies becuase their crocks you should hate all races. or do you hate these dumb gypsies because they maybe made a fool out of you and maybe your high IQ wasn’t high enough to see through one of these gypsy scams, so therefore you hate them. because you profile is very arrogant. you think to much of yourself

    2. AMEN!!!! they hurt my feelings sayin things like that about us!!! its the stupid tv show on tlc that makes all of us look bad. theyer not anybody better than us!! mean mean mean…

    3. Exactly! Racists…and the other brown people cosigning on it…it’s shameful. Gitanos are beautiful people. They are G-d;s people.

  6. LOL That was fun while it lasted.

    Some gypsies parked their caravan next to a block of flats next door to mine – we shared a resident’s association with them (the block, not the gypsies). The Gypsies used to throw stones at this young guy and his girlfriend every time they came out their house. It was discussed at our residents association. Thing is, I hated the guy myself, so I’ve always had a soft spot for gypsies ever since. I talked to the Gypsies a couple of times, found them friendly. So, all in all, I’ve had no bad experiences of Gypsies.

  7. Oh right in there with the charge of anti-semitism.

    No, he was a trendy lefty, opportunist jew-lover, nazi-hater – you know, no education or skills or interests but he’d figured out that there was some mileage in presenting himself as vaguely right-on. They don’t even call themselves socialists anymore; they’ve just got a check list of fashionable noises to make – open borders, no to nazis, British jobs for foreign workers… I don’t know why they threw stones at them but I can guess; the buildings were licensed squats (look it up), about the bottom of the housing pile, but he could feel free to look down on them because they lived in a caravan and were just working-class types. That’s the left for you these days; the only qualification is to love the jews really.

    These were Irish tinkers though, not ‘real’ gypsies from gypsy-land – I don’t think I’ve ever met any of them.

    1. Irish tinkers are not the real deal Gypsies like the ones in Romania and Hungary with roots in India.

      I don’t know what they are. I think they are just working class lumpen Irish types who took up the nomadic life a couple of centuries ago, correct? Other than that, I don’t know much about them.

      1. There is a theory that they are paddies whom Oliver Cromwell threw off the land (to give to English colonists) and took up a nomadic lifestyle ever since.

      2. They may not be the real deal in Europe but in Britain and Ireland they are.

        They’re not working class. Maybe, you could call them lumpen but they don’t exactly fit that identity either. They’re more lumpen than working.

        As for their origins, it was assumed that their itinerant lifestyle was no more than a couple of centuries old but I have read articles on their DNA that suggests they broke from settled Irish sometime between a thousand and two thousand years ago. Their genes are believed to be as different from the Irish as Icelanders are from Norwegians. Here’s a Link.

      3. Holy shit!!! Connection to India!!??? Dude just look at the simalirities between Gypsies and Indians, all cheating, all liars, all self-centered, destroy entire societies by going to them or overpopulating, helplessly delusional and will never face to real toughness or work…jesus the list just goes on and on.

        1. How the hell did they travel to Europe given they came from Northern India? Did they go by Caravans through places like Iran and Iraq? Are there “Iranian gypsies”? The fact that the gypsies come from Northern India proves that a) that despite thinking themselves as “Aryan” and White, Punjabi’s exhibit the same trollish obnoxious Indian behavior as all Indians do b) Punjabi’s and North Indians may all be Gypsies if left to their own devices, which is bad for the Western world.

    2. In Lafayetta’s world there is no Jewish working class

      Not speaking for Lafayette, but if you can show me a Jewish working class TODAY, I’d be impressed.

      We’re not living in the world of the film “School Ties” anymore, where the poor, oppressed working class Jewish kid is bullied by rich gentiles.

      Cannot think of too many Jews from Scranton, PA (like in the movie) or similar working class enclaves these days.

