Defamation, The Movie


This looks like a very well-done film. It’s also instructive. Anti-Semites, on this board and everywhere, all you are doing is making Jews act worse and worse. A lot of Jewish behavior that anti-Semites dislike about Jews so much is a direct result of anti-Semitism. In other words, the more you hate them and the shittier you treat them, the more “Jewy” they act, and the more they come to resemble the Diabolical Jew of anti-Semitic stereotype.

So, the solution is funny. If you find Jewy Jews and obnoxious, annoying, unpleasant, aggressive and rude Jews to be unpleasant, as I do, the best thing you can do is quit hating them!

And as an anti-Zionist, I know that the best cure for Zionism is to quit hating Jews. The more we hate them, the more paranoid, aggressive and nuts they get. The end result of that constellation of psychopathology was that shitty little country of theirs, where the Jews spend a lot of their time acting like the assholes anti-Semites say they are.

Anti-Semites created Zionism Anti-Semites created Israel Anti-Semites created a lot of shitty Jewish behaviors like dual morality, paranoia, belligerence, rudeness and clannishness.

The liberal solution for all this shit has been the assimilation of the Jews. Those who wanted to assimilate the Jews always opposed anti-Semitism, since all it does is make Jews paranoid and send them scurrying back to their physical and mental ghettos. Where they act like assholes, which creates anti-Semitism, which makes Jews act like bigger assholes, which intensifies anti-Semitism…anyway, you get the picture.

Those of you anti-Semites who are anti-Zionists are particularly absurd. You want the Jews to vacate Israel. But where are they supposed to go? You want all countries to be as anti-Semitic as you are. At least in Israel, you’re free to be a Jew, and you don’t have to deal with much anti-Semitism on a regular basis.

The logical position for the anti-Semite is to be a Zionist. Get the Jews the Hell out of my country, hope they all head to Israel as quick as possible.

I would like to point out that Jews are more nuts than evil. I’ve dealt with mentally ill paranoids before. I lived with one for a while. Believe me, one thing you don’t do is hate them, increase their paranoia and get on their enemies list. The therapy of the paranoid is one of love and respect. That’s how he gets better.

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21 thoughts on “Defamation, The Movie”

  1. Rob, you’re premise is faulty. Even with their state, they still live in Gentile nations and interfere and parasite off of them, with the most obvious example being the foreign aid to Israhell that Americans pay through their taxes. So there is no contradiction between being anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish. Also, isn’t is possible that anti-Semites are the way they are because of Jewish behavior, and not the other way around?

  2. Anti-Semites created a lot of shitty Jewish behaviors like dual morality, paranoia, belligerence, rudeness and clannishness.

    Then does it follow that racism is responsible for much of the behavior you don’t like in other groups?

    1. It’s possible, but I don’t think that US Blacks act bad due to racism. I just don’t buy it. Sorry. OTOH, I can’t see how treating Blacks like shit makes them act any better. Racists always say we should treat Blacks like shit. But this is going to make them act better? I seriously doubt it. Most people act better if you’re nicer to them.

      The cholo gangbangers around here don’t act fucked up due to racism. There is no anti-Hispanic racism here. The Latinos own this town. They run the place. They’re 67% of the city. The only racism around here is against White people.

      We are talking about why Jews act like paranoid and belligerent assholes. That’s clearly all tied up with anti-Semitism. One obviously follows the other.

      Now let’s get into why ghetto Blacks act so horrible? Racism? I ain’t buyin it. Sorry. Their crime rate is off the charts in Africa and the Caribbean too, and there’s no anti-Black racism there. Nevertheless, I don’t think the way to deal with ghetto Blacks is to hate them and treat them even worse. No matter how bad they already act, that will probably just make them act even worse.

  3. “Real” anti-Semites have always wanted the J’s to all go somewhere, but suggestions were always along the lines of Madagasgar, Northern Australia, etc.
    Creating Israel- just to give them somewhere to go? Not a real anti-Semitic idea…and a very, very bad idea, period, as we can observe now on a daily basis. Harry Truman said we would “lose the Arabs” for next two hundred years if we supported creating “it”.
    As for bad behavior creating hatred, creating more bad behavior: Stopping the behavior is what stops the cycle. Other minorities are proof of this (Irish, Italians). Act normal, work a regular job, join the middle class, and the hatred stops. Certain groups still won’t do this, so they should stop complaining about being resented/hated. Especially when their tiny slice of the population- 2% -has 27% of the wealth!

    1. Thx for the comment, Ian!

      Actually, even though I’m an anti-Zionist, I don’t want all the Jews in Israel to take off and come to the West. Most of them will probably come right here. These are the Jewiest, most annoying, obnoxious, paranoid, aggressive and dual morality infected Jews out there. Israel is like this incubator that just creates these assholish Super-Jews. You want all those Super-Jews coming right to the US?

