Is There a Similarity Between Gypsies and Jews?

A commenter asks whether Gypsies and Jews are similar:

Rob, what do you make of my theory that Ashkenazis are simply smarter, more competent versions of Gypsies? You said they were criminals by cultural mandate? Sounds familiar…

Well, the similarity is to those parts of the Talmud that say it’s OK to steal from, abuse, kill, etc. Gentiles. An Us vs Them mindset.

Dual morality.

But I don’t think most Jews are into that. That’s more of an Orthodox thing. And it’s a SuperJew thing, for the Jews who are really, really Jewish, like the Orthodox or the ones in Israel.

I think your average secular Jew does not subscribe to dual morality. I described the concept to my Jewish girlfriend and she was horrified by those Talmud passages. She said they were sick and evil  and could not believe that they existed;  But she also had Yiddish speaking Jewish grandparents from Prussia who were so ghetto-Orthodox that they would not speak to non-Jews.

This is kind of a Super-Jew/Orthodox thing. For centuries, until the French Revolution, a European Jew would not drink tea with a Gentile. Nor would they eat with them. The Yemeni Jews still refuse to eat with Gentiles.

The solution to all this Jewish crap is the classical liberal project of the assimilation of the Jews. But the assimilation of the Jews leads to their auto-suicide. The “Assimilation Question” is discussed endlessly in Jewish circles and has been for 200 years. I knew an Israeli Super-Jew who told me that he liked anti-Semites because they prevent the assimilation of the Jews. This is also a classic ghetto mindset.

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41 thoughts on “Is There a Similarity Between Gypsies and Jews?”

  1. That’s interesting. Even as someone who’s done some research on Jews, I never really learned the difference between the Talmud and the Torah.

    So when Brother Nathanael talks about “Talmudic Jews,” what does he mean?

    What exactly is the Talmud?

    1. Dude, stuff like this is straight up Wikipedizable in less than a minute.

      Torah = Old Testament of the Bible.

      Talmud = Jewish legal and social commentary and interpretation of the Torah, developed over hundreds of years by dozens of rabbis.

      Most Orthodox Jews believe in a dual set of laws passed down from God through Moses, the written law (Torah), and the oral law (Talmud), which have more or less equal weight.

      Both the Talmud and the Old Testament say some pretty fucked up things, but most religious Jews that are liberal just perform some cognitive dissonance and pretend either the bad stuff doesn’t exist, or interpret it away, kind of like liberal Christians or liberal Muslims.

      1. Okay, David, I didn’t feel like going to Wikipedia. No need to be a smart ass.

        But yes, thanks for the explanation. I’d rather hear it from you than Wikipedia.

        1. I’d rather hear it from you than Wikipedia.

          Huh? Wikipedia is pretty reliable for definitional things of this nature.

        2. Well, since we’re already talking about Jews, I’d rather hear a detailed, non-neutral explanation from a an actual Jew than Wikipedia.

          That’s all.

        3. “I’d rather hear a detailed, non-neutral explanation from a an actual Jew than Wikipedia.”


          If David’s your new Jew authority. I’m making a request that I be your new authority all matters Asian, Korean, and Asian American.

        4. I’m making a request that I be your new authority all matters Asian, Korean, and Asian American.

          Go for it! Even though I have many Asian friends and have studied Asian activists, I’m sure there is still much for me to learn about Asians.

          By the way, you never answered my question on what Asians know about Jews that we whites should know?

          (this was during your whole conversation with Uncle Milton)

        5. Although I don’t entirely trust David on issues Jew related. For definitions, sure. But for overall analysis of Jewry, I have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

          So no, I wouldn’t exactly say that he’s my new authority on Jews. Kevin MacDonald and Brother Nathanael serve as better authorities/insiders on the Jewish experience.

          (even though MacDonald isn’t Jewish, although he knew many Jews during the 60s, apparently)

        6. “By the way, you never answered my question on what Asians know about Jews that we whites should know?”

          We’re wandering into sacred knowledge here, now. I don’t think I should reveal too much to the unwashed. And it’s not so much knowledge as it is an understanding. It’s like Germans and Huns, Prussians and Mongols. There’s an understanding there. You see it in the glint of Larry Summers’ eyes. That look of naked intelligence. Intelligence is liquid. Intelligence is sexy. LOL.