      1. I know a working class Jew. His Mom was Jewish. His Dad was a Mexican. Kids are more or less White trasher types. Guy is actually quite intelligent, but he’s never made much money in life. He looks sort of like a Mexican. He doesn’t consider himself Jewish, thought he is by Jewish law.

      2. I’m not saying that I’m absolutely 100% sure that there’s no Jewish working class whatsoever.

        All I know is that I have yet to see them.

  8. I’ve met plenty of working-class jews. They usually don’t have much to do with jewish stuff. I usually get on ok with them. The only guy I ever socialised with in the buildings referred to above was a jew. He supported Israel of course – back then I didn’t know as much about it, so I could let it go. It’s rare though to meet anyone of jewish descent who doesn’t refer to Israel as ‘we’. A lot of them generally don’t care much for Israel, but often they’re as ignorant about it as nearly everyone else. I don’t make generalisations about the working-class jews (or lapsed jews usually) unless they’re involved in trade unions – then I’d be wondering if there’s something else going on, something jewish, like always seems to come into play when they start moving up in the professions and business.

  9. Do you actually know any Jews in real life?

    Umm, yeah, I do. Living in the Bay Area and it’s kind of inevitable that you do.

    I knew Jews in both middle and high school. I know Jewish adults, and believe me, they ain’t working class. Not by a long shot. Now maybe, just maybe, there are some hidden working class Jewish communities in the Bay, but I have yet to find them.

  10. And besides, logically speaking, that whole “do you actually know any people from a certain group” doesn’t make sense.

    This line of reasoning was also used on me with regards to black people. Whenever I say negative or general things about blacks, I was told, “Do you actually know any black people?”

    Yeah, I did, particularly in middle school, and that’s one of the reasons WHY I have some less than positive opinions of them.

    Believe me, if I lived in a place such as Iowa or other homogenous white areas, I probably wouldn’t even be thinking too much about these issues.

    1. Well, do you know any working-class/poor people at all?

      Are you saying that not having any working-class/poor members is a bad thing?

      Well, I did know a couple of poor/struggling Hispanic kids in high school.

      I also somewhat knew a complete white trash kid as well as a lower middle class one (who was my friend, unlike the white trash kid).

      What do you suppose happened to all the working-class/poor Jews of yesteryear? Were they all touched by the spirit of Horatio Alger? Or was it something more sinister?

      Don’t know, they kinda disappeared.

      Jews used to be somewhat cooler back in the day. Back then, they had working class members, and cool gangsters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky.

      Sure, there was the Cultural Marxism and all that, just like today, but at least Jewry had some really cool members. Heck, there were even good Jewish athletes back in those days, such as Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg.

      I mean, what happened? Where are all the working class, mobster, and athletic Jews today?

      I’ll take Bugsy Siegel over Abe Foxman and Lawrence Summers any day of the week.

  11. Look, I didn’t just pull this out of my ass.

    I honestly have yet to encounter Jews who are not professional or middle/upper middle class.

    Even in an area as affluent as the Bay, I’ve seen poor and destitute whites and Asians. But I’m still waiting to see poor or working class Jews.

    1. Simple. I’ve known more Jewish folks than I can count. All have been at least middle class and professional.

      I’ve seen more poor “Gentile” White people than I can count. Or at the very least low to working class.

      Does that clear it up a bit?

  12. Wow. If there are so many poor Jewish folks in the U.S, maybe they should move to Israel. At least Israel has some real socialist ideals. Can’t say the same for the U.S. Sucks to be poor, here. I mean it.

    If I had the choice in that situation…I’d sure as hell would move.