      All these complaints about excessive Jewish representation in this or that field will only be amplified. The Jewish Lobby will be bigger than ever. Hollywood and the media will get even more Jewy.

      Fuck it, let em stay in Israel, but they need to get along with the natives.

      1. As far as history goes, I feel it’s insane that Israel is trying to push even further into Palestinian territory when the Arabs have already said they would settle for the 1967 borders. I mean shit, Saudi Arabia for Christ’s sake has offered to normalize relations with Israel in exchange for the 1967 territories. That already is massively less land than what they had in 1948.

        Jews are crazy sometimes, man.

  4. Man, I’m loving this film already!

    Yoav Shamir’s grandmother is freakin’ hilarious!

    And man, would you look at that big office where Abe Foxman comfortably sits! And don’t forget that one fatso who “monitors” anti-Semitism.

    I mean, what they qualify as anti-Semitic is pretty pathetic. Certain Jews not being able to take days off due to holidays, certain websites.

    Basically, every comment made here by FPY, Heg, Hacienda, Robert, myself, etc, are probably recorded as official anti-Semitic hate incidents.

    I’m sincerely surprised that this site hasn’t yet been listed as an anti-Semitic hate site yet by the ADL. I truly am.

        1. Where they take the Israeli kids on the trip to Poland and convince them that every random Pole they meet is plotting against them

  5. If antisemitism causes Zionism and these alleged behaviors, why is Israel–a Jewish country–the most efficient incubator of said behaviors? Just asking.

  6. Well, at least Robert’s consistent, He believes that some races are more gifted than others, and that jews are a race. Most people who call themselves ‘leftists’ claim not to believe that, while at the same time claiming that the jews’ success in due to their superior gifts. The ‘leftists’ ( or jew stooges as they should be known) also claim to support anti-racism, which implies taking action to stop and redress against racism i.e. place monitoring to get accurate info so we can see if there’s anything going on that seems to be favouring people on race rather than merit, and if this is the case then taking ‘affirmative action’ to redress this. For instance on your supreme court, in a still predominantly WASP nation, you have 6 catholics and 3 jews and no WASPS, the most recent appointee having practically no more relevant experience than the average burger-tosser, but being well-in with the right tribe. Not to mention the percentages of academics, government and treasury officials and the rest we’re all too familiar with. But, of course, when it comes to this, the ‘left’ just see the jews and (and catholics) as ‘white people’. When is a race not a race? When it’s convenient and it’s the jews.

    The contortions of the ‘left’ to excuse jews for everything would be hilarious if they weren’t so damaging. But Robert, no Robert is an honourable man. Robert believes that the jews’ success can be explained by their superior IQ, even though all tests have shown that comparing jews to gentiles OF A SIMILAR DEMOGRAPHIC (note: it’s not appropriate to compare jews to the whole gentile population, since jews tend to a very limited range of non-manual employment, though personally I meet plenty of working-class jews in London, who are usually pretty ok actually) shows only a few points difference. Maybe it’s like David says ” a few points at the mean can translate into huge differences at the tails ” ( or some bull like that, LOL). Well, do we know of any other incidences of this? Can anyone give an example?

    But if this IS the case as Robert and others here believe, should we just accept our disadvantage? Should we also accept, as the consistent and honourable Robert does, that jews are also ‘morally’ superior to gentiles – more ‘liberal’, ‘progressive’, – and so we’ll be better off with the jews running things. Like the Palestinians ( ok that’s their own fault for squatting on jewish land and complaining when the jews throw them out and kill them)?

    Or will we be enslaved by them – a New World Order with an international government of mostly jewish financiers backed up by an international army like the Roman army, with an elite Republican guard comprised of Israelis with next-generation weapons and computer technology to ensure there can be no rebellion? Will Woody Allen seem so cute then?

    No, if they really are superior to us – which I don’t believe – then we must round them up and kill them before they enslave us.

    To quote William Burroughs:

    ” Hey boy, what you think about the jews? ”

    ” Well suh, all a jewboy wants is to doodle a Christian girl. Some day we’ll cut the rest of it off.”

    Or, much more sensibly, we should get off our collective knees and insist that the same laws that apply to everyone else should also apply to the jews, and stop their ‘jobs for the boys’ shit.

    I’m not really expecting a response to this because I’ve noticed that the new crop of good ol’ boys who hang out here can’t hack long sentences.

  7. Do you know what I think is weird about the fact that the Jews founded the neoconservative movement? At the same time, there are also lots of Jews playing big roles in the anti-war movement (Communists, Leftists, anti-war Democrats, etc).

    It’s like they’re playing both side of the card. They control everything. WTF, man?

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