          I personally see it in the eyes of Jewesses. The respect. Raw, baby, raw. It’s hot. It’s about looking at the stock charts and seeing through the bullshit. Seeing things. Seeing the changing nature of life and relationships. Seeing the rules and seeing the liquid form that will eventually break the rules. And respecting the breakage. Seeing that Jewish pain is also Jewish laughter. Robert calls it being Jew-wise. That’s a good phrase, I’ve never heard that before.

        7. We’re wandering into sacred knowledge here, now.


          Hmm, a challenge. I guess I’ll have to learn the difficult, arduous way!

        8. >Kevin MacDonald and Brother Nathanael

          It seems weird to mention MacDonald and Nathanael in the same sentence. I mean, one is a serious scholar and tenured professor, the other is kind of a nutcase with a bizarre getup who preaches on the streets.

          I’ve been meaning to purchase MacDonald’s Jew trilogy, from what I’ve read it sounds pretty epic.

        9. Well David, I’ve said before that Bro Nathanael makes factually inaccurate statements every now and then. I also recognize that he is a bit crazy and goofy.

          That being said, his experience growing up as a Jew does give a non-Jew some insider perspective on how flesh-and-blood Jews think and act.

          I don’t praise Bro Nathanael for his brilliant scholarship, but for his fearlessness and his status as a former Jew.

          MacDonald is indeed insightful. His articles are very long and scholarly (in other words, they’re not always a pleasant read. I’m not anti-intellectual!), but they’re well worth the read.

        10. It was hilarious when Brother Kapner was being interviewed by the Political Cesspool, and he was literally screaming that the white Christians are the only power bloc that is able to stand up to the Jews. It almost sounded like fascist tirade! Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

        11. Yeah, Brother Nathanael is all over the place. His interview on The Political Cesspool, if nothing else, was the most entertaining segment of TPC yet.

          The way I see it, take his factual statements with a grain of salt, because he does get it wrong every now and then in his overzealousness.

          However, Brother Nathanel’s experiences as a Jew growing up are informative and his experiences with flesh-and-blood Jews provide insight.

      2. ‘Dude’ this comment is old as fuck but I am gonna reply anyway. The TORAH IS NOT “THE OLD TESTAMENT!” The Torah are the books of Moses. The TANAKH is the “Old Testament.” Common misconception of the goyim 🙂

    2. Talmudic Jews just means Jews that accept both the written law and the oral law, which is pretty much 99.99% of Orthodox Jews in existence.

      I don’t really understand why Brother Nathanial refers to the financial elite in the US as “Talmudic Jews,” because they are pretty much all secular Jews. Orthodox Jews in the United States are like 20% of the population, and most of them are impoverished Yiddish speaking baby machines dependent on welfare.

  2. I do think that Brother Nathanael makes a good point when he says that even when Jews were given the opportunity to assimilate and were de-ghettoized, they still had the same Talmudic attitudes towards gentiles.

    Hence the reason why Jews such as Tim Wise and Lawrence Auster (completely opposite ideologically) see themselves as ETHNICALLY Jewish and get really agitated whenever you point out Jewish power even though they’re not religiously Jewish (Timmy Wise agnostic and Auster Christian).

    That does make you wonder.

  3. Speaking of assimilation, it is important to keep in mind that Palestinians are simply descendants of the ancient Jews who did not leave their homeland and later converted to Islam and adopted an Arab identity. So Palestinians are the ultimate example of Jewish assimilation.

    1. I don’t know if they’re “simply the descendants.” A lot of them mixed with the Arabs and Black slaves. Coptic Christians in Egypt and Maronites in Lebanon are probably a bit closer.

      1. Even if they did mix with Arabs, it’s not as if Arabs were that different from the ancient Hebrews in the first place.

  4. Rob, what do you make of my theory that the Palestinians are the best example of complete Jewish assimilation, in this case to Islam and Arabism?

  5. This is a bit silly. Pretty much every religion has an us/them dual morality mindset. Muslims – check. House of War vs House of Islam. Christian – check. The crusaders were not exactly nice to non-Christians, nor the Inquisition, the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, heh, the list is really endless with Christianity as practiced/interpreted by Europeans, probably the worst offender of the three religions, ethnic groups, here.

    Judaism is probably the most “stranger” friendly religion of the three, as the Biblical passages telling Jews to treat the “stranger amongst” then with respect and as they would treat themselves attest.

    Anyways, all religions have multiple, often contradictory messages, and the primary texts are often later interpreted in the light of later circumstances.

    Disliking Jews is one thing, but try to have some kind of realistic perspective, better yet, some historical knowledge.