  13. This is absolute racist crap. Most Roma in the United States are honest hardworking small family business people. These stereotypes are jsut that. How do you know gypsies are bad bigoted people told you to watch out for them. Compounding the problem is the fact that people sometimes get robbed and think it was a Gypsy or people who commit crimes call themselves a gypsy because of the stereotypical lifestyle. Gypsy is an ethnicity. On the streets of any city in Europe you have to watch out for pickpockets of any race. You are just ignorant. Roma are basically in the same boat blacks where in before the Civil Rights movement. There will be a Roma movement for equal rights it has already begun but has not taken off yet

    1. @ Beznik – Thumbs up. I lived in the UK for over a year and discovered their general treatment of Roma. One of my Greek flatmates (she had lived in the UK much longer than I) thought this was perfectly fine and was always joking about Gyps and Gingers (people with naturally red hair and pale skin). She always told me in complete frankness that she was not a bigot. What passes for normal behavior in different countries is really interesting.

  14. Gypsy are originally Persian Royal outcast dominated by Semitic Arab society after fall of Persia, The Arab left them with nothing but to survive by the wits and that Romani gypsy have have learn to do in World of Semitic laws, Semitic Government and Semitic Religions when they in fact come Persian and Tamil Aryans. Asked to gypsy to play by Semitic rules is like asking the Sicilian Mafia to play the oppressive French during occupation of Sicily! It ain’t going to happen in Socialist Aryan world ruled by Asians the Romani gypsy world would be a lot different. It better to be outcast in your enemies world to obedient slave.

  15. Gypsy are originally Persian Royal outcast dominated by Semitic Arab society after fall of Persia. The Arab left them with nothing but to survive by the wits and that Romani gypsy have learned to do so in World of Semitic laws, Semitic Government and Semitic Religions when they in fact come Persian and Tamil Aryan and asking gypsy to play by Semitic rules is like asking the Sicilian Mafia to play by the oppressive French laws, rules and government during occupation of Sicily! It ain’t going to happen in Socialist Aryan world ruled by Asians. The Romani gypsy world would be a lot different with played by Real Aryan Socialist Rule and It nothing do with Hitler who like a compassionate conservative with Oxymoron because nothing compassionate about Aryan who hate darker race of people but love all the perks of Socialist Free Society. It better to be outcast in your Semitic enemies world then a obedient slave.

  16. Semitic people are racist, sexiest and homophobic, their laws and government are raciest, sexiest and homophobic, as are their religions.
    this goes the way back to Cro-magnon and Socialism goes far back to Southeast 1.8 milions to homo Floresiesis or Hobbit who Neanderthal in Southeast Asia who are Austro-Melanesian Negritos and Australian Aboriginal people who 71% or more genetic similar to Neanderthal, which far more Europeans. Aryan Socialism started with Australian Aboriginal and Negritos or Southeast Asia and Oceania. Right Wing Jews are the until betrayer of the Austro-Melanesian Proto-Aryan people they came from

  17. Right Wing Jews like the Arabs have sided with Cro-magnon in Africa not Neanderthal from the Sunda and Sahul Self when Austro-Melanian people came and Jews. Left Wing have sided with Asian Neanderthal their origin people and Sunda and Sahul Self their original homeland 1.8 million year ago with Homo Floresiensis or Homo Hobbit the Pituitary Dwarf Negritos. who had Growth Hormone Release Receptor Gene not Laron Syndome that is lie! GHRH-R come Rhesus Monkey and Cynomolgus Monkey or Crab Eating Monkeys from Sunda and Sahul Self not Chimpanzee the ancestors of Cro-magnon in Africa.

  18. fuck you, if you dont know much about gypsies then why talk about them…there are over 20 million gypsies in the world and you could’nt say that kind of bullshit..yeah you have right that the gypsies are lazy and most of them dont work but its because of racist like u that dont give them jobs.

    and so you know there is blak gypsies too.
    there is spanish,swedish,finish,arabic and many other gypsies and also gypsies who has black skin and look like afroamericans but still are gypsies

  19. All of you are nothing but RACISTS. Robert Lindsay, Bay Area Guy… I can’t believe how you think. My whole life I have lived an honest life and have experienced nothing but pain and suffering from white people. It isas if you choose to turn a blinds eye to all of the destruction white-Anglo Saxons have caused to other people. You have enslaved people, murdered people, stole from people, used religion to hurt people, destroyed other cultures… I could go on all day. White people are not perfect. Most people who are not white think white people are nasty, abusive, Godless people. I think to say the things you say is ignorant. Maybe you are ignorant of your own culture.

  20. There are Irish gypsies called travellers or knackers and they’re a bunch of inbreds, too. They do bad building work and sell carpets out the back of Ford vans. I’ve never seen any begging on the street like the Romany though which is the only positive I can think of.

  21. Gypsy women are impregnated by different men?! I doubt That very much, most gypsies are firm Catholics/Christians that beileve sex before marriage is shameful and brings shame on their families also if a gypsy is impregnated before marriage they are most likely disowned by their families and banished! Another thing, gypsy men stay at home? No they do not they are learnt from a very young age Tht they should be the breadwinners and to not do so would shame the family name, they are taught to Tarmac etc from a very young age whereas the women ( yes this is something I do not agree with) are learnt and told that they are the cleaners the housewives who look after the children and clean the caravan whilst the husbands are working. Also women prostituting?! What world are you in? You think that these husbands allow that?!! Not only would this shame them by allowing their wives to work but to commit adultery as well haha where do you get your information from?! And the fact that they beat there wives, well maybe some do some don’t I know plenty of black, white, yellow, red, orange, pink and green people who beat their wives it is not their ethnicity it is the person doing Sao crime.( by the way I am not in any circumstance as illusioned as you and am fully aware that red, green, orange people do not exist I was just trying to be at your level seeing as you refer to African Americans as “blacks” even thought you are one haha self hating much? Thank you and goodnight.)

    1. @Sinead

      I think your thinking of the Irish traveller, I think he was talking about the Romany gypsies.

      I’m sure not all Romany gypsies beg and commit crime but there appears to be a high number, from Romania anyway, that do – some of them are well known for their elaborate scams to trick people or rob them of their money or valuables, i’ve had dealings with this sort of behaviour from some of them on more than one occasion myself, perhaps it is the case of a small number of them giving a bad name to the rest of them, but it is still more than enough for them to have gained this reputation, because I know from what i’ve seen myself that it is not just completely based on nothing.

      I have never had any bother with Irish travellers myself though… 😉

  22. This is terrible , what some people write about gypsy,,,, Im gypsy 100 % blood ,,, I know a lot abotu my culture,, I never stealed nothing, I never hurted no one and also no one from my family,,, I live in Italy and I am student of most precious Italian University, Here in Italy are gypsies more than 20 % of population , especially region around Neapols. Reason is that we are not very visible throguh italians because we are all darksinned exactly like italian or hispanic or arabic people, Our origin is from Ancient Egypt , (YES WE ARE THE ONES WHO BUILDED ANCIENT EGYPT) Egito-Gitano , EGYPT-GYPSY,,, there are lies that we are from india just to UNESCO not pay us big money ofr our ancient monuments in egypt ,, YES we were first black african but now we are mixed with white,,, ALSO there are some gypsies with blonde hair and blue eyes looking totally North european ,, but there are also gypsies looking from Somalia or Ethiopia, but peopel are mistakeng us most with Arabs and hispanic ,,,, And our crime rate? it depends! Crime is everywhere where is poverty, For example napoli’s gypsies are terrible and they own 50 % of italian mafia,, and why? because of big poverty in south italy. But gypsies in North Europe are working and educated , WHY? because they are developed countries , PEOPLE ARE NOT AS THEY WAS BORN ,, DONT JUDGE PEOPLE if u dont know them ,,, in gypsy poverb : DONT JUDGE BOOK BY HER COVER

    1. you are one jackass,yea right gypsies are from egypt. what bullshit. why is the romany language closest to the hindi language and why is the culture similar with regards to family norms, why is the dress and dance almost identical to indian dance and music and why is there a remnant india that does not exist in egypt. it seems to me you don’t know ship about your culture , thats if you are really a gypsy , maybe you are one of those somalian refugees trying to pass yourself off as gypsy. you ass hole

  23. My Oh My!

    This is wrong on so many levels! EDUCATE YOURSELF, before post something stupid and racist like this.