  6. Palestinian Killer
    Financial Tycoon
    Porn Merchant
    Wholesale Sales
    Jewelry Business
    Diamond Business
    Hollywood Mogul

    Sorry, I’m kidding.

    Anything they want to do.

  7. That’s what I’m getting at, would you steer a Jew toward career where Jews are overrepresented or those where they are underrepresented?

    Towards a career where there’s plenty of Jews. Jews are clannish, hire and promote their own, look out for their own kind, and rub each other’s backs. I would think a Jew-heavy field would be an excellent choice for a Jew.

    I’m not sure about a field where there are few Jews. Might not be too Jew-friendly, you know? There’s still anti-Semitism in the US, even in the boardroom. I knew a Jewish woman 15 years ago who worked in the corporate sector, and she said she heard anti-Semitism in those boardrooms over and over. Even big executive types. Maybe she was paranoid but still.

    1. Sure; things like coal mining, sweatshop labor and refuse collection.

      I doubt there’s any high-education profession in which they’re deficient.

  8. Jews and Gypsies are polar opposites in most regards. The only real similarity is they are self segregated groups.

    Jews employ a strong K-selection lifestyle.

    Gypsies employ a strong r-selection lifestyle.

    Gypsies have a very bad reputation so they have renamed themselves Roma or Travelers to misdirect the less informed. The word Gypsy is now used as lever for guilt manipulation.

    Jews have made no attempt to relabel themselves in spite of the name being hated by many.

    Gypsies having no shame demanding extreme amounts of money for doing nothing through various high pressure cons.

    Jews lend money and expect it to be repaid.

    Many stereotypical behaviors are the exact opposite making them strangely seem the same.

    1. This is a very biased response with absolutely no validity since your generalizations are based on stereotypes and a notion of Jewish superiority.

      How can the world become a better place when people irresponsibly and matter-of-factly claim that one race is better than another, when such false claims only serve to perpetuate and even validate injustice?

      It is really disheartening to know that compassion is a conditional trait for the ignorant.

  9. The Gypsies are the true brothers of the Jews, they used to be the same people : the old Israel, after the death of King Solomon they’ve separated in Judea and North Israel. The name roma is not an invention, in Greece there is a known community of Jews calling them self Romaniotes , so clearly the link between Gypsies and Jews could be explained by this. Romaniotes were people taken as slaves by Romans from North Israel. In the times of Alexander the Great, that community of Israelites already existed in Greece, Alexander has taken with him north Israelites (known by the Greeks as Romaniotes) as soldiers all the way to India. A big part of those people have been abandoned there after Alexander’s death. They’ve remained in India (Punjabi) for more that 15000 years. They are the true lost tribes of Israel.

    1. Roma is Rama, Rama is short for Aram!
      Then you shall declare before the LORD your God: “My father was a wandering Aramean, and he went down into Egypt with a few people and lived there and became a great nation, powerful and numerous.
      Kenites were also belong to Arameans!
      KENI OR QENI is arameic black Smith

  10. The solution to all this jewish crap has been tried to be carried out multiple times throughout history – from Egypt to Italy to France to England to Germany.
    There is only one way to deal with the gypsies and jews.

  11. The assimilation question is being decided between the legs of Jews and Gentiles. Against that, all of the hand-wringing and debate within the Jewish establishment is just so much cheap talk. Eventually, the “pure” stock will be composed of bigots and losers.

  12. The actions of Hasidic rabbi’s has cause great strife among the Gentiles, they set war in motion ( rothchild are actually Orthodox Jews labeled as Zionist to confuse you as to their true nature) and profit from the chaos. I have no problem with non Orthodox Jews, they are also pawns of the money worshipping rabbis. Israel must not be, end the Palestinian genocide. Break up the criminal network of rabbis.

  13. Roma /Gypsies are Rechabites they are Jews! Rechabites descent from midianite priest Jethro and Aron levite! Sinti /Kale Gypsies are similar origin they descent from Moses and Ziporah or Bene Mosheh (children of Moses)!

  14. Food is the essence of community when you’re jewish. There are all sorts of rituals surrounding jewish food, jewish eating habits, etc. If you want to understand jews, watch them having meals.

    Actually, Food is simply the essence of community. To understand a family or their culture, watch their meals.

  15. Gypsys don’t eat with gadjay either!!! We have way too many similarities in traditions. Also we are scattered more then the jews in this world. We have to be jews. We still get money for our daughters when we marry them !!! And etc. Etc. Etc.

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