    Man, were you droped on your head when you were a baby?
    I do not know what are the backgrounds of your informations, but let me tell you TLC and other TV shows are for entertaining and not for education.!!!

    Your discribtions are most likely coming from a fantasy book or something
    These are stereotypes and myths.
    If we go along with your way of thinking then:
    – GERMAN people are all RACIST
    – JEWS are SCROOGEs


    We are normal people just like whites, asains, africans or eskimos.
    And just so you know, white people turn out to be criminals too.

    Also, I have no idea where you got the stats. for your Hungarian ref, but there is no way that anyone can tell, what percentage of jailed criminals are Hungarians or Gypsies.
    Only for the fact that aprox. 10 years they banned these kind of statistics.
    It is against the law to ask someone in jail about his/her ethnic background in Hungary.


    1. “If we go along with your way of thinking then:
      – GERMAN people are all RACIST
      – JEWS are SCROOGEs
      – CANADIANS and FRENCH are GAY
      – AMERICANS are FAT and STUPID

      But how did you come up with such a list? Did you not think it?…for like a few seconds? Ha Ha!

      1. No he just got royaly fucked out of his money and pissed cause we took down him and his mother. Now he’s living like a bum I a apartment with his mother . He’s a 40 yr old Virgin lmao. Really. And 20 gs was ur whole bank roll lmao we wear that on our wrist thanks dummy

  24. You are comparing blacks against gypsies wow! Someone got nothing better to do in life!
    That why you hear about gypsies in the news and radio. Low- life white trash pretending to be a big-shot but you probably grow up in a trailer or you are some inferior black person trying to make your self look respectable to whites well good luck with that ape!

  25. Idk I have had a gypsi neighbour, even though they were criminals and killers, they were still pretty nice persons and good neighbours. I think I would have rather a gypsies in my neighbourhood than blacks.

  26. omfg how racist do you want to be??? yes okay some of them can be bad but the majority of them are not bad at all they are lovely people, they just want to bring their family up in a different way. The gypsies I know are not criminals or scam artist or bloody pimps, seriously this kind of shit on here should get you in some serious shit cause if this was said about whites or you slated blacks this bad the police would be locking you up for racism yet you can slate gypsies all you want and think its okay. what you have written is so stereotypical it is unreal!! you seriously want to do some research into this yourself and get your facts right! you are generalising a whole culture, do you know how many gypsies are actually around, there is a hell of a lot! To make things worse anyone that comments on your post that is against what you say you ban, are you that pathetic how about you open your eyes to other people’s opinions and grow up your a fully grown man stop being a child i guess your going to ban me too because I don’t believe or follow your BULLSHIT!

  27. It seems to me that there could be no such thing as a ‘middle class’ (for want of a better phrase) gypsy, it’s their lifestyle that makes them gypsies – whereas being ‘black’ isn’t a life style, it’s a race of people, so they can be any ‘class’ really and lifestyles of people that are ‘black’ can vary depending on upbringing, circumstances etc.

    Perhaps not *all* gypsies are into crime, but it is traditionally a big part of their way of life and travelling even more so. A person may come from a ‘gypsy’ family, but by moving into a permanent address, sending their kids to school, getting an ordinary job etc – are they *really* still gypsies? I don’t know, I don’t know any roma gypsies, BUT, I have been robbed off a group of them before – yes they were crafty little b******* and a lot of them seem to be begging on the streets in Glasgow now – you don’t see many women begging in the street in Glasgow and i’ve never seen an old woman beg on the street in Glasgow – other than women who are obviously roma gypsies, I see a lot of those…

  28. I think there are two (or at least i’ve heard of two) types of gypsy, romany gypsies and Irish travellers, I think they may well move in the same circles sometimes though because when the little b******* stole my phone, after covering my eyes with a sheet of paper and asking for £50 to distract me, when I noticed my phone was missing, I realised it was more than probably them that took it, and when I rang up the mobile network to report my phone stolen and get them to block it so they couldn’t make any more calls from that phone on my contract, they had already managed to run up £35 in phone calls to Romania and Ireland, I didn’t really know much at all about gypsies at the time and my initial thought when I encountered them wasn’t ‘oh here’s a bunch of gypsies’ – I just assumed they must have been illegal immigrants to be resorting to they way they were acting, but knowing a bit more about them now, their elaborate scams etc, and with phone calls only to Romania and Ireland I am now sure that they were indeed romany gypsies (not Irish anyway, though they did phone Ireland). I’ve also had a woman in London come upto me and ask for money for her suspiciously still and quiet baby (I couldn’t see it breathing, though it looked ‘healthy’ enough i.e complexion, not as you’d think a dead baby would look like), even then I suspected it was a doll, but I gave her £2 or something anyway, and the word ‘gypsy’, never entered my mind, though she was dressed like one, I never knew much about them at the time and never knew that these annoying beggars/buskers with foreign accents, long skirts and sometimes fake babies or accordions etc were what you call ‘gypsies’ – but I have since heard of other people encountering the fake baby scam.

    The ‘gypsies’ i’ve been seeing begging in Glasgow, although the boys that stole my phone were dressed pretty normally, usually (i’m talking about the females here) wear long skirts, scarfs etc and sometimes sell roses or just sit with a paper cup begging or sometimes you’ll see an old woman playing the accordion with a cup in front of her, which I suppose isn’t really ‘begging’, it’s busking, but a lot do still just sit on the pavement and beg… 😉

    1. I agree blacks are superior to Gypsies, but not white gypsies. White gypsies are part of the white race and hence the leading
      race on the planet in terms of civilsation input. Being a Irish Gypsy is just a further part of their civilisational input. Indeed a hollywood movies starring someone or other who is big name was made with regards to Irish gypsies.

      Now Indian gypsies are a whole nuther thing. These are the Roma. But having interbred with East Europeans for centuries they are neither Indian or East European. But blacks are certainly superior in terms of accomplishment with regards to this group of people. For example the music of blacks is way superior to the few Roma tunes we have. Still they are the Darlings of the EU and they have powerful friends in Brussels.

      1. there are no races, there are only haploid groups. we are all mixtures of the same sapian sapian family. everyone in that family is an individual. As individuals we each specialize in something. some people its music. making it and enjoying it. A culture that destroys the earth isn’t a better culture. a culture that overbreeds isn’t a better culture. anybody who thinks that humans can be put into race groups is in the same group with those who believe the world is flat.

        1. Yes, but if that culture is bad, then doesn’t that make the people bad?
          You can’t have bad cultures made of good people, you can’t have good cultures made of bad people, right?

  29. wow. this is one of the most racist and ignorant posts/ideas I’ve ever seen. you should do some serious research and soul searching. I truly hope you can grow and educate yourself, perhaps even move out of your hole/comfort zone because this is a sad and idiotic blog post. I read your interview where u discuss your views on race and you are clueless and incredibly egotistical. again, I wish the best for you and I hope you will one day see the light.

  30. One thing I note about Gypsy women after looking at so many pictures on Google is that they’re mostly ugly and fat. Many Indian women are damn pretty with sharp features, slender neck and thin waistlines.If they originated from Indians, they’ve gone really downhill as a race.

    1. I think Gypsy existence is a cautionary tale. Race mixing creates unintended results. The Gypsy is the result of mixing between low caste Northern Indians + Iranians + Egyptians and Eastern Europeans.

    2. Ya like 5% of Indian women are hot, most Indian women look just like or worse than Gypsy women.
      This is what the vast majority of Indian women look like

      The guys in India who rape women like these must be seriously desperate, they need more porn. I think Gypsy chicks are on avergae slightly better than ther original Indian women, those good looking Indian women you are refering to are at the max 3 to 5% of the population. This percentage is worse in the South.

      1. Yeah, you must have a personal issue with them or something. To the point you search and post pictures. Your completely off topic too. India has more than a billion people, so yeah even if according to you “5%” of that would be a entire new country. I suggest you look in the mirror and focus on your own self.

  31. I know a lot of east texas gypsies. The men are all petty thieves, the women are all paranoid, terrified of all dogs, undernourished, and retarded.
    Sad but true. I try to help them but they don’t want help. They are all proud of their stupidity, just like all democrats.

  32. It is not the gypsies or the blacks but the racist and ignorant scum like you who should be bannished to the OUTER LIMITS WHERE EVER THAT IS!

  33. Some commenters would link being a gypsy (with all it’s bad connotations) to race. Again, there is no connection. It’s the culture. Perhaps, they also believe in some superstitious religion.

    What about blacks? Again, no connection to race, the bad attributes of some of them are due to choice, and environment. The genetic role is way exaggerated.

  34. Seriously? It is 2014 and we are still deciding that one race or another is bad or good? Individuals are bad and good. Races are just groups of people of all kinds living under one label. Thinking any other way means that you have a lot to experience.

    1. “Races are just groups of people of all kinds living under one label.”

      “of all kinds” … sir, if you happen to be an ignorant, white urbanite, then go live in the ghetto, or go live in redneck country, and try to make some friends there. You’re the one who is naive and living in a pc fantasy world. People are definitely different … meaning “groups of people” .. every individual? No. Almost every individual? Probably.
      This isn’t “America”. This is a land with different cultures, just like other countries are different from each other, and I’m sure I have more in common with lots of factions in the UK then I do with ghetto life, ghetto people, or the gypsy mindset and gyspy values. We are not literally “united states” or even a united state or city. I’m not united with my neighbors across the street, because they are redneck pieces of shit. The mother verbally abuses her kids, doesn’t let them wear shoes outside (“so that it seems more like country life”), and the father is in and out of jail and every week and the police are at their home for whatever domestic bullshit is going on. And this isn’t because they are people of poor morals. It’s because they are white trash. They are part of a culture, like black trash and gypsy trash. I also reccommend that you sell real estate to Arabs and Indians and see how much more difficult it is and why than dealing with whites or even blacks, or Hispanics. Here is some more discriminatory/judgemental stuff I’ll throw out there. Nigerians are bad. Asians want to only run in Asian cliques. That’s why you’re shut out from them socially.
      It’s a double standard to compliment some people – “Canadians are more friendly”, but to not say “urban blacks are prone to criminality”. Or “Gypsies are bad”. How many gypsies have you known btw?
      Have you just been living in a comfy suburb all your life and went to private schools?

    1. I have met five Gypsies in my life. Four of them stole from me and the fifth one just got out of jail. I conclude:

      1. Gypsies are no good.
      2. I don’t like Gypsies.
      3. Rather not meet anymore Gypsies, thanks.

      1. You have committed the logical fallacy of composition/division in stating that, because you have met five Romani criminals, therefore every Romani is a criminal. Stereotypes are founded upon false reasoning. Surely an intelligent individual like yourself can recognize errors of thought and avoid them. And yes, you will probably block me or ban me; that is fine. I am not insulting you, I am merely informing you. Thank you very much, sir. I hope you have a nice day.

        1. Apparently they are not all criminals from what I understand. But it looks like a lot of them, maybe even most of them, are. As for me, Gypsies are 5 for 5. I have met quite enough Gypsies for one lifetime, and I have no interest in meeting anymore of them. Furthermore, I now have a low opinion of them.

          And I am not going to ban you either.

  35. This is bloody ignorant!! You just showed the world you’re worse than the stereotype you just wrote about, go back to watching your cartoons you wanker. This is like saying all Asians know kung fu, our culture is nothing like this, this stereotype comes from rowdy Irish travelers and when people were outcasts and needed to do anything to survive and just ignorant comments. You’re probably just making up your little story about meeting some us, you should get out of your moms basement for a while.

  36. Theres a few bad apples but arnt there in every race like black people there are some that kill sell drugs and etc but on there outher hand there really good people some are doctor’s judges policeman lawyers NBA players NFL players MLB players real estate agents senators even presidents of United States . Italians mobsters killers drug dealers scam artists crooks hit men illegal gambling gang leaders pimps etc BUT then again business owners mayors lawyers music artists Movie stars priest . and then you got gypsy scammers crooks Theifs liars but no violence no drug dealers no gangs no killers murders rapist no serial killer virtually 0 violent crime The crime that gypsys do may hurt your pocket but that’s about as far as it will get there are business owners who are in the recycling business real estate agents car dealers home improvement professionals. manual laborers Christian pastors homeschooling teachers electricians auto body collision and repair and 50 percent of the population are homeowners but the gypsy that I’m talking about are in America and are ..at least thay don’t hurt or kill people and are not violent at all Let’s see if any one else can say the same

  37. Roma (gypsies) have been nothing but persecuted. They are very talented with dance, music, some have real clairvoyant abilities, can do roofing, metal working. In the past, Europeans passed laws to take away their livlihood turning them into beggers and thieves to feed their families. This is what oppression feels like and continues because of the lack of trust they have towards non-gypsies (the white ones) because of how they’ve been treated.

    They were the first to be killed by Hitler, blamed for the black plague as well as the Jews, burned alive or hung. Slaves. So this has a trickle down effect. If gypsies were surrounded by non gypsies that actually treated them like human beings so they could trust them and get a better education it would turn out better.

    Oh yes and there are “gypsies” in America that are doctors, teachers etc… They blend in with society. There are scammer fortune tellers that are from India that use their looks to pass themselves off as gypsies.

    Stop being so prejudice. How would you like it if you and your family were denied freedom, were persecuted, shoved out, discriminated against and hunted?

    White people lack empathy.

    1. Actually, whites have too MUCH empathy, we keep giving enemy groups chance after chance, and each time, they prove unworthy. Instead of Learning Our Lesson…we give them ANOTHER CHANCE!

      If someone keeps attacking you, or worse, goes after your kids, you learn to hate and fear that group. Discriminatory? YES! But it’s literally survival mode!
      At some point, it stops being “empathy”, and starts being “Masochistic Stupidity”.

      Robert has had 5 negative encounters out of 5 encounters total. Can you blame him?

  38. If people weren’t racist towards Gypsies, Gypsies would’ve already integrated in society. A lot of Gypsies I met were nice people. In Europe, Gypsies should be offered jobs and given education, housing and welfare to be better people. Poverty and racism causes crime. Gypsies are human beings. God says in the bible to treat everybody with respect and kindness.

  39. Gypsies are certainly more cunning than ghetto blacks.

    Irish-travelers are merely low-class Western Irish people displaced by Cromwell and are purely Celtic. They are typical Irish brawlers who are actually MORE dangerous physically than gypsies and violent.

    Gypsies like Indians are not a particularly physically powerful race and have to resort to their wits and scheming as oppose to brute force.

  40. Irish travelers have the appearance of Ryan O’Neal-curly or wavy blondish-haired husky-framed brawlers.

    They have nothing to do whatsoever with Gypsies.’

    Gypsies tend to rely on their cunning as oppose to brute physical force and this is the predominant Indian stock that forms the majority of their DNA.

    Violence is not really their forte. I’ve not seen a huge gypsy in my life. They are usually average sized with slim mesomorph builds.